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Nike Case Study Help | SWOT & PESTLE Analysis by Experts

Nike is a popular brand known for athletic apparel and sports essentials. If you love sports or any physical activity, then you must have heard of this name at least once, right? But, have you ever thought that one day you might have to write an academic piece on this, for which you might fall in need to seek Nike case study help from professionals or subject experts? If not, then you must have, because now you are here to find one!

Basically, Nike is a subject of interest for everyone, business professionals for sales, athletes for comfort, sponsors for advertising, and professors for assigning case studies to students. The reason behind being, a case study is an important part of academics for students that is beneficial for their future as well if the skill is learned properly. Now, let’s take a brief look at what the case study is in the below section. 

What Is a Case Study? A Brief Look into It 

If you’re here looking for a Nike Inc case study, then you might already know what a case study is. But, in case you do not or need a brief idea about the same, then read along… 

“A case study is a document prepared by an individual- a student, business analyst, or any other who conducts intense research on any particular topic to know in detail about its pros, cons, challenges, and growth opportunities.” 

Professors usually assign this task to students to provide them with an opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge. Now, assigning a case study on Nike is quite common among management students and others as well. But have you ever wondered why? If not, then the below section will shed light on the same: go take a read!

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Why Nike Case Study? An Insight into Nike Company

Are you looking for Nike case study solutions? Bewildered why your professor is so fascinated with Nike? Aren't you fascinated with the products Nike produces? You're right, so does your professor? 

Just kidding! Nike is one of the most popular and successful brands in the sports apparel industry. It is an American multinational corporation that is known for the trendy and comfortable products it manufactures, especially for sports personalities. 

The journey of this company turning into everyone's favorite and world-famous is not an overnight success. The founders and the team had to work hard and with full dedication so that they could satisfy their customers and become the best among their competitors. This journey in itself is very insightful, and thus professors try to make students work on this topic and learn from it. But some students fail to do so and seek professional help for it.

When students seek our Nike case study help online, we make sure to draft an informative piece of the document by including the below-mentioned facts about the company that can impress the subject professors: 

Company Factsheet

When you seek our Nike case study writing, we make sure to include the primary information about the company to build a trust bond with the reader. It is not a detailed section but includes the basics such as “What, Who, When, Where and How” of the company. 

company factsheet 

Company Timeline

The next point our Nike case study writers focus on is the rollercoaster journey of the company. Yes, Nike didn’t turn out to be a world-famous brand just overnight. They faced many ups and downs and struggled to get to where they are today. Can’t believe it? Have a look at this timeline: 

company timeline 

Company Values

Writing a case study of Nike and not including the company values in it is a big mistake. But don’t worry; we won’t let that happen. Our experts make sure to include the below-mentioned information in your case study: 

These are some basic information about the company that our experts include when you seek our Nike case study help services. We make sure that in the end, you get a well-drafted and informative case study to impress your professor. Want to know how we do it? Read the below section to find out more about the same. 

How to Write a Nike Case Study? 3 Steps of Perfection

Are you struggling with how to write a Nike inc case study? Do you want to know how the professional writers at Global Assignment Help Australia manage to deliver the best content? If yes, then keep reading…


The first step of this process of writing a flawless document after conducting Nike case study SWOT analysis, that our writers follow is to perform research and collect some background information to include in it. So, here is how we do the research analysis part:

  • Firstly, we understand all the requirements of the case study so that we could meet them all possibly.
  • We make sure to brainstorm independently before looking into the available resources.
  • Next, we do in-depth research about the chosen topic beginning from what, where, why, when, and how.
  • Now, we categorize the collected data and segregate it into what is useful for Nike case study solutions and what can be left behind. 


