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    Apply Various Models And Tools For Evidencing

    University: University Of Bedfordshire

    • Unit No: 1
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 15 / Words 3726
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 528
    Question :

    Business communication is the planning through which all the employers and the employees are being connected. It is important to maintain the collaboration and the ordination in all the people conducted in the organization. Explain all the learning outcomes.

    • Apply various models and tools for evidencing on how the business is impacted and made influence in all the external operating environment
    • give the personal reflection on the skills that has been opted and also creates a journal through varies entry in the areas.
    Answer :


    Business communication may be considered as the procedures in which employees and employers are to be engaged. It is essential to create better interactions among peoples within an organisation so that collaboration and coordination can be maintained. Communication is the best tool for reducing chances of conflicts and resolve disputes in an effective manner. It is necessary to identify best method of communication for business entity because it play an important role in managing relationship among employees and build trust so that they can attain set targets or goals in well manner. This report is based on Ryanair Airlines which founded in the year of 1984 which is situated in Dublin, Ireland. There are around 13,000 employees working in this firm. This assignment will define about several environmental factors such as internal and external with the help of PESTEL /SWOT analysis and Porter's five force model. It also conduct mini-research for analysing various problems and facts or findings by considering Belbin, Tuckman and Kolb for the purpose of employability skills.


    Overview of Ryanair Airlines

    It has been analysed that, Ryanair is one of the largest and most famous airline in the European countries. It carries approx 130 million passengers in every year, and it has more than 2,000 flights that take off from 86 airports in all over the world. It use appropriate strategies and plans to maintain its goodwill or brand image among competitors. They consider low fare for their airline services so that customers can afford easily and satisfy their needs or wants. There are approx 13,000 employees working in this company and they contribute more in managing entire performance in well manner so that maximums passengers can be attracted. They are knowledgable and capable to perform every activities to achieve set targets or goals in an effective ways.

    As per the recent data, it has been analysed that Ryanair airlines flew their flights with more than one billion passengers from one to another place which is happened first time in a while in airline industry so they break such records in better ways and built trust among targeted audiences. It also affected on their brand image in the global marketplace.


    There is presented a graphical data which described the growth rates of Ryanair Airlines form past few years. It can be seen that how the company increasing its size and growth day by day and become European's number one airline firm that carried around 1 billion passengers.

    Key Business and customers of Ryanair Airlines

    Ryanair is the airlines company which is operating in more than 1800 routes around the world. Moreover, they focus on safety records ad provide assistance them in getting pass from various tests from last 33 years. Apart from this, there is around 150, 737-800 Boeing aircraft Ryanair airlines company in having in present time (Keegan, 2013). Whereas, there are almost 1.5 million peoples who are visiting the website of the respective given organisation.

    Suppliers and Competitors Of Ryanair

    Every organisation have their competitors same as Ryanair also because airlines industry is wide and having huge number of organisations in it. Major competitors of same company are Monarch, British Airways, easyJet and so on are giving wide competition to the Ryanair. As well for meeting day to day activity of the business there is requirement of suppliers. In airline industry there are mainly two types of suppliers which help in existing purchase of places along with their fuel. Although, same enterprise is well knowned and having good reputation in the airline industry which aids them in maintaining good relation with their suppliers. As per the data of 2007, it has been identified that at that time economic condition of various airlines company was not good. Thus, they are not purchasing required materials and fuels from suppliers. At that condition also Ryanair don't stop their purchasing process from the suppliers and this was the decision of their key person Mr. O'Leary. Such practices assist given enterprise in maintaining good relation with their suppliers (Thill and et. al., 2013).

    Strength, weakness and performance of Ryanair

    Ryanair is an airlines organisation and they have vast networks which is more then 1800 routes in approximately 28 countries. The same enterprise have its strong network, because of that Ryanair grab better position in the airline industry as per the views of their customers. But in some situations due to network channels and social media peoples build negative image in their mind. Main reason of such negative perceptions are rummer that create pessimistic image in market area of the business. Apart from this, there is an major issue also which is faced by Ryanair is that increment in tax rate.

    Challenges faced by the airlines

    Business environment is dynamic in nature when changes take place they give negative and positive both impact on working of business. Thus, there are several issues which is faced by Ryanair Airlines are mention below :-

    • Customer service satisfaction: As per the present information Ryanair increasing their checking luggage fees which become 20 euros in current but in past it was 15 euros. This is the major challenge faced by the company because such modification make their bad perceptions in the mind of customers.
    • Charter carriers and Franchises of major airlines: now a days famous personality of Europe love to travel from their charter flights because of comfortability and social status. According to the survey, it has been analysed the charter planes taken 1/4th of the market share in Europe and United Kingdom. Through this Ryanair face several challenges in airlines business (Bovee and Courtland, 2012).

