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    MGT100 Factors of Pestel Analysis and Legal Framework

    Brief :
    • Learning Outcomes

    • Determine the difference between the various business sectors which contribute to the economy.
    • Discuss and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of various legal frameworks in relation to business start-ups.
    • Determine and analyse the strengths and weaknesses of various finance generating alternatives a new business may look to.
    • Overview an environmental audit identifying factors influencing upon a given organisation.
    • Analyse and briefly explain the importance of key 'Humans Resources' policies in a given organisation.
    • Use basic academic skills in the creation of sound arguments and conclusions.

    Word count – 3000 words.

    Case Study

    Business Ideas for plant-based foods

    The incorporation of plant-based foods is done through vegetarianism and veganism which are some examples of diets. Plant based foods have been around for thousands of years which has lately gained widespread popularity. The name of plant-based foods come from plant origins which includes fruits and vegetables, as well as beans, cereals, grains and legumes.

    Although the plant-based diets are not that new but the interesting part is that how mainstream it is becoming, and it is seen that more men are looking forward at plant-based protein which helps in gaining a profitable business for entrepreneurs.

    Why plant-based foods are a good business idea

    Plant-based foods are becoming increasingly recognised for their amazing health benefits and eco-friendly footprint which has enabled people to become more interested in the food they eat with the factor of its making, where it comes from and the effects of eating it.

    The market of plant-based protein is becoming widely touted and the women are not only the one who are leading the vegan charge. A shift has been witnessed in 2019 towards 'masculine plant power', that has offered a good opportunity for businesses to capitalise on the less -exploited segment of the market. Plant-based foods should be considered by start-ups founders who are looking to launch new products in the market by doing takeaways from a food truck, or as more formal meals in a sit-down restaurant.

    One of its option could lead to start an entirely plant-based or value supermarket whether as an online-only retailer, a brick-and-mortar shop, or both. For example, GreenBay which is a London-based vegan supermarket with an online store that helps in delivery all over the UK.

    There are other business opportunities that exists in creating plant-based versions of international cuisines, in order to eat in a restaurant or at home. There are also many plant-based protein start-ups which are based in America, which can create a gap in the market for British would-be business owners in order to create similarly realistic meat substitutes.

    There are various opportunities for businesses in order to establish themselves within the masculine plant protein sector too. The trend for plant-based foods have mimic the meat counterparts which is continuing to grow as there could be an increase in the demand for plant protein powders to build muscle and fuel workouts, as part of wider shift towards the rise of masculine plant protein. 

    Address the following three questions:

    Vegan start-up Beyond Meat launches UK expansion

    Available at: http://www.ft.com/content/ca94feae-e66d-11e8-8a85-04b8afea6ea3

    Question One: Prepare a detailed PESTLE analysis based on the case study provided. What factors may influence a potential start-up of a plant-based food business in the UK?

    Question Two:  There are a range of legal frameworks available for an individual starting their own business. For example, new GDPR framework, Consumer Right framework or any other legal framework of your choice. Determine the relevant strengths and weaknesses of the various frameworks which are in relation to a potential plant-based food start-up. Also analyse, how an individual will be able to get financing for a business such as start-up.

    Question Three:  Determine which sector the new plant-based food start-up may operate in addition to two other sectors within the UK and then evaluate their value to the economy of UK.

    In addition, consider at least two HR policies and review on their importance to the modern workplace (for example Health & Safety policies and equality and Diversity policies). Write a brief reflective statement which comprises of not more than 250 words on your experience in the module and in writing the assignment.

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