The next step is to plan a strategy. This is the complete plan made to complete your case study writing task on time. Here are a few steps we follow when you seek our online Nike case study services:

  • We look into the university guidelines and deadline to ensure that we can prepare a plan to complete the task accordingly.
  • We divide the task into small chunks to complete them easily and without any hassle.
  • We prioritize the task chunks based on the time they need, their difficulty level, and the importance of that particular task.
  • We focus on one task at a time to give our 150% only to that task such that in the end, your Nike case study writingis free from all errors. 


The final step of this process is to gain assurance that the work we have done is flawless. No matter how careful we are, there is a slight possibility that a mistake may be left or such. But, this can’t be an excuse that can save you from poor grades. So, here are a few practices that help us save you from all troubles which can otherwise land up your efforts of Nike case study Pestle analysis go in vain:

  • We never merge writing and editing; of course, we prefer these tasks to be done at a good interval. This way, we have a clear idea about what is to be edited, and clear editing gets the job half done.
  • Now, once the editing part is complete, the proofreader comes into the picture. Hecarefully scrutinizes the content and corrects any spelling or grammatical mistakes in it.
  • Then, a secondary revision is done to check all the content is in place, all the marked mistakes are corrected, and your case study on Nikeis as perfect as expected.
  • Finally, the quality analyst checks the quality of the content and accordingly prepares a report that includes many factors like similarity and plagiarism. And a free Plagiarism report is attached to your case study. 

These are the simple steps that our experts follow when you seek our Nike case study helpservices. If you are wondering how to find more help on what to write in this, then the below section is just for you. 

Where to Find the Best Help for Writing a Case Study of Nike?

Can’t decide where to find the best help with the Nike case study? Don’t worry; we have got you covered! When it is about writing a case study, professors usually look for 2 situational analysis models: SWOT & PESTLE. But, some students do not know how to do this and thus, face trouble with it. So, we have explained the same below: 

SWOT Analysis

Have to write a Nike case study SWOT analysis? Seems a tough job? Not anymore; if you refer to this or seek help from our experts. So, let’s get started! 

swot analysis 


When writing the Nike case study Swot analysis, the first thing you need to consider is, mentioning its strengths. In simpler words, the positive points about the company that can help it grow:

  • Brand awareness: 70-80% of the people know what Nike is, or have at least heard about it. This is the company's strength point as already a good number of the audience know about it.
  • Strong management: The company has a strong management chain that looks closely into each stage of the manufacturing process and ensures it is done carefully under expert supervision.
  • Comfortable and trendy products: Nike is known for producing products that are both comfortable and trendy. You can feel and look good at the same time. 


The next thing to discuss in your online Nike case study document is the weaknesses of this company. It is very important that you look into this section and come up with some points so that you can work on them and improve your performance. Here are a few notable points:

  1. Dependant on footwear: The company is majorly dependant on footwear alone. This is a weakness as in case of any unexpected changes in the public demand or such, the sales of these can be affected badly.
  2. Controversial public image: Nike had got itself into some controversies due to which it has a public image from the negative side too. This can be a weakness as it affects the customer's trust in the brand.
  3. Weak products: As mentioned already, the company only focuses on footwear. Thus, the other products are weaker in comparison to footwear, which can backslash at any time if not taking any action on time.


When you seek our help with Nike case study, we make sure to analyze the different opportunities for the company that can be turned into its strengths. Here are a few opportunities that the company can make the best of:

  • Product reuse: The very first opportunity for Nike is product reuse. With the constant switch in the trends, it takes not much for a trend to go popular, fall down and rise back up. For such an instance, you can always use some product designs from the backup. 
  • Global expansion: There is a rise in the demand for products from this company across the globe. So, global expansion in such times can be really beneficial for the company as it can cut down delivery, raw material supply, and other costs.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices: With more and more people started taking up healthier practices for better lifestyles such as healthy foods, walking, work-out, running, and more, the demand for these products is also on the rise. 


