Know What Earth Would Be If It Was Cubical

Know 6 Perspective About Earth If It Would be Cubical In Shape

10 Aug 2023 5398 4 minutes

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We all have been taught at a very young age that the shape of our earth is similar to an orange. And, it’s spherical shape is responsible for many characteristics. But have you ever thought that how different it would be if its shape was cubical? In this blog, our assignment writing experts have explained the possibilities:


Gravity is the force by which our earth pulls anybody toward itself. If the planet was cubical, this had been similar at every point except the edges and the massive core of the Earth. The point where you are standing now would be pulling you at an angle of ninety degrees. However, if you walk 5000 kilometers towards the edge, the gravity would make a steeper angle. It would exactly feel like walking on an inclined slope, like stairs. Though the corners of the cube are flat on the horizon, they would seem like the top of the world.

Atmosphere and water

Unlike the spherical earth that holds water at confined places, the cubical Earth would have less mass of water that would be bulging at the center. The atmosphere had been similar to that of now, but it would have a cozy and warm biosphere at the center. The sides of the cube would be around 10270 kilometers, and extend about 8000 kilometers from the center. But it would be damn cold as it would not preserve the heat inside.

How good is the cube Earth for life?

We don’t think that there can be any possibility of life on the earth if it would be cubical. As gravity would be of a different nature there might be possible that the volcanoes were so constant. It might be possible that either there was no soil or either it was rocky in nature that means it would be hardly fertile. Apart from this, it was not possible to built houses and concrete building as the low gravity would not support this. The weather would seem nice and calm every day, but the regions near the equator would not face the sun.

How large had it been?

The dimensions of the cubical earth would be 13,000 × 13,000 × 13,000 km^3. The mountain ranges above it would be thousand km high and be extending out into free space. That means no one could think about climbing them and the possibility is that sides of the mountains would face enough snowfall.

Could a moon orbit this cubic planet?

There was no possibility that any satellite would revolve around our earth because there will be a slightly higher gravitational force at the corners of the cubical earth, and hence if anything would orbit around it, it would collide due to a sudden change in the path.

How would the top surface look?

There might be large craters on the surface as the atmosphere due to volcanic eruptions. The ocean bed would be at a much lower height, i.e., 1,200 km below what the current level. It’s tough to commend magma and crust as the structure would entirely different. But it is possible that the liquid magma would reform into a sphere quickly, causing a collision with the flat oceans.

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