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    Broad Beach The Wave Accommodation


    As tourism has grown to its highest levels in the recent times and several business have been established to promote this industry it has become possible for people to get motivated towards those things which has remarkably made the profitability increase for the sector. Further these days it has been seen that the most common element which makes people build the attraction towards a particular destination is the place they are moving into, its location, whether it is a hotel or a resort or any other thing(Mandal, Dandapath and Bhushan, 2013). Thus the report here will discuss the elements related to choosing a place which needs to be considered for making the place attractive and also to analyses the geographical features such accessibility and serviceability like factors of the place. thus for this purpose the place under taken here is "Broad Beach Wave Accommodation".


    Spatial Analysis

    Thus the place here taken is not an unknown destination it is among the best places of the city to get into and feel relaxed. The place here taken is "The Wave Resort" which is the properties of Gold Coast among different locations and one such location is Wave Resort. The wave resort is the perfect choice for the couples as this provides a romantic view facing towards the beach and thus this makes them feel special and makes them spend their quality time as well. The wave resort includes apartments, flats, penthouses and many more kind of accommodation so that every class of people can afford the place(Chen and Bau, 2016). The wave resort operates for full day that is 24/7 it is available for the tourists. To book or find any information related to the apartments or penthouses and facilities it provides. One can have a look at its website which is http://www.thewaveresort.com.au/ and can contact the street address that is, 89-91 Surf Parade, Broad beach QLD 4218, Australia.

    The Wave Resort Location

    Thus as per the map it is pretty clear that it is located right in the center of the broad beach. If talked about the locality it can be founded that many new beaches have been there nearby which attracts the tourists. Plenty of beach side parks for barbecues are there near the resort so that the tourist can go their for leisure purposes. The Night experience here involves world-class entertainment, dancing, romantic surroundings and family fun. Plus near the place as per the map it has been seen that public transport service routes and taxi's are also in close to the resort location. Moreover the places which are being part of the locality are Restaurants, cafes, shops, patrolled surf beach, Jupiter's casino, Pacific fair shopping center, Surfers paradise, Sea world etc. In addition in the nearby locality of this accommodation various hubs are there which is been famous for the night life there and thus bookings made on this resort will gave them an access of these other places in the locality which can move them towards the resort. Broad beach is among those holiday destination which is famous for its picture perfect holiday. Thus this simple pleasures of the life is provided by the resort(Mahon, Becken & Rennie, 2013). It is also said that the broad beach offers wide variety of facilities for the holiday destination to suit everyone with entertainment options and central location. Moreover the location of resort is accessible from the two airports that is Coolangatta Airport which is nearly a 29 minute drive from the report and to the resort. Brisbane Airport is a 1 hour drive from the place undertaken.

    Accessibility Analysis

    After having a look at the locality and geographical background of the place it is very vital for the managers of the place as interesting as the customers thinks it should be and also the managers thinks about it. Thus in order to keep such things making profit by providing best-in class services, it is important for them to have the reviews of the customers they have dealt with in the past for the future customers. As by having the positive and negative feedback's only they will be making the decisions for effective solutions(Naidoo & Pearce, 2016). Thus Wave resort in order to know the perceptions of customers have listed them in various travel sites so that customers can make comments on their services and also they have a separate window for the customers who likes to write on the website towards the negative and positive things.


    As it has been discussed in the above section that the wave resort is in the heart of the city thus this is best situated for the locals and as well as tourist so that they can access every part of the city in low cost fares. Customers point of view towards the locality and geographical area it has covered is amazing and they talk that The resort has been at good location as by undertaking an accommodation there the individuals or families have felt the luxury in it plus the view from the apartments is mesmerizing and also the places nearby are not so far away and the portfolio of the places is amazing. As many of the places are the tourist destinations so it is an advantage for the customers and thus in relation to that they say that being in such a good location we have been given a chance to access the various pubs, has seen the nightlife which is famous all across the globe and the beaches plus the shops, cafes and food all the things in the area of just 4-5 km has gave them a great holiday to spend(BREWSTER, 2016).

