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Once the report is generated, download it as a reference and then improve your work quality by rectifying the changes suggested by the tool.

Upload Document / Copy-Paste Text

Upload the text that you want to check. You can either upload a supported format file, or you can simply copy-paste content in the box given.

Click on "Check Grammar"

After the document or content is uploaded, it is time to click on check grammar, as it will initiate the process of correction for your document.

Check Your Report

You can use this step as an opportunity to analyze the report as it will help you understand the serious mistakes that you should work on.

Download Report Instantly

Once the report is generated, download it as a reference and then improve your work quality by rectifying the changes suggested by the tool.

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Every Error Can be Rectified With Our Free Grammar Checker!
Here are some mistakes that commonly trouble every student.

Our Grammar Checker Tool Can Help With All The Errors:

  1. Pronoun Inconsistencies

    Pronouns are an integral part of every student’s curriculum, and it is also one of those concepts in which students make the most mistakes. There are times when a sentence has a lot of pronouns, and if multiple people are involved in the description, the chances are that inconsistency might occur.

    Incorrect: Christian & Mark are the closest of friends. He is a doctor and he is a mechanic.

    Correct: Christian & Mark are the closest of friends. One is a doctor while the other is a mechanic.

    The free online grammar / punctuation checker tool highlights such mistakes and helps you understand the reasons behind them. You correct them by learning concepts, which helps you grow.

  2. Redundant Sentences

    Writing lengthy academic papers can get difficult, and while you do not realize it, you tend to write similar sentences, which introduces redundancy in the document. Repetitiveness is harmful to the quality of content as it creates a bad impression in front of your reader as well as decreases the chances of scoring well.

    Incorrect: Nelson Mandela was a great man in South Africa. He fought against racial discrimination, and that is why he is considered a great man in South Africa.

    Correct: Nelson Mandela was a great man in the history of South Africa as he fought against racial discrimination in the country.

    See how the sentences can be made concise and precise at the same time. Use our spelling checker tool and polish your work just like this and impress your professor!

  3. Poor Punctuation

    Punctuation is considered to be the fundamentals of grammar, and if you are not good with them, the chances are that your work might not impress anyone. A single full stop or a comma can make a difference. Many students need assistance with punctuation as they screw things up while placing them.

    Incorrect: The concert was mind blowing...

    Correct: The concert was mind-blowing!

    See how things change with a single punctuation mistake. The first sentence seems like the sentence is not completed while the other shares the joy. That is what the grammar checker Australia gets you, the joy of clarity!

  4. Errors in Active & Passive Voice

    One of the most common mistakes that students make while writing is using active voice instead of passive voice and viz-a-viz. The tone of conveying something from active to passive needs in-depth knowledge, and not all students are equipped with that.

    Understand it with an example -

    The Passive voice for the phrase - “ Jude is dropping Julie home tonight.”

    Incorrect: Julie dropped Jude home tonight.

    Correct: Julie was being dropped home by Jude that night.

    The sentence and the meaning get drastically changed if the active and passive rules are not applied, and our online grammar checker tool does exactly that for you.

  5. Ill-framed Tenses & Verbs

    Poor use of verbs, tenses, and other grammatical rules that are necessary for perfect writing is considered to be ill-framed. There are a lot of students who do it without knowing, and that leads to lower grades for them.

    Incorrect: He will goes to park yesterday.

    Correct: He will go to the park tomorrow.

    If you feel this is a silly example, you must take a look at some of the assignments that students bring to us for proofreading. These are the types of mistakes that one makes, and we resolve them all; our grammar checker tool is fully prepared!

  6. Incorrect Spellings

    Some words are really tough to spell, and some are too easy. Students often try to make up spelling with the help of phonetics, but it is clear that it is impossible to do so as every letter of a word matters.

    Incorrect: He went their & got surprised!

    Correct: He went there & got surprised!

    See how a single word made the difference in the entire meaning of the sentence; this is exactly what happens in your documents. You write something, but a completely different thing is presented there as the spelling makes all the difference. If you face the same issue, then this is the best grammar checker tool for you.

Perfect Grammar Made Easy! 4 Benefits of Our Tool
  • Better Scores

    Submitting quality documents makes your professor feel confident about your abilities. This free grammar checker tool can be a great thing for you if you are aiming to score nothing less than an A+ in your documents.

  • Follows Guidelines

    Many online grammar checkers just underline spelling, and that’s it. With our professional tool, you get everything according to the guideline of your paper format. Simply put it in your file and get it checked.

  • Enhances Grammar

    When you work with a free grammar and spell checker online, it shows your skills, and when you reflect on your work, you always learn. Our tool provides insights into your work that can help you enhance your skills easily.

  • Saves Time

    The tool uses AI that is fast and effective at the same time. With the help of our online grammar checker, you can save a lot of time that you might lose when you are executing manual proofreading and editing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to Use Grammar Checker Online?
    Our online grammar checker tool is really easy to use. All you have to do is,
    • Upload your document
    • Click on Check Grammar
    • Review all the changes
    • Download corrected data

    These 4 simple steps can lead you to a perfect document that is error-free and grammatically correct.

  • How to Download Corrected Text from Grammar Checker Australia?
    It is quite simple; as soon as the document is ready, the screen will prompt you to put in your email address so that as soon as the process ends, the corrected document can be shared with you on that mail. If you have exceeded the word limit, you will be asked to pay before you download the file; if not, you will have the file in your mail
  • What Is the Degree of Accuracy of Grammar Checker Tool?
    The tool has been crafted by some of the finest developers, and the code that it runs on has been tried and tested more than a million times. The tool has an accuracy of delivering 99% accurate text, which is the highest in the available market.
  • There Are Too Many Mistakes to Correct! What Should I Do?
    Grammar checker tool can help you win over the induced mistakes; however, when you make a lot of changes, the essence of the work tampers, and thus, it is advised that you get a professional and let him re-write quality documents for you.
  • Are There Any Limits to the Usage of This Tool?
    There are no limits to how many words you can check during the time; however, there is a limit to free grammar checking online. You can only get a corrected report for the first 250 words of your content for free. For the rest, you are required to pay a minimal fee.
  • How Does This Grammar Checker Helps in Enhancing My Grades?
    Grammar is the backbone of any language, and when it comes to formal documents like papers, assignments, reports, it is really necessary to seem accurate and confident. With the help of our grammar checker Australia, you can create an assignment better and faster, which will help you enhance your grades as quality never goes unnoticed.
  • Can I Use This Grammar Checker to Correct Any Type of Content?
    Yes, as long as the language is supported, you can insert anything- from a small paragraph to a huge research paper. Anything and everything can be assessed and improved with the help of our free grammar checker. You can simply upload the file in a supported format, and the work will be taken care of by this smart tool.
  • What Happens If My Grammar Is Not Appropriate in the Assignment?
    In case your grammar is not appropriate in your document, there are chances that you will not be able to pass the submission with good grades. Forget about A+, as the grammar makes a huge impact, and if the subject is language-centric, the entire sense of the document can be lost. Therefore, it is necessary to have better grammar in your document, and this punctuation checker tool delivers exactly that!

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