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Apple Case Study - SWOT & PESTEL Analysis Explained by Industry Experts

Apple Inc. is one of the world’s most recognizable brands that specializes in consumer electronics & software and provides online services. It has long been investors’ favorite because of its high ROI and strong revenue growth. Since it is a very popular brand for a long time, so there might be chances that your professor can ask you to write SWOT & PESTEL analysis through Apple case study.

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“Nowadays, Apple is a global brand which is indicative of the fact that it has twice the amount of money than the US Treasury.”

Well, if you don’t, then there is nothing to be surprised about because it is not possible for a student to know every fact about such a large brand. In such a scenario, it is better to avail Apple Case study help from industry experts of Global Assignment Help Australia.

It doesn’t matter whether you are asked to write a Case Study on Apple company using SWOT analysis or PESTEL analysis, our experts are pro in writing it all. They always remain updated with current facts and news of such brands and ensure to include them while writing an Apple Inc case study. This is how the students who seek our case study help fetch good grades.

Below, our industry experts have given an insight into this billion-dollar company.

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An Insight of Apple Inc.

It was founded on 1st April 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Apple Inc. is headquartered in California. In today’s time, it is recognized as the most iconic brand worldwide. In addition, Apple has dethroned Samsung from the title of “World’s largest smartphone maker in Q4.”

But, before we dive in more, let’s have a quick look at the profile of Apple Inc. mentioned by our apple case study business analysts-cum-writers.


Apple Inc.

Current CEO

Tim Cook

Year Founded



Cupertino, California, USA

Number of Employees




Ticker Symbol


Market Cap

$22.72+ trillion

Annual Revenue

$64+ billion

Products & Services

Computers | Software | Phones | Watches | Tablets | Cloud Technology | Accessories | Music Platform


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. | Google Inc. | Cisco Systems Inc. | Hewlett-Packard Company | Lenovo Group Limited | HP | Sony Corporations | Dell Technologies | ASUSTeK Computer Inc.



Moving further, let’s have a look at the two business models, i.e., SWOT & PESTEL analysis. The study is conducted to analyze the relationship of Apple’s performance linked with both the internal and external factors. While writing an Apple Inc. case study on these models, our experts gather the data from published authentic sources. By reading the succeeding section, you will get to know how knowledgeable our writers are and how they use it to prepare a top-notch case study for you.

Apple Inc. SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a strategic tool that is used by analysts to take an overview of the company’s current position before implementing any other policy, product, or service. The same concept is applied while writing the Apple case study. Our experts conduct in-depth research on it and then include every detail in the case study.


This SWOT analysis aspect identifies the strength of the company, overcomes its weaknesses, takes advantage of the opportunities, by withstanding the threats in the business environment.

The following are the strengths of Apple Inc. that our Apple case study business analysts-cum-writers include -

  • High-profit margin
  • Strong brand image
  • Solid financial position
  • Sophisticated supply-chain infrastructure
  • Market leadership for multiple ranges of products

It is one of the strongest brands across the globe. With the SWOT analysis context, the company is capable enough to introduce new profitable products by virtue of its strong brand image.


This SWOT aspect emphasizes the weaknesses of Apple Inc. As these are the internal factors that affect the growth of the business.

The following are the weaknesses of the company -

  • Lack of innovation
  • Decreasing sales of iPhone
  • Limited distribution network
  • Higher price than the competition
  • Incompatibility of product & services as compare to other products

Apple has a very limited distribution network because of its exclusivity policy. According to the SWOT analysis, the pricing and distribution strategy limits the market research.


According to the Apple Inc. case study providers, this SWOT analysis aspect pinpoints the major significant opportunities available to the business. It is an external factor that is mainly based on the environment of the industry.

The following are important opportunities for Apple Inc. -

  • Product diversification
  • Strategic partnership formation
  • Investments in research & development
  • Increasing concentration on business segment services

The company has the major opportunity to expand its distribution network. It is directly related to the weakness of the company’s network. This SWOT analysis aspect focuses more on the need of the company to change its distribution strategy.


The last element of SWOT Apple case study analysis, i.e., threats that the company experiences from their competitors. This factor limits and reduces the financial performance of the company.

The following are the important threats of Apple Inc. -

  • Increase in manufacturing costs
  • Rising labor cost in various countries
  • Damaged reputation due to tax scandal
  • Negative sales effect due to quality issue
  • Aggressive competition from India & China

There is tough competition in the industry because of the aggressiveness of the other firms. Apple Inc. majorly competes with a firm like Samsung as it also uses rapid innovation.

