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    Personal Reflective Log to Enhance Sustainability in Business

    Brief :

    Brief Description -

    produce an understanding on the challenges that occur globally which is faced by world. You are further asked to highlight the issues that is related to the contemporary business practices. For this purpose, a debate will be held for the purpose of depicting the relationship among business and issues like environment change, humankind’s relationship to nature, inequality, social problems and concept to sustainability, in the economy whose form is capitalist with the priority economic growth. The main aim behind this is-

    • Do understand and manage the complexity, diversity and change
    • Product the critical thinking skills for the expression of the idea in writing and oral form
    • Do prepare for the citizenship in reference to local, national and global terms

    Learning outcomes -

    LO1 Showcase the view that involves challenges of the existing ideas and practice and along with this also recommend some ways

    LO2 What goals are under the agreement o globe as a whole for the global society to 2030

    LO3 What is the link between environmental, social and economic injustices and business practices

    LO4 Produce an example of the good and best practice in relation to sustainable business leadership and management

    LO5 Produce judgements

    electronic and web-based resources

    Three web sources are recommended for background work:

    Other resources:

    • Business Source Complete, Newsbank and Mintel (accessible through the library)

    Assessment - 1

    You are required to give a report to CEO of SME regarding the steps that is required to improve the sustainability of operations. Take any business of your choice. Moreover, you are required to compare the real business experience with the hypothetical business that you have chosen. Report will include-

    • Energy use
    • Water use
    • Transport
    • Waste
    • CSR

    Also, you are asked to take into account the term sustainability in workspace and in supply chain management answers. Point out the most important issue.

    Consider the subtitle of the report as “Problems, perspectives, regulation and the move forward

    What pressures are faced on the business in order to become more sustainable and the potential steps taken by you in the business

    The format that is to be followed-

    • Introduction
    • Background to the sustainable business operations
    • Approaches to the business leadership and perspectives
    • An area of concern
    • Do the critical evaluation of the options that is available in terms of business practices
    • Conclusion

    Assessment - 2 Reflective part

    A detailed view of the reason of the assignment that is set and the learnings experienced by you and its influence on your personality traits. Showcase the whole learning journey and also describe the issues associated with it.

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