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Coca Cola Case Study: An Opportunity to Learn & Score!

While the entire world has tasted the exquisite taste of the refreshing beverage Coca Cola, there are only a few of them who know how the brand started and how it is working. You have to be an enthusiast or a management student to take interest in the workings of an empire that actually started as a beverage for 5 cents a glass! Yes, that’s right. With a $235.67 billion market capitalization in the fourth fiscal quarter of 2020, the brand has had an interesting journey. If you are a management student and have been assigned with a Coca Cola case study to complete, then don’t worry you have reached just the right place. We at Global Assignment Help Australia have been a great option for those students who have to complete their homework but don’t know how to get started.

With almost 2 billion people enjoying their chilled Coca Cola every day, The brand offers a lot of insights into the market practices. Your professor can ask you to work on even the smallest parts of the coca cola case study and you will still require proper assistance to complete them. You can be asked to complete the SWOT & PESTLE analysis of the company to learn about it or you might be asked to explain the marketing techniques and strategies that the brand has used over the years to stay on top. All in all, you need to have some great research skills to complete the case study of coca cola company on your own.

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of all the research and statistics, you can ask for coca cola case study help from our experts and get instant solutions for all your queries. But, if you want to give this task a try by yourself, then you are in for a treat as on this page, you will find some interesting insights about coca cola that you will be able to use in your coca cola case study.

What Makes Coca Cola “ The Brand” That it Is? Insights About the Company

Before you start working on case study of coca cola, here are a few things that you need to not down to understand the company in a better way. Coca Cola has always been the brand that business owners look up to while framing their marketing policies in fact with over 3500 products being distributed in 200+ countries, it is safe to say that coca cola has been able to capture the market with its presence quite gracefully. Well, here is the overview of the company, where does it stand in the market, and how strong are its roots in the industry.

Brand Overview: The Coca Cola Company

Founder: John Smith Pemberton started the Company as Coca Cola, which was later converted into The Coca Cola Company by Assa grigs Candler

Founded: 29 January 1892 (129 years ago)

Headquarter: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Key People: James Quincy ( Chairman & CEO ), Brian Smith ( President & COO )

Area Served: Worldwide

Website: https://www.coca-colacompany.com/

Some of the biggest highlights of Coca Cola that Makes it “The Brand” Are -

  • 1 % of All the Beverages Consumed Around the World are Coca Cola Products
  • Coca Cola has a Brand Portfolio of More than 3500 Products & 500 brands
  • The Coca Cola Company was Worth $84 Billion
  • Coke has more than 2.8 Billion Vending Machines World Wide
  • The Company’s Logo has been The most Recognized Logo So far And Was Recognized by 94% of the World’s Population!

The list of amazing facts goes on and on. Our coca cola case study helpers have been writing such documents for a while now and have gathered great insights about the brand. Researching takes up a lot of time and in case you want to skip on the hassle, you can have a dedicated writer assigned to you who can complete the coca cola case study in no time. Feel free to reach out.

What are the Things that Strengthen the Coca Cola Marketing Campaigns?

For any brand to flourish and grow, they must know who they want to cater their services to and what should be the marketing practices that they should adopt to stay successful. If you are a management student, you will agree to the fact that in today’s day and age marketing is the king and a brand needs to have some great marketing strategies to capture the diverse clientele of the world.

Coca Cola has always kept this in mind and that is why they have been able to give some of the biggest and impactful marketing campaigns such as “ Share a Coke” “ Open happiness” and many others. But do you know what are the things that went great for the company? It's the approach of personalizing the brand rather than trying to sell it. Just a small example of that is the word Coke, this was never an idea of the company to start a campaign on the name of a drug however, as the young generation kept calling it the same, the word became a known identity of the drink and the brand has never tried to scratch the lingo, in fact, they glorified it to make it more relate-able and personalized. This is how you catch up with the market and modify your marketing strategies.

