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A Complete Guide on Organizational Change Management Case Study

“Nothing is constant except change"

- Heraclitus

A change is inevitable and important for every individual for positive evolution in one’s life. Having said that, an organization also looks for change for the growth and development of its people and the organization as a whole.

The MBA students, nowadays, are being prepared with the subject to understand the change in an organization when they step in the ‘real word.’ Also, a change management case study is provided for the learning of changes accepted by various big brands to enable the proper functioning of operations of the business.

This not only helps the students to get an insight into the big brands but also makes them aware of their downturn and how they faced them. Such information brings additional knowledge, which is an advantage for students to make better decisions in the ‘real world.’

However, these case studies are very complex and boring for many students. This is the reason why most students look for change management case study help on the web to get assistance with their documents.

An Overview of Change Management & Its Process

Change management is defined as the practices an organization follows in order to implement changes in its process, both internal and external. This helps in enabling the effective operations of the organization that brings in growth and development quickly.

The students also need to understand the same so that it does not become difficult for them to survive with change when they enter the corporate world. The reason why they are given a change management case study is to make them understand the concepts practically. To get basic knowledge, every student must know the process of change to ensure an effective solution for the case study.

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Process of Change Management:

The process of change management assignment helps in learning and adapting to the process of change. This will help the students in providing an easy solution when solving their organizational change management case study. Let us know the steps:

  1. Define: In order to make a change, an organization must define what they are focusing on to make an improvement. This can be a product, process, plan, or goal. The first step, therefore, is to know the focus of an organization to make change for the betterment.
    This will also make the employees ready to adapt to the change and keep the operations of work effective. This is made according to the challenges and problems faced by the organization.
  2. Analyze: Once the problem is defined on which the change is based, it is now time to analyze the factors responsible for the creation of such problems. In this process, the management has to analyse the complete plan to spot the errors in the same.
    The change management case study will help in the proper analysis; there can be the spot of other unforeseen problems that an organization not have focused on while making the strategies. This will provide an effective solution to the problems of the organization in order to effectively achieve their goals.
  3. Design: Once the problem is known, the organization then starts to focus on designing new strategies to formulate an effective plan for a smooth process in the organization.
    This will help in building acceptable changes for employees and the organization for efficiency and effectiveness of the work.
  4. Implement: Once the plan is created, it is now time to implement the same for better functioning of the process. An organization, while making the plan, also ensures the steps to implement them for easy acceptance of the change by the employees and management itself.
    These steps will help in achieving the goals effectively faster by an organization adapting the employees to the new change. The fewer problems will also motivate the employees to work without struggling.
  5. Review: Making a plan and following it successfully is a complete contrast since the practical implementation of the plan helps in knowing the problems, if there is any in the new plan.
    This will help the organization know if they are on the right track to achieve their goals effectively or there are still some altercations that need to be made for making the new strategies more successful.

The above process of change management will help in making effective changes to implement the plan successfully and lead the organization process to an upturn. This is the process every student must look for in their document when in need of a change management case study help for the complete process of their academic document.

Change Management Case Study Writers Highlights the Practices to Implement Change

The writers providing a change management case study examples highlight some of the practices to implement change leading to a successful and smooth operational process in the organization for the satisfaction of the employees. 

An organization grows because of both, its employees and customers. These two are the key to the success of the business. When they face issues, there needs to be a quick solution provided for the betterment of the organization. The reason why there are certain practices that an organization follows to help the employees adapt to change and for the successful implementation of change. 

Let us understand the practices most organization follow given by change management case study writers: 

  1. Define goals: An organization must be clear with its goals in order to know where to make changes and how they will look like. Furthermore, they must be defined to the employees to work for one objective effectively and efficiently as they are the whole and soul of the organization who will help in achieving these objectives.
    Also, the objectives can be made using the effective SMART goals technique to make achievable targets. The SMART goals refer to:
  • S stands for Specific
  • M stands for Measurable
  • A stands for Attainable
  • R stands for Relevant
  • T stands for Time-Bound 
  1. Effective communication: The communication within the organization must be transparent to make an effective relationship with the employees. This will give them a sense of attachment which makes them work for the betterment of the organization.
    Furthermore, in the workplace, a healthy relationship needs to be maintained to avoid any conflicts, and for better outcomes in the organization. This is necessary for the students to understand at the earlier stage; this is the reason why the change management case study writers have focused on these practices specifically. 
  1. Proper training: In order to make the employees adapt to the changes within the organization and understand the process better, the proper training is given to help them work better.
    Within the training of an employee, certain rules and regulations are focused on, which is followed by the organization. It avoids any misconduct in the organization and works ethically.
    However, timely training is also given to the employees to update them with the new process and communicate the new strategies which need to be followed in the operations. 
  1. Leadership quality: Every student is well aware of leadership but not in context to its importance in the corporate world. However, the organizational change management case study will help in the learning of the same.
    Good leadership will help in taking the team with the same objective for achieving the goals within time. This brings the team together, removes conflicts, if any, and works by following the same plan for the betterment of the organization. 
  1. Timely rewards & recognition: In order to keep the employees motivated and work for the well-being of the organization, there are rewards and recognition for the employees from time to time.
    This gives them a sense of achievement as a result of their efforts and encourages them to work hard. These practices are the strategies of the organization to keep its employees motivated. 
  1. Employee feedback: When a student looking for a change management case study for a particular brand, they also look for the employee’s feedback for the company to know its performance, as an organization is all about its employees.
    Their feedback only helps in analyzing the problems and challenges within the organization in order to take adequate measures to solve them. This brings in a notice of the management, the reason for the delay in achieving the set goals. 