By reading this, now you have understood that our case study writing services providers have extensive knowledge about Apple’s SWOT analysis; therefore, they can prepare an outstanding case study for you. In case, you are asked to explain PESTEL analysis through the case study of Apple company, then also you can reach to us as our experts can write it like a pro.

Apple Inc. PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL is termed as an analytical tool that is mainly used for long-term planning. Using it, analysts can easily highlight the external factors that are restricting the growth of the company. This PESTEL analysis framework evaluates the political, economic, social, technological, ecological, and legal factors relevant to the business. Our Apple case study writers have explained these factors below in detail.

Political Factor

This aspect of the PESTEL analysis model heavily impacts the growth of Apple Inc. The political factors in Apple’s remote or micro-environment present opportunities. For example, govt. may impose certain taxes that influence the revenue generation of the company in a region.

The following are the major political factors of Apple Inc. -

  • Improving free trade policies
  • Poor trade relation with other countries
  • More sales from other countries apart from the US

Better free trade policies are created with time and this factor increases the opportunities for Apple Inc. According to this aspect of the Apple Inc Case Study Analysis, the company can improve its performance by taking advantage of the opportunities.

Economic Factor

The economic performance of the company creates opportunities and changes the dynamics of profit generation. This aspect of PESTEL analysis indicates the industry condition that puts an impact on the firm.

The following are the economic factors suggested by Apple case study business analysts-

  • Increased cost of Apple’s product
  • Rapid growth of other developing countries
  • Stable economies of the developed countries

The rapid growth of developing countries is an important economic factor in terms of supporting the growing technological business. Based on this, framework, speed, and effectiveness play a critical role in the company’s growth and efforts as competitors also target the same economical opportunities.

Social Factor

Apple is subjected to the effects of social trends. This aspect of PESTEL analysis pinpoints the social external factors that influence the behavior and expectations of the consumer.

The following are the social trends that are significant in the micro-environment -

  • International market expansion
  • Increased use of mobile
  • Rising dependence on the digital systems

The increased usage of mobile is a great opportunity to grow Apple Inc.’s revenues. This aspect also pinpoints the increasing dependence on the digital system that is another sociological factor.

Technological Factor

The technological factor in Apple’s micro-environment provides opportunities for the enterprise. In this aspect, technological trends, frameworks, and current technologies are evaluated based on their business conditions.

The following are the important factors that you can include in the case study of Apple company -

  • Growing demand for cloud computing
  • Increasing technological capabilities of firms
  • Increasing technological integration in other firms

This factor identifies the growing demand for cloud computing as a great opportunity to expand/grow their business. So, to ensure the achievement of Apple Inc., it is beneficial to support the business capabilities to the opportunities and protect the business against threats.

Ecological Factor

The ecological factor of PESTEL analysis provides the opportunity for business improvement. This aspect mainly highlights the ecological trends and their major impact on the business.

The following are the external ecological factors of Apple Inc. -

  • Energy efficiency trend
  • Environmental concerns in other countries
  • Supply chain management affected by global warming

This factor is linked to increasing favor among different businesses to adopt sustainable practices. Apple Inc. operation management also supports the efforts made by businesses to exploit the opportunities on these trends.

Legal Factor

The last factor of Apple case study analysis, i.e. “Legal factor” in Apple’s macro-environment creates a threat to the business. This aspect indicates the major impact on laws on businesses.

Legal Factor

The following are the major legal factors of Apple Inc. -

  • Legal challenges against the policies and practice of Apple Inc.
  • Increased privacy regulation
  • Debt in the financial sector via Apply Pay

This is the overall PESTEL analysis of Apple Inc. By reading it, now you have already known how well-versed our writers are. This is how they always write an informative case study on Apple company. Apart from this, we also provide case study writing services on other topics like -

So, these are some of the topics on which we provide case study writing help. Apart from this, there are other topics also. Now, if you are still confused about whether to seek Apple case study help from us or not, then have a look at the succeeding section and know why we are the best.

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After reading the features and SWOT & PESTEL analysis, now you must have realized the fact that our writers are well-versed in writing a top-notch case study. So, without thinking twice, reach Global Assignment Help Australia and get the best Apple case study. We are always there to serve you.

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