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    Different Types of Employability Skills

    University: BPP University School of Business and Technology

    • Unit No: 4
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1546
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: UGB009
    • Downloads: 506
    Question :

    Task 2 – Reflective Journal – 50%

    Make a reflective journal that discusses how the completion of the above task and module in general has contributed to your achievement of the employability and study skills which are listed on pages 1 and 2 of this Assignment Brief which mainly relates to;

    • Skills of communication – verbal and written
    • Time and self-management
    • Problem solving skills
    • Research skills
    • Team work
    • The use of ICT s
    • You should consider using a relevant model in your personal reflection process such as Kolb's Reflective Cycle or Gibbs Reflective Cycle etc.
    • Please include evidence with examples in order to support the achievement of these skills.

    Word count – 1500 words

    Answer :


    Employment and study skills are very important for enhancing personality of an individual. It is very important for organisation to develop employability skills of their employees so that they can work as per set goal and objectives of business. There are different types of skills such as research, team work, problem solving, time management, communication and so on which should be improved by business. The main aim of report is to learn different types of employability skills along with using Gibbs reflective cycle.


    For working in business, each and every people need to have employability skill to achieve goal and objectives. Here, employability skills are those skills as well as behaviour that are important for day to day operations and activities of business. Such skills assist in making employees to work at business in all types of situation. This includes ICTs, team work, time management, research skills, problem solving and so on. While conducting project work, I have identified different types of skills that reflects my strengths as well as weaknesses. Therefore, it is important to polish my strong points and overcome weaknesses for improving in future time period. The strengths includes communication, team working and problem solving whereas weaknesses are time & self management, research skill, information technology skills.

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    While conducting research work, I identified my strengths and weaknesses area which should be improved in proper manner. I am good at communication skills which includes both verbal as well as written. I easily interact with member of team which leads me to take decisions at business along with gathering various informations in effective manner. I have analysed that my communication skill play crucial role in my overall personality. This skill help me in conveying my ideas and though to other person effective. I have identified that communication skills is very helpful in develop strong relationship with the member of team as well as manager. Other skill which is my another strength is problem solving as I work in team and help them to solve issues and problems arise at workplace. I provide proper advice to them in order to solve problem in most effective manner. I can easily design action plan in order to resolve issues arise at business. Problem solving skills can be define as the capability of an person through which they can provide better and effective solution to various problems. With the help of problem solving skill I am able to provide better solutions to organisational problems. In addition to this, other strength includes is team working because I possess good communication which helps me to work in team and attain their set goal and objectives. This assist in minimizing or avoiding issues that leads towards rise in conflicts. As conflict leads to impact on team members and their performance in negative manner. I have strong team working skill that is very supportive in developing strong relationship with other team member. With the help of this skill I am able to manage and work with team in effective manner. 

    Moreover, there are some skills which reflects my weaknesses such as time & self management, research skills and informational technology skills. These should be improved by me in proper manner so that I can attain goal and objectives in best possible manner. I have to develop my future and career by improving all those weak areas which leads to rise enhance my personal as well as professional success and growth. For improving such weak areas, I have to join classes, course and taking internship under professional person. In order to improve research skill, I have to do research work which helps me to enhance myself in better manner. I need to focus on research skill as this will help in gaining better understanding about the topic. Research skill is very important in collecting and gather data for conducting effective research. I have analysed that research skill is my weakness that can affect my grade and quality of work. For time and self management, I have to make plan for each and every activities and allocate time according to priority basis. It is very important to develop time management skill so that I can complete whole task in effective and efficient manner. Development of this skill will lead to gain various advantage. Time management skill will lead to completion of project on time as well as enhancing work life balance. For improving time and self management skills I have developed strong plan that will lead to development of time and self management. In order to enhance information technology skills, I have to take classes as well as coaching for different programming language and so on. Information technology skills are very important as this will support in conducting task in better and effective manner. I have analysed that classes and coaching is very supportive in improving this skill. Now a days information technology is essential conducting organisational task in appropriate manner. By analysing my strength and weakness I will be able to take correct actions that will support in improvement of these skills and capability.

    Kolbs learning theory: It is considered as a process in which individual skill and knowledge as well as job need can be analysed in specific manner. David Kolb has given learning style model in the year 1984. there are basically two levels of experimental learning theory – one of the four stage model of learning and four separate learning styles. According to Kolb, the learning includes acquisition of abstract concepts which are flexible in different situations. The Kolb's theory is represented by learning style theory that includes four stage learning cycle. The Kolb model is helpful for analysing the effective learning within an individual. There are basically four stages of this model – concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualisation and active experimentation.

    Concrete experience: According to this, a new experience or situation is occurred and reinterpretation of the existing experience is there. I have examined that my academic and computer skills are very strong which helps in improving my critical thinking. This works as a ground as I have to judge the credibility of arguments which were already presented in the report. This assists me in carrying all the work individually within a stipulated period of time. Moreover, I have faced many problems and challenges in the starting phase of applications related to academic skills.

    Reflective observation: This includes particular importance and value and there are any inconsistencies between understanding and experience. It has been examined by me that I have one more skill that is paraphrasing of the topic represent in different periodicals, journals and many more. This skill is helpful in interpretation of given topic in my own words so it helps me in reducing plague available in the topic which is involved in my research. I can improve my paraphrasing skill by continuous practice so that new matter can be represented all time when I initiate a research. Through this skill and knowledge, I have learnt innovative things which can assist me in future time period.

    Abstract conceptualisation: As per this step, reflection rises to a new idea or the modification of the existing abstract concept. When I was a part of the academic session in the educational institution, I developed skill and knowledge related to motivational theory which can work for me in favourable manner. I have achieved favourable outcomes as it is important for increasing my motivational level for a long period of time. The research is conduct for representing innovative facts in suitable manner. For this, it is essential to motivate the respondent to give authentic data and information.

    Active experimentation: As per this step, the learner applies their idea in the world and see what is happening. I developed the skill and knowledge related to workforce planning which has assists me in having the appropriate applicant in my team who helped me in carry out the research. Moreover, it is essential for me to plan the functions in an suitable manner. This helped me in deal with current situation so as to create something innovative in future time period.


    From the above report it has been concluded that employment and study skills are very important. There are different types of skills and capability that will help an individual to perform employment task and activities in effective and efficient manner. It is important for individual to work on these skills so that they can conduct required task and effective manner. The major skills that needs to be developed by an individuals are communication skills, information technology, time management and so on. Development of these skill will lead to increase the reputation of employee in organisation. With the support of these skills person will be able to convey their thoughts in effective manner. 

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