    As far as the internal satisfaction of customers is concerned in relation to the facilities and services at the resort. Many customers have mentioned that it is the most amazing resort in the center of the gold coast dining and shopping precinct(de Scally, 2014). Staying there seems to be much shorter as they don't wanted to leave from that places. The rooms which are on the 11th floor had a spectacular views and the balcony was incredible for a one bedroom apartment. One of the other customers have wrote that the cleanliness levels have been amazing at the resort and plenty of space for car parking is there. Plus they made a point that their is no service for apartments but the apartment are self-equipped with every kind of the necessity. Spacious and fabulously decorated. Other comments which were given are: The best on the Gold Coast, Always Amazing, Fantastic, Perfect place to stay at the location, Great value, perfect location, etc

    Servicescape Analysis

    As far as services are concerned in the travel and tourism industry or in the hospitality industry it is the main and important element which needs to be undertaken for making the customer feel satisfied towards the particular destination. Thus in this case for wave resort to capture the eye of audiences, the service umbrella should be strong enough that it caters every need of the resident there. Further while looking at the services provided by the resort includes different kind of facilities at the resort for the enjoyment and entertainment purpose to relaxing purpose. While residing at the resort a customer will enjoy the sky pool and spa which presents the skyline scene of the broad beach and the ocean and this sky pool is located at level 34 moving on it has another pool which is at level 4 which have a barbecue near poolside which gives the people lots of scope for entertainment(de Scally, 2014). In addition the security of the customers is important so the security system prevails there is an intercom system with the access of the lift and alo it has facilitated the undercover security car park in every apartment. The wave resort involves various services in its umbrella and they are: sky pool, Infinity pool, secure luggage room, tour desk. security intercom access, fully equipped gym, environmentally friendly, complimentary under cover security, poolside bbq and many more.

    Staying here does not provide the chambers for meeting and conferences but the nearby locality has convention and exhibition center thus there is no problem for the organizations to conduct there conferences here(Kahrl, 2013). Staying here provides the customer to get access with those all other things which a customer has traveled for, while its street food or the beach walk or the nightlife or any kind of entertainment. All such things will be available for them in 4-5 km area near to the place. Bitner has depicted that in order to make the customer focused towards the place it is important for the firm to think as per people, physical evidence and processes. thus he has given the other three P's of service marketing which makes it 7 P's of marketing and concluded that these needs to be followed for fully satisfying the customer. There are two kind of facilities provided by the resort which is resort facilities and other is apartment facilities. The later one is discussed and the apartment facilities are related to rooms that have been provided which involves 1Bhk, 2Bhk, 3Bhk apartments, a penthouse, private balcony. air conditioning, cable channels, television, Internet access, full kitchen facilities and many more. Guests are influenced on the basis of cultural diversity, identities, personalities, motivations and experiences(Kahrl, 2013). Thus it is important for the managers of the resort to understand the behavior of people as this will give them to take necessary decisions for the future operations and inclusions and exclusions in the service umbrella.

    Design Evaluation

    As far as designing of the resorts are concerned it is vital for the people to managers to think extensively on the designs a design is the first thing that customer get engaged with resort the kind of the infrastructure the resort have, is vital as this will only make the perceptions of customers towards the hotel or the resorts. Thus ideal design which should not be to complex to understand and should not be too normal. The ideal design is mainly concerned with the easy to access the facilities provided in it, should be embarking the luxury, should have the photogenic places and also should cater the needs of various people from diverse cultures(Brand & et.al 2014).



    Thus the three strategies which Wave resort should adopt in order to make the things look promising and attracting at the location are:

    Value of Place:

    Value of the place is important because many traveler s are those who goes for staying to the hotels and resorts but the concept that customer follow should be to live there. Thus this will be done only by making the place look amazing and unique by introducing the impact full changes which can be the lobbies should be revolutionized.

    Enlivening Interiors:

    Another important strategy that can be followed by the wave resort is the lavishing interiors which can make the people love the resort and also the use of bold colors has been making the impact on the people in the recent times so the follow up is important(Conterio, 2015).


    Authenticity can be achieved through the use of different artistic and art cultures and make people live that real experience.


    From this report it can be concluded that service industry is the biggest industry to determine the consumer behavior and perceptions. As per this report it can be said that location is an important element in the uplifting of the businesses and it is most important in the hospitality sector for hotels, resorts and restaurants. It is vital to build the resorts at he place which is accessed conveniently by the people and should have the excursions nearby such that people if want to can go there with ease. This forms the part of services also. Further the place should be at the location where the other places which are famous can be checked out by the people with ease and they don't have to travel long for those things.


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    • Kahrl, A. W., 2013. New Negroes at the Beach: At Work and Play Outside the Black Metropolis.

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