Some of the key steps that Coca Cola has taken so far and the takeaways from those steps are -

  1. Coca Cola Has Never Changed Their Logo Till Date. Yes, they have never actually tried to play with the colors and overall appearance of the logo and as a result, almost every single person in this world recognizes the brand. While a lot of brands have started, ended, and resurfaced in the market, the Coca Cola Company has always been at the top of the industry. There are a lot of examples that you can find while researching for coca cola case study, in which the companies tried to level up themselves by upgrading their logos and ended up screwing their brand.
  1. The Bottle Design Of the Beverage Has Always been Unique and Unchanged. It is a great story to listen to. Coca cola in its initial days was only available in the fountains at restaurants and pubs for 5 cents a glass. Joseph B. Whitehead and Benjamin F. Thomas bought the rights for selling the beverage in bottles at a surprisingly low amount of 1$ only. There were a lot of counterfeits in the market and that is why in 1916 They got root glass company to redesign a bottle for Coca Cola and that is the design that you hold in your hands today.
  1. All the Slogans That They Have Used for Marketing have Revolved Around 2 Words - “Enjoy” and “Happiness”. This might seem a bit absurd of a fact nut it is actually a great thing if you think about it. They have been able to crack the marketing code so good that they got two of the most relate-able words to express the feeling of drinking their beverage and they have never missed out on it.
  1. Coca Cola has never Hesitated in Marketing Their Brand in irrelevant industries. One of the biggest takeaways from writing a case study of coca cola company is how they have never hesitated in thinking out of the box. For Example, you all know that coca cola is not an energy drink but still you can find its presence in various sporting events. In fact, the brand is so active in branding and marketing that the budget that it devotes for product branding and brand marketing is more than the budget used by both Microsoft & Apple, the two giants of the tech industry.
  1. The Brand made the drink appear as a social drink and that has always been a plus point for the brand. You might have heard the phrase “ I would like to buy this world a coke”, well this phrase says it all about the social impact the brand has created. This socialization has always played a crucial role in every brand's success and there is no doubt that coca cola has benefited from the same.

The strength of the brand lies in its appearance & the quality of the products that it sells and let’s just agree to say that coca cola has everything sorted out for itself. Writing coca cola case study can actually boost up your marketing skills and understanding of the working of any brand. It s like a movie with all the action and a lot of learning at the end.

The thing that is required the most is the ability to write things that seem relate-able and can be easily understood by the reader. There are a lot of things to be covered in the case study including the SWOT and Pestle Analysis of the organization. In the next section, you will find some extremely interesting things that you can include in it. Do check it out.

Best Assignment Writers at Your Service!

What Points You Should Include in SWOT & PESTLE Analysis of the Brand?

For any case study to be completely admissible, it is really important to include SWOT & PESTLE analysis of the brand. Coca Cola might seem like a brand that has nothing ahead of it, however, there are certain factors that the company is always worried about and always working to be the best. You see, being the best is not a one-time thing, you have to keep working hard if you want to stay on top of the hierarchy and that is what Coca Cola thrives for.

SWOT analysis of Coca Cola is one of the most interesting things to carry out while writing a coca cola case study. You get to analyze all the 4 important factors, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats of the company and list all of them to judge what can be the overall lesson to be learned from the brand. SWOT Analysis is a technique that is used by a lot of management officials of the company while making a decision, releasing a product, or starting a campaign. The analysis of both internal and external factors that affect a company is important in SWOT analysis. Let’s take a look at some of the points that you can include in the SWOT analysis of coca cola case study.

SWOT Analysis of COCA COLA -


  • Great Brand Recognition
  • Highest Brand Equity
  • Vast Marketing Network / Great Reach Across the Globe
  • Well Defined Chain of Supply
  • Great Social Presence & Connectivity with Consumers.
  • Top- Notch Customer Loyalty
  • Well Thought Acquisitions


  • Tough Competition With Pepsi
  • Emergence of Natural Drinks
  • Low Product Diversification
  • Health Concerns of the Beverage
  • Increasing Health Awareness


  • New Product Announcements & Diversification of range
  • New Campaigns in association with different initiatives
  • Scope of Increasing Presence in Backward/ developing Nations
  • Upgrading the supply chain & Means of Logistics
  • Creating a presence in Healthy Beverages Market


  • Different brand controversies that harm the name of the company. While writing the coca cola case study, you will find a lot of examples. One such example is the water usage controversy which stated that the brand uses a huge chunk of water in the scarce region making things tougher for the natives. Coca cola has also been accused of polluting the water and mixing pesticides with it.
  • Tough competition with other brands such as Pepsi is a known fact but did you know that companies who are into the beverage industry are also in indirect competition with the brand? The market that has been captured by Coca Cola is a market of people who prefer beverages with their food and that is why companies like Tropicana, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, and many other brands are also a threat.
  • The Reusable and renewable resources of the company also need to be enhanced as they are actually contributing a lot to the overall usage of plastic and tin cans for the beverage to be distributed. There are times when they are said to be accountable for all of this which is not a good thing for a brand of that stature.

These are the basic points that you can easily use in your SWOT analysis of Coca Cola Case Study. You might be able to find a lot more points if you can go to the extent of research that is required. Our coca cola case study writing service has a lot of experience in research and can provide you with the best possible insights about the SWOT analysis.