    Theory, models and analysis of Ryanair Airlines

    Swot analysis are done for determining existing its strength, weak factors, threats as well as future opportunities of company. The Swot analysis of Ryanair are described below :

    Strength :

    • Ryanair is offering good quality of airline services in minimum amount of money that can be afford by every people living in UK. This helps in gaining attention of customers of all sectors of society either they are rich, poor or belongs to middle class.
    • Venture is catering their services to around more than two hundred destinations across 1800 routes.
    • From an investigation , it has been found that Ryanair consist of approx. 18.7 % market share which is depicting that they are strong in terms of finance.
    • Since being financially powerful, venture has faced minimum issues at the time frame of recession.
    • They are also known for having lower cost business model. Hence, company is capable for earning extremely high competitive advantages.
    • Ryanair is involved in online business also as they are offering tickets on their official website. This aids most of passenger in booking ticket immediately (Ulrich and Sarasin, 2012).

    Weaknesses :

    • The level of trust affiliated with customers are detected to be weakened because they are thinking that low cost products & services is not good in terms of quality. Thus, they need to brain wash their clients by proving them their facilities are best.
    • Ryanair are changing their plan of action associated with employee's compensation. This may worsen relationship between employers and personnels. Thus, treated as weakness of firm.
    • Some of the staff members of detected to be unpleasant or aggressive with their clients during travelling. Thus, customer relationship is not good only because of bad treatment. This leads to the decrement in the overall number of passengers. Hence, is treated as one of the weakness of Ryanair which ought to be improved instantly (Guffey and Loewy, 2012).

    Opportunities :

    • Global warming is increasing day by day which is impacting negatively on whole civilians as well as organisation. So, firm could work on minimising consumption of fuel. This can be done by the assistance of integrating state of art - craft in proper manner.
    • Ryanair should also start work on improving customer relationship which can be completed by providing good travelling experiences to desired passengers. This in turn help in generating healthy kinship with consumers.
    • Company can begin their work by doing partnership with various other firms like consultancy associations. This help them in getting skilled employees easily in minimum time. In addition to this, time and money get also saved when two firm will work together.

    Threats :

    • The costing associated with fuels are touching the height of sky in international market. This could be considered as a risk since a huge sum of money would get consumed in purchasing raw material only (Sharma, Chrisman and Chua, 2012).
    • Due to Brexit, venture is come on the stage of lowering or cutting their prices. Hence profitability as well as productivity department is getting negatively impacted.
    • Random or sudden changes in the nature of climate is proved to a threat for Ryanair. The chances of accidents is increasing because of climatic phenomenon like heavy rain, storms, thunder, fog, etc.

    PESTEL of Ryanair Airlines

    Political factor: This refers to various kinds of rules or norms which are made of political bodies that particular area where business is running then it is necessary for them to fulfill such regulations properly. These norms are changed or modified many times then firms are require to analyse them on regular basis and get up to date according to the same. The Ryanair Airlines have to follow terms and conditions because stable political situation will facilitates to run business properly and attain growth successfully. Sometimes, it is observed that ignoring political norms may leads to creating of several critical issues that impacts negatively on goodwill of brand (Knapp and VandeCreek,2012).

    Economical factor: The term economic include several factors such as inflation, interest rates, value of currency, growth rates and many more that fluctuates at different nations and in various period of time. It is important to make regular observation on these components that helps to conduct business smoothly to gain better productivity as well. The Ryanair Airlines is required to thoroughly observe economic condition of particular country and then establish business there because favorable situation render support to improve regular profitability of an organization. Currency rates are suitable then company have to invest less and expand business at large level that facilitates to garb more opportunities for achieving growth.

    Social factor: There are various kinds of people are living in particular place having their own religious or cultural values and thoughts that reflects in their choice of preferring products or services. It is necessary to make sure that packing or product or promotional activities of specific brand should not harm cultural values or belief of customers otherwise it will becomes critical issues many times. The Ryanair Airlines have to conduct more attractive advertise,nets to promote their brand but carefully place poster or banners because if it is relevant to religious thoughts then it will results into huge problem that impacts negatively on image of brand (Jonassen and Land, 2012).

    Technology factor: There are different kinds of advanced technologies are introduced in current trend of market and various kinds of organizations are utilizing these effective techniques to carrying out their business properly. These technological equipment or software are helpful in conduct required procedures in correct manner along with generating better outcomes in less time. The Ryanair Airlines can used more appropriate technology in their business which helps them to provide better services to clients which helps them for gaining satisfaction of people successfully. Hence, properly implementing advanced method are supportive to get more efficient outcomes on regular basis.

    Environmental factor: This refers about various kinds of environmental issues like pollution, ozone depletion, global warming etc. which are arises due to use of non biodegradable material by organizations. Thus, government authorities has made several mandatory regulations to save natural environment which is necessary for human beings and other living creatures to live properly (Kwok and Yu, 2013). The Ryanair Airlines is required to focus on environmental rules and follow them properly by using ozone friendly vehicles and release wastage material from work shops after treating it in correct manner so that it will not harm the nature. This method is helps to save environment and improve image of company in front of government and people of country.