A few things must be looked into and taken care of at the earliest such that these minor issues don't make the company go in losses. So, here are a few threats to the company that needs to be taken care of:

  • Currency fluctuations: The first and most common issue faced by the company is currency fluctuations. This is believed to cause some huge losses and charges, and thus this needs to be dealt with carefully.
  • Adverse competition: Since this company is majorly focused on footwear alone, there are more competitors rising regularly, and this can be a threat as it will lead to a reduction in the number of sales.
  • Trading policies: When working globally, the trading policies are a big threat to the company. This is because there is constantly a change happening at one or other sections of these policies.

These are the basic and most important points that are related to the Nike company. When our experts conduct Nike case study Swot analysis, they make sure to cover these areas and come up with the best quality content for you to score high grades.

PESTLE Analysis

Are you looking for a Nike case study Pestle analysis? If yes, then you’re at the right place. The below-mentioned points about Nike cover all the perspectives from which one should know this company. So, let’s get started! 

pestle analysis 


When conducting the Nike case study Pestle analysis, the most important factor and, of course, the first one to discuss is political. Here are a few majorly impacting points that you must include in your work:

  • Political conflicts: One of the most common factors affecting the company's sales and marketing is political conflicts. In some countries, they play a huge role and can also completely damage the supply chain as well.
  • International trading policies: When talking about political factors, how can we not include international trading policies? These are the next major factors that affect or impact the company drastically.


The next important one of the external factors is economical. This is a must to look into the section where the discussion points are related to the economic sector, such as:

  • Economic crisis: If a company is facing an economic crisis like some in recent days due to the sudden pandemic, then the country's economic condition can affect the sales of the company.
  • Increase in product prices: Some countries from where the raw materials are being gathered or collected raise the prices, which in turn leads to a rise in the product prices; thus, causing a change in the usual pricing model. 


Social factors also play a major role in affecting the sales of the product and can impact the company. Here are a few factors you need to look into closely as they are quite important for a company: 

  • Better lifestyle: When people are switching to better lifestyles, it means more exercising or physical activity; then, the first thing they fall in need of is a good sports apparel, which means a better opportunity for the company.
  • Dubious product processes: Though the demand for the product is high, yet the process followed for manufacturing these is dubious. No clear product processes often lead to miscommunication or mistakes in the task.


When you look for our Nike case study services, we understand your need for good-quality content and thus draft it very well. Especially when it is about the technical factors, we give our best to it:

  • Technical advances: Technology is constantly developing; it is taking a step ahead with every passing day. If the company doesn't meet up to it and adapt accordingly, it will be left behind within no time.
  • Social media presence: In today's digital era, having a strong social media presence is very crucial; most of the audience are now sitting on the other side of laptops and phones and clicking on their screens to find what is trending and what they want. 


  • Employment and consumer law: There are variations in policies made around employment and consumer law. Knowing there is very important for the company so that it doesn't land up in any trouble later.
  • Health and safety regulations: health and safety are the two most important factors that any company must look into to ensure it doesn't get banned by the country/countries' government.


Performing Nike case Study Pestle analysis and missing on the environmental factors that affect this is simply a foolish act that no writer would do. Especially when it is about our professional writers, they focus equally on this topic. And, here are a few environmental factors that can affect your country:

  • Climatic changes: Constant changes in the climate can cause obstacles through the process, such as in the delivery, manufacturing, and bringing in raw materials and others. 
  • Sustainability strategies: Using sustainable strategies is the new trend of today's era. Opting to this is a very helpful approach and can benefit the company as well. 

These are some external factors that impact the growth, sales, and development of the Nike company. When students come to our experts seeking Nike case study help online, we carefully draft it, including all these points in it.

These are the 2 most commonly used situational analysis models that our experts include in your Nike case study help. This approach helps us look into the topic in-depth and from various perspectives that can help make your document informative and interesting as well.

And, if by any chance, you face any difficulty or need assistance with your case study of Nike, then turn to us; we will take care of everything.

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Nike Shark to Nike Air Maxx
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People’s favorite to the center of criticism
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