The practices above are responsible for the adaptation of change by the employees to help them easily understand the need to solve the problem and introduce a smooth organizational process in their favour. 

The experts providing change management case study help highlighted these practices to show the strategies used by the organization when introducing change to ensure that the employees adapt to the process.

How Change Management Case Study Helps in Assessing Business Performance?

The change management case study helps in assessing the performance of a business organization. It allows in knowing the problems and challenges faced by the organization, which needs to be provided with a solution. However, it helps in knowing the drawbacks and a change in the organization both internally and externally.

The internal change helps in boosting the operations of the organization to work effectively and efficiently. It leads to change within the organization.

However, the external change is responsible for the change outside of the organization. This can be changed in various factors, such as customer relationship management, marketing, sales, digital promotion, etc.

These changes help in knowing if the employees of the organization are happy or not, which is very important to determine the growth of the business.

However, the performance of an organization can be assessed with the help of a change management case study. Some of the ways are:

  1. Track the performance: By tracking the performance of the employees of an organization, the adaption to change can be assessed to know if there is any improvement in the performance of the employees using the new strategies.
  1. Take proper measures: Proper measures, such as taking training tests, will help in knowing the performance of an organization. This will allow in assessing the impact and outcomes of the change in an organization. Also, to know if the change eases the process, adequate measures must be taken by the organization.
  1. Improvement in feedback: The feedback of the employees is very important to improve the performance of the organization. The feedback helps in knowing the problems and challenges of the employees. Also, it helps in knowing the benefits,if any, it has provided in the operational process to make it more effective and efficient.
  1. Effectiveness of communication: It is very important to have effective communication in the organization as it helps in the proper exchange of thoughts and viewpoints with that of the employees. Also, with effective communication, the employees will be agreed to adapt to the change and hence works for the betterment of the organization.

The above helps in assessing the performance of an organization and get an insight if the employees have completely adapted to the change. The expert writers of change management case study also help in ensuring that the employees are given all the needful resources for the improvement in the performance of the organization.

What Are the Best Change Management Case Study Examples? Know-Here

Every brand adapts to a change at some or the other level, which helps in continuous improvement in the performance of the business organization. The challenges can be fixed easily by adapting to change where the problems are more affecting the operations of the business.

Furthermore, the following are some of the best change management case study examples to help you know which brands have adopted to change:

  • The contribution in transformation of VF Corporation’s growth for the investors
  • Netflix’s niche market of online streaming
  • The evolution in the delivery optimization of Domino’s
  • Toyota’s focus on just-in-time delivery
  • GE Motors’ implementation of the Six Sigma method
  • The strategy of Coca Cola to listen to the public
  • The continuous update in Amazon’s products
  • The fall of Nokia’s well-build market
  • The disruption created by JIO in the telecommunication sector
  • The merge of Vodafone and Idea
  • The change for sustainability of TATA Steel

The above are some of the top brands to have adopted a change in the organization for the betterment of their process. It also helped them in improving the performance both effectively and efficiently.

According to the experts providing change management case study help, the business organization must experience a change in their process and keep updating the same to run with the fast pace of time. It also helps in giving tough competition to the new entrants in the market and maybe the existing ones.

ADKAR Model: An Insight by Experts of Organizational Change Management Case Study

The ADKAR model is one of the most commonly known models used for bringing a change in an organization. However, the expert writers of organizational change management case study have explained a deep insight into the study of the ADKAR model.

  • A stands for Awareness
  • D stands for Desire
  • K stands for Knowledge
  • A stands for Ability
  • R stands for Reinforcement
  1. Awareness: The awareness to need a change in the organization is spread in order to make the employees alert of adapting to the changes. It allows the organization to state the problems and challenges faced by them to the employees, showing them the measures taken to resolve them.
    This also helps in the transparency of the information with that of the employees of the organization. It allows the suggestions of employees to make the strategies stronger.
  1. Desire: The desire to change is for every organization for its growth and development. This may involve the change in various departments to bring in an improvement in the organization.
    The desire for change creates a completely different environment and also makes the employees feel like a fresh start. Having said that, resistance to change is one of the aspects of being a failure, the reason why every organization desire to have some change for faster growth.
  1. Knowledge: The experts of organizational change management case study have mainly focused on the knowledge part, as in order to make a change, an organization should have the proper knowledge to plan the change.
    The understanding of the process, skills, tools, and responsibilities is required in the team to design change for the betterment of the process. However, the knowledge can be gained by proper training, which enables the team responsible for the change to bring effective strategies for the same.
  1. Ability: With this step of the ADKAR technique, an organization is able to determine the ability of the employees in order to accept the changes. However, it is very important that the employees follow the new strategies and adapt the change to improve the operational flow.
    This also helps in analyzing the capabilities of the organization to make and accept the change. Furthermore, giving a chance for adaptation of change to the employees before the final implementation will help in analyzing their response to change. However, this will ensure an effective operational process in the organization.
  1. Reinforcement: While making the change management case study, it is observed that even if the new change has been implemented still the employee is somehow dependant on the old habits- the reason why many organizations fail after implementing a change.
    Therefore, before the reinforcement of the final change, it is important to check the employee's response taking a trial, and help them adapt to change. Also, making them aware of the benefits will make it easier for them to accept the change of the organization process.

Hence, the use of the right strategies to implement the change is also important for the acceptance of the employees. However, if you still looking for experts then the further section will help you know that better.

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