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Zara Case Study Help | SWOT & PESTLE Analysis Explained By Professionals

Zara is known as the world's no. 1 creative fashion brand. Founded by Spanish businessman Amancio Ortega in 1975, it is well-known for its unique innovation in the fashion industry. The firm has a tradition of making strong strategic decisions. Due to the popularity of the brand and good marketing scenario, the professor generally asks students to compose a Zara case study writing task using SWOT and PESTLE analysis. 

So, students who are fashionista and love clothing brands always find writing a Zara case study an interesting task, but those who do not have an interest in it, faces difficulty; therefore, avail Zara case study help from the professionals. 

Are you too among them?

If yes, then you have reached the right platform. The Global Assignment Help Australia professionals can provide you the best Zara case study solutions. Also, they have given some background information of Zara that you can include while writing a case study on Zara.


Industry Type

Lifestyle & Retail


Spain, Artexio

Sales & Revenue

17.2 Billion USD

Area Served



2,000+ stores in 96 countries


H&M, Uniqlo, Mango, Benetton, GAP


Perfect combination of high end fashion at reasonable price

Audience Targeted

Fashion lovers with high and medium purchasing power


Clothing for men, women, and children



This is the profile of Zara that every student should be well-aware of so that he/she can write a better case study. According to the Zara case study help providers, one can only excel in writing case studies, when a student is well-aware of its every little information. That is why they have also explained the key points that reflect the journey of the company. 

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What Makes Zara a Global Brand? Journey Highlighted by Experts 

The following is the journey from Zorba to Zara from the year 1975 till date. So, have a look at it and make sure to focus on the same while doing Zara case study analysis. 

1975: Zara first store opened in downtown A Cortuna, Spain 

1988 – 1990: Zara opened the first store outside Spain in Oporto, Portugal, then expanding to New York and Paris 

2002: New distribution hub was introduced in Spain & Zaragoza 

2003: Opened the first Zara outlet 

2004: Opened store in Hong Kong and decided to expand the global footprint to 56 countries 

2007: First online store introduced to global consumers 

2010: Opened its first store in Bulgaria, India, and Kazakhstan, increasing its presence to 77 countries. 

2011: Opened online Zara stores in the USA and Japan 

2012: Revamped image based on four principals – beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability. 

2013: Rolled out new brand images in their flagships and opened new high-profile stores like Massimo Dutti at Rue de la Paix and Zara on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, Oysho and Zara Home in Shanghai, etc. 

2014: Established a new logistic center in Cabanillas (Spain) 

2015: Reached the 7000 stores milestone. 

2016: Named as group leader for the retailing industry in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and top Greenpeace’s Detox Catwalk 

2017: Zara began selling through zara.com in India, Malasia, Singapur, Thailand, and Vietnam. It further increased the Zara Join Life sustainable collections and spread out this initiative to Massimo Dutti and Oysho. 

So, this is the journey of Zara till 2017; you can add more information until 2020 if you want. Including all this in your case study writing task will help you add perfection to it. Doing so will leave a positive impact on the professor and help you fetch the desired grades. 

Apart from this, sometimes, the professor also asks students to prepare a case study of Zara on SWOT and PESTLE analysis. But, being unaware of the factors, students fail to draft better Zara case study solutions and prefer availing Zara case study help from the experts. So, to assist those students, Global Assignment Help Australia experts have also mentioned the SWOT and PESTLE analysis in detail. 

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Zara Case Study SWOT Analysis 

Multiple business entities generally use SWOT analysis for doing company assessments. It can be used to assess the initiatives of businesses and their employees to a large level. It also facilitates business decisions and helps the managers make effective policies of the business. The following are the internal and external factors that you can include in SWOT analysis of Zara case study writing. 


To perform an internal analysis of the organization, one needs to know the strength of the company. The strengths of Zara are listed below -

  • Brand loyalty
  • Brand awareness
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Information technology 


Despite having a lot of strengths, Zara also has a lot of weaknesses. As compared to other clothing brands, Zara's advertising campaigns are not up to the mark. This is something that puts hindrances in the competitive advantage. While writing a case study, you can consider these areas where Zara lags behind - 

  • Short lead time
  • New in the industry
  • No proper e-commerce
  • Expense for training personnel 


Zara is expected to show that it has the potential to enter more global markets that are still not dominated by the brands of apparel and accessories. So, the opportunities of Zara are - 

  • Brand image
  • Variations in designs
  • Expanded online market
  • Increased worldwide stores 


Zara’s business is generally threatened by a lot of competitors and high-end merchants who are present globally. So, the external threats that affect Zara are - 

  • Design challenges
  • Local competitors
  • Global competitors
  • Market entry barriers 

So, this is all about the SWOT analysis of Zara that you can include while writing a case study. OK! Now, let’s move to the next section, where you will get an idea about the Zara case study PESTLE analysis

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Zara Case study PESTLE Analysis 

The case study of Zara basically emphasizes the importance of political, economic, social, technical, legal, and environmental factors that are affecting its business. So, the online Zara case study help experts have explained each factor one by one in detail. 

