7 Unique Tips to Find the Best Research Sources for Your Assignment

Important Unique Research Sources for Writing An Assignment

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27 Jul 2019 2323 7 minutes

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Collecting data for your assignment is not a challenging job but, collecting authentic data is.

So, to make it easier for you, here are some unique tips that will let you know the best reliable sources you can consider for gathering the information to write an assignment on.

So, break the boundary of bookish knowledge and explore different resources...

1. Start Your Search with Wikipedia

Yes, it is a truth that most of the professors do not suggest students to take information from Wikipedia. But, it is far better than using an encyclopedia. The main benefit of using Wikipedia is that it will definitely give you a good overview of whatever topic you are researching. It is the best platform that will give you innovative ideas associated with your topic and also help you link to the other ideas as well.

The second benefit of using Wikipedia is that it cites the useful sources at the end that may be useful for you to consider in your assignment.

2. Explore Different Online News Sources

Every professor wants quality work in the assignment, so try to find out the sources that are authentic and provides you the quality information. So, you can go through the online news sources because they are capable enough to produce quality editorials and maintains a strong history behind. Using such sources, you can prepare an informative assignment. From the different news sources, you can get the latest research topics to write an assignment on.

Remember, many fraudulent sites are also available who publish fake news articles every day and fool people with them. So, the best way to check the credibility of the site is to go through their business and scientific research stories. Such stories include the reference link to their original data that will be helpful for you too.

3. Take Help from Academic Publications

If you want to prepare a unique assignment, then why you go through only textbooks. You can also consider something apart from your coursebooks if you want to make your assignment stand out from your peers. For that, you can take help from the academic publications and journals that are peer-reviewed and considered as the best source to support an argument.

4. Use Primary Sources

Suppose, if you are given an assignment on science or history, in such a case you can use the primary source. Primary sources are the best sources that are created at the time of discovery or an event. Some of the useful primary sources are:

  • Texts of laws and other original documents.
  • Data-sets, survey data, such as census or economic statistics.
  • Speeches, diaries, letters, and interviews.
  • Newspaper reports.
  • Photographs, video, or audio that capture an event.

5. Take Advantage of Free Subscriptions

Here free subscription denotes libraries, school, and universities data available. You can find the information from the database link of your local library or from your university websites. There are loads of articles present in different books of the library, so just go through them and get useful information from them. Note down all the details so that you can use it afterward.

6. Suffix Matters a Lot - Take Care of It

The best way to get quality information is to surf quality websites. But the question arises, “How to find a quality website?” So, for that, the simple technique is to check the suffix of the websites. Do you know what is suffix?

If you answer is no, then here it is...just give it a read.

.edu -

Since you are writing an academic assignment, you must go through educational websites. It is a kind of top-level domain for education that is created by a university. So, you can get a lot of authentic and useful information from such sources.

.org -

This suffix is being used by communities, open-source projects, schools, and also non-commercial organizations. So, you can go through websites with such suffixes and can gather a lot of information regarding your assignment.

.gov -

Suppose, if you are writing an assignment on social science, then this is the best suffix you can choose. Organizations with this suffix are state agencies and the federal government from where you can find great resources for geographical or historical information.

.com -

At last, you can consider this suffix when you do not find any useful information from the above three. It is commonly used by commercial businesses that sell a product or service. These are the most credible sites from where you can seek the best assignment help.

7. BONUS TIP - Consult Experts

The last and the most important tip to gain knowledge for lifetime usage is to attend the seminars of professional experts. They act as a live source to gain useful information. Yes, it is not possible at the time of assignment writing, but if you do not have a workload and have loads of time, then you must spend some time in attending such seminars. Doing so will benefit throughout your lifetime.

Final Thought!

Finding authentic information for writing an assignment is no more a challenging job with these above-mentioned tips. Now, that you have loads of research source ideas with you, just take a step forward and start exploring them one by one for your assignment before it gets too late. After that, no one can stop you from preparing a top-notch assignment and fetch A+ grades.

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