Now Let’s take a look at the PESTLE analysis of the company and find out where does it actually stands on all the platforms.

PESTLE Analysis of COCA COLA -

P: Political Factors

Though the company has a great reputation for providing a refreshing taste, the brand lies at the mercy of the FDA. Whatever rules and regulations that the government decides, coca cola has to follow else it is going to get really difficult for the brand to survive. Don’t forget thousands of labor and workers who are working in their factories for most of their day. The laws related to them can also affect the operations of the company so there’s that.

E: Economical Factors

The economical factors of Coca Cola are actually in the favor of the company for now but that is definitely going to change in the upcoming future if things are not changed. Currently, the company is serving its taste to over 200 countries and every country has some different customs, tastes, and beliefs. While the company has tried a bit to change the flavor for every particular nation they have been unable to create a distinguished identity in flavors. Also one of the biggest factors that can affect the economy of the company is the fact that the world is slowly moving towards a healthy lifestyle and coca cola lacks in targeting that particular sector.

S: Social Factors

The social presence of the brand is without a doubt one of the best. Emerging brands look up to the level of marketing and socialization that the brand has been able to pull off. Though the marketing team has been doing a fabulous job for coca cola, they really need to buckle up for upcoming events and changes in the social life of people. The same, healthy lifestyle is going to affect the present as it contains a lot of flavor and sugar. The brand is doing everything to stay pout where it actually is by introducing initiatives such as diet coke and coke zero. If you are in Japan, you can find 30 different flavors catering to all the cultures and individuals of the country which is a good thing but the need to do something for other markets as well.

Technological Factors

Believe it or not, a brand of Coca Cola’s stature would not be what it is if they didn’t know how to take advantage of modern-day technology. Their factories in Britain, the US, India, and all other huge markets use the top-of-the-line machinery and delivery mechanism to make sure that production never stops and great delivery is ensured. They have also been able to highlight their products, campaigns, and initiative with the help of social media platforms which also is a huge factor in generating business for them. You just can not deny the fact that the company knows very well about how they can double up their business by using technology.

L: Legal Factors

The legal factors are where the company has nothing to lose. All the rights of production and distribution are reserved with a patented process making things well for them. As said earlier the company only faces legal trouble if they overlook the guidelines of the FDA and try to sell a product that might contain harmful chemicals. Another factor is related to the rights of workers and their condition in which they work. These factors, for now, go in the favor of coca cola but can be difficult to maintain if left loose.

E: Environmental Factors

The most important ingredient for developing a soft drink is water and if the coca cola company requires a lot of water to be able to produce the results that they are currently delivering. All in all, god forbid if we face a water crisis in the future, the company might face a great loss. Also, they have been accused of manipulating the properties of water and harming its quality so this might become a problem for them as places with high water availability might not allow them to plant their factories.

This is all about the PESTLE analysis of the company. This is just an overview of what type of factors actually count in your analysis. Writing a coca cola case study can really become tough if you have to do all the research on your own. If you can do it, then sure go for it but if you feel uncertain about it, we suggest you not risk your grades and scorecard and get coca cola case study help from our experts. All our writers are really hardworking and can help you take your writing a level up. Don’t believe it? Check out the samples provided on our website.

How Our Writers Can Level Up Your Coca Cola Case Study?

Don’t be surprised. This is true. Even if you haven’t started working on your case study and the deadline is around the corner, then also our coca cola case study help experts can easily complete the work. So, it’s high time to take help from them as we understand that it does take time to do SWOT and PESTLE analysis of the case study. And, only a subject expert can get it done in minimum time. Want to know how easily our experts do the task? Here is a glimpse.

  • They read the guidelines twice and that too carefully so that wastage of time in correcting can be avoided.
  • They remain fully concentrated and focused on the task so that not a single minute can be wasted.
  • They divide the paper and set deadlines for each of the sections.
  • They always prepare an outline beforehand that acts as a road map later.
  • All the Points included in the document are double-checked before they are used.
  • Extensive research from various knowledge bases is carried out to make sure best results and low discrepancies.

Only an expert writer can work in this manner. And, we have a team of the best writers on board. They have excellent time management skills. They can work rapidly without committing mistakes. This helps them complete the paper on time when students make Coca Cola case study help requests. They follow the strategy aforementioned and suggest students the same. So, you must be assured now that you will get your Coca Cola case study solution on time, every time you will reach us. But delivering the document on-time doesn’t mean we miss any of the steps required in solving the case study.

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