  • Political Factor 

Political disruptions in the form of the political environment generally lead to a decline in a country or region of a particular company. It has the ability to disrupt the supply chain and somehow threatens the existence of the company. Through confining its supply chain activities to its home country that are enriched with stable regimes, Zara can successfully manage all these political factors.

  • Economic Factor 

A company's economic condition is essential to determine the success of a corporation within a given economy. It is often known as the vital factor in terms of the market scenario. So, Zara has introduced an efficient pricing strategy to resolve the global challenges and aligned it with the consumer needs of the targeted audience and market. 

  • Social Factor 

Zara is only single county-based, and that is why the brand was facing a social impact that was already coped by others like the Inditex group. Zara luckily got a nation founded on independent cultural roots. The brand has a high turnover policy that allows goods to be sold in just a single visit, and this is how their visitors turned into customers. 

  • Technical Factor 

A lot of Spanish retailing companies often saw technological changes. Some of Zara's rivals have put in the sale environment and production process and new technical innovations into the industry. But then Zara started its technological development in the form of an environment-friendly store opening. This is one of the biggest technical factors that you should not forget to include while taking Zara case study help.

  • Legal Factor 

Since Zara has multiple outlets worldwide, it is crucial to pay attention to the changing laws and policies as per the different countries and regions. As we all know that abiding the legal rules and regulations is essential for any brand and business like Zara, you can talk about the same while writing a case study. 

  • Environmental Factor 

Generally, the environmental factor has a major impact on the production of an organization, such as climate change, a rise in temperature, etc. Overall, business growth is quite favorable for new businesses, but for brands like Zara, it is time to invent the new domains and cross the boundaries. In case you have some unique suggestions regarding the same, you can mention it while writing a case study. 

So, these are the six major factors that have a major impact on Zara's growth and development in the current market. By considering the aforementioned factors, you can easily do a PESTLE analysis and include the same while writing a case study. If still, you need any kind of help, then you can anytime avail Zara case study help service from the professionals of Global Assignment help Australia. 

Apart from this, our experts can also help you with "Porter's Five Forces of Zara" that majority of the professors ask students to include while writing a case study of Zara.

Porter's Five Forces of Zara: Analysis by Zara Case Study Help Providers 

Using Porter’s five forces model, you can get a better insight into the brand and easily determine the likelihood of success and other factors that can help you write better Zara case study solutions. 

  1. Threats of New Entrants 

For media and entertainment industries, there is a high expense of entrance. On the other hand, the entrances that are existing like Zara have been working on their target sectors; therefore, the cost is quite low. All these threats are adjusted by market rivals and Porter’s five forces of Zara. 

  1. Bargaining Power of Buyer 

The dynamics of the media and advertising industry allows the client to have high bargaining power. And, the low cost somehow allows the clients to look for other companies which further cancels the porter’s five forces of Zara and increases the business hazard. 

  1. Intensity of Rivalry 

Generally, due to the segmentation, the apparel industry has an allowance for smaller firms globally. Even though Zara has multiple direct rivals like H&M, GAP, it still has loyal consumers. The chances of buyers’ cost of switching from Zara to the other brand is relatively high due to the price settings. 

  1. Supplier Power 

Due to the continued liberalization of global trade, the power of the supplier is quite less. That is why Zara organizes multiple licenses and offer it to all suppliers. So, with the existing licensing contract, the supplier power becomes weak as they need to stick to particular provisions; therefore, minimize the variation or manipulation of the designs. 

  1. Threat of Substitute 

Clothing is not just about wearing attractive clothes. It is a symbol to represent class and personal identity. That is why buyers' propensity to substitute is high in this case. Duplicate fashion is a considerable threat within the same region, like India and China. This is where people prefer buying Zara clothing as it is made of exceptional high-quality natural materials. But still, a substitute is possible in this case. 

Zara, being the fastest growing retail brand, has built a successful business model to survive in the upcoming world. Hope, you have already realized the same by reading the aforementioned Porter's five force analysis. Similarly, you can do the Zara case study analysis and talk about the same in your case study. If still, there is something that is bothering you and stopping you from writing a perfect case study of Zara, then do not think twice and consult our online Zara case study help experts.

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