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Here's How to Use the Tool
Download Plagiarism Report

Once the plagiarism checker free tool examines your content, a comprehensive report is made available with the copied text, along with links.

Upload Your Assignment

Upload the content that you want to check for plagiarism. You can drag and drop a file, click on Upload Files, or simply copy-paste the text.

Click "Check Plagiarism"

Once you have the file uploaded, click on Check Plagiarism' to start the process. It kick-starts the algorithm and begins the process.

AI Magic Begins

After clicking on "Check Plagiarism" wait while the algorithm matches your text with billions of resources to find plagiarism.

Download Plagiarism Report

Once the plagiarism checker tool examines your content, a comprehensive report is made available with the copied text, along with links.

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Knock on the Door of Success With Free Plagiarism Checker

No student ever wants to copy an assignment, but since time is always running out, students feel the need to copy content from various sources, which leads to plagiarism. It is no big deal as it happens to every single sentence ever written. What matters is whether you correct it or not.

As far as academics are concerned, this becomes an issue as unique taste and content is considered to be the best. Sometimes, students plagiarize their content unknowingly as they are unaware of using the same vocabulary, structure, or sentences.

Some Silly Mistakes that Lead to Plagiarism in Assignments:

Using extracts from an already submitted document without any references or proper citation.

Copying sentences word-to-word from a friend's document leads to plagiarism in two documents.

Trying to rephrase content without putting any thoughts in it. It is important to give your own input.

These mistakes are the most common ones. There are hundreds of other reasons that introduce plagiarism in a student's work, and that is why you should always scan your work before submitting it. Students are unable to understand the reason behind it, and with the help of our best plagiarism checker tool, you can find out all the areas that you lack without any hassle.

When you use our AI-powered similarity checker tool, you get instant and detailed results that not only highlight the copied content but also make you aware of the sources that are already using the content. With our plagiarism checker tool Australia, the door to success is always open!


Do you know that your professor checks plagiarism online using a tool? Plagiarism report has detailed information about the copied nature of the content. While the report generated by our AI tool is the same, if not better. If your teacher feels the need for a Plagiarism report, you can take our writing services and get it for free. If you only need a report for submission, It costs only $4.

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Plagiarism Checker Tool: 4 Reasons to Use
  • AI-Powered Engine

    Yes, our plagiarism checker Australia tool has an engine, a search engine that goes to the depths & corners of all the sources available on the internet. The entire algorithm is powered by Artificial Intelligence, which means the search results just got better!

  • Multi-Format Support

    Students today have no time to take a look at what format they are using, and we understand that. Our free plagiarism checker is multi-format friendly and can process all files- from doc. to pdf, and can be used on all platforms.

  • Keeps Privacy Intact

    All the data you upload to our online plagiarism checker tool stay untouched, and only you can access them.Moreover, we take privacy very seriously, and that is why the details, even your name and email, stay confidential.

  • Thorough Searches

    Our free plagiarism checker online tool matches your work with 6 trillion+ files on the internet to ensure that the content is unique and usable. Every sentence is broken into sequences and then matched with existing combinations to define the uniqueness.

CAUTION! Plagiarism Is a Serious Offence!
  • You Might Face Heavy Monetary Penalties
  • Chances of Getting Suspended Or Worse, Expelled
  • Lower Scores in Assignment Can Affect Scorecard
  • Unnecessary Hassle & Trouble with Professor
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Professors take plagiarism seriously, and this is why seeking a professional plagiarism checker is important. The experts in this field have a keen eye for perfection and thus scrutinize every detail closely. The document is compared with billions of resources and percentage of plagiarism or similarity. Professional writers write from scratch to avoid plagiarism, and experienced proofreaders easily find out the plagiarized content. A professional way of writing a document can save it from rejection. Say Good-Bye Plagiarism and Hi to Top Grades!


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Modern problems require modern solutions! Things keep evolving in academics, and the best part is technology evolves with it too. While there was a time when students had to spend hours and hours to make a document perfect, today, all of that can be done in minutes. If you are looking for extraordinary tools that can help you polish your work better, then you have reached the spot!

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How Many Languages Your Plagiarism Checker Tool Can Examine?
    We understand you study various languages and create content in the same. Hence, our tool covers all the languages you learn at your college. The majors in this list are German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, etc., are a few, but we assure you there is no limitation on the language.
  • How much time does the tool take to generate the report?
    With the help of AI and deep learning, the plagiarism checker tool works extremely fast. It hardly takes 2-3 minutes in generating the results for your content. Once you click on Check Plagiarism it instantly starts working and delivers the report instantly.
  • What metrics are shown in a plagiarism report?
    A plagiarism report that our online plagiarism checker free tool deliver holds all the information about the content that you have uploaded- the number of words, percentage of content that is unique and plagiarized. It also underlines the sentences that are found plagiarized. One of the favorite features of all the students is that it also shares the links to the sources that match the content.
  • Are there any charges for using this plagiarism checker tool?
    No, the tool is free for use and open to all the students who have been working hard to make their documents better. There are hundreds of tools available for free, but we are the only ones who are providing a plagiarism checker tool that uses an AI-powered algorithm, and that too for free!
  • What is the word limit for this plagiarism checker?
    There is no set word limit for obtaining results. You can use it multiple times a day for any number of words; however, if you need the outcome for free, you can only do it up to 250 words. Once you have crossed that threshold in a document, you will be asked to pay a minimal fee related to your document word count.
  • Does Your Plagiarism Checker Tool Provide Safety to My Document?
    Yes, our tool provides privacy to your document when you take its help to check duplicacy. Our tool does not save the assignment when you check the content and does not publicise it on any website. So, as long as you are working with the tool, the task is visible. Once you close the site, the write-up gets erased as well.
  • Do You Restrict the Time to Use Your Plagiarism Checker Tool?
    No, there is no restriction on using our tool to generate original content. Since our tool is available to you for free, you can use it for multiple documents for countless times. You do not have to worry about an expiry date for the free trial, as it does not exist. You can access it whenever you want.
  • Do I have to pay extra to download the Plagiarism report?
    For students who use our services for assignment help and academic writing, the Plagiarism report is always free. However, if you are someone who needs to submit a report and has completed the work on your own, you will be required to pay charges for the Plagiarism; dont worry, we do not charge a lot!

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