    Legal factor: This refers to several kinds of legal rules and regulations which are mandatory to be followed by every company to run their business without creating any legal issues for them. These norms are helpful for each organization to conduct their entity in correct manner and nobody can interfere in other businesses. The Ryanair Airlines have to follow all rules in correct manner because it provide support to avoid wrong pathways and facilitates to carried out business in right discretion.

    Ansoff matrix

    It is a strategic planning tool which is used by marketers, executives, senior managers, etc. This strategy provides a proper framework to them so that they can develop vest strategies out of it (Gretzel and et. al., 2015). Following are some elements are that are involved in Ansoff matrix and are mentioned below in detail: Ryanair Airlines

    • Market penetration: This strategy can use this strategy in order to improve their existing products and services. By using this approach, Ryanair can convince their passengers to enjoy their services.
    • Product and market development: With these approaches, Ryanair can give tough competition to their rival teams operating in similar industry. By using innovative idea like inviting customer inside the cockpit for several minutes will encourage them to use their services more frequently. On the other hand, it is necessary for Ryanair to get into new markets and develop innovative ideas to sustain at global market for longer duration of time.

    Porter’s Five Forces Model

    This model is helpful in analysing the current marketing position of a particular company. It can be considered for Ryanair airline that will help in defining its position and competitive advantages which achieved by them. There are some component involved in this such as:

    • Threats of entry: In the present time, Ryanair has occupied a god position in the marketplace. They are dealing in global market so it is necessary to promote its business activities and action plan for achieving competitive advantages (Gretzel and et. al., 2015).
    • Competitive rivalry: in the modern era, it can be seen that there are lots of competition in the market which is biggest threats for Ryanair airlines so there is required adequate strategy to expand business and achieve predetermined goals. They have to focus on reducing pricing, costs so that more customers can be attracted.
    • Bargaining power of suppliers: In the airline industry, it can be analysed that there are limited suppliers who sells fuels, aeroplane, spare parts of plane and many more. Company try to maintain the relationship with suppliers and satisfy them for better aircraft (Jussila, Kärkkäinen and Aramo-Immonen, 2014).
    • Bargaining power of buyers: there are number of customers of Ryanair Airline because they are providing better facilities, services, products or services, and have good brand images among competitors. Customers wants such services at lower fare that can affects on the company's profitability and economy conditions as well.
    • Threats of substitute: In the European countries, there are number of airlines available in like Ryanair who are giving several services or facilities to the targeted customers. It can be analysed that company have good image and reputations so that there will be no negative impacts on the Ryanair airline.

    Key findings of research and few issues that are being faced by managers and supervisors

    From the above analysis approach it has been identified that Ryanair Airlines has a effective and impressive position in Europe country that assist them to provide maximum opportunities in target market to serve better services to target customers. Through this, Ryanair Airlines also getting higher competitive advantages from target market which help them to get desired success easily. Main objective of this organisation is to build positive relation with customers by providing quality services to them on effective costs. Firm also faces various competition and challenges that affect its working approaches as well as productivity. Management of firm always crate strategic planning to reduce negative impact of tough rivalries.

    Ryanair Airlines represent their services to passengers on low fare cost in order to capture their attraction easily toward them (Bauer, 2014).

    Ryanair Airlines provide their effective services at around 200 destination in around world. Manager and management of firm faces several challenges and issues while they represent cost effective approach to passengers. To manage such costs, firm requires to reduce level of services that affect customers satisfaction criteria. These kind of activities affect negatively on organisation and creates numerous issues for manger.

    In this process, Ryanair Airlines also faces technological challenges that has major impact on business approaches. Organisation needs to implement advance digitalisation in order to enhance their services in aircraft industry. These activities assist to enhance employees skills and knowledge criteria in order to implement quality services for passengers (Chiang, Goes and Stohr, 2012).

    Reflection on learning and development of key skills

    After the proper analysis of project it has been examined that Ryanair Airlines requires to provide appropriate training to their workers in order to enhance their interpersonal skill in order to providing quality services to passenger. In aircraft industry, it is required that employees are working together to do team work activities for customers satisfaction. Through this, they can easily provide higher satisfaction to them and build long term relation with them for maximum profit and success. All these approaches aid me to improve my learning approaches if I working in a aircraft industry. All these information and criteria is based on representation approaches of aircraft industry that assist to getting higher benefits for long term period. As per this research , I analyse that a person needs to examine their strength and weaknesses in order to make desired modifications to get desired outcomes easily. All these approaches has direct impact on working approaches as well as inactivities (Golob and et. al., 2013).

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    From the above report, it has been summarised that an organisation requires to analyse their strength and weaknesses in order to make desired modifications for effective growth. Business communication is a most effective approach that assist to analyse customer's requirement and need in order to provide them effective services. Through this employees of business firm can easily provide higher satisfaction to customers. A business firm needs to analyse their internal and external approaches in order to make strategic plan on its basis. For marketing as well as competitive analysis, an organisation requires to use Porter's five forces to analyse target market and existing competition.


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