Step-by-Step Guide to Write an Assignment in APA format

Is it tough for you to format your assignment in APA format? Read this blog and get it done easier.

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APA stands for American Psychological Association. Your professors likely ask you to format your assignment in APA format if it is based on a scientific topic. The students who study economics, anthropology, sociology, political science, human geography, etc. are usually asked to use APA formatting style in their assignment. Many other fields require this style too. So, if you have been asked to submit your paper in an APA style and you are looking forward to seek “make my assignment help service” because of the difficulties in completing it successfully, then wait...hold for a while and better read this blog once.

We have provided a step-by-step guide that will be beneficial for you to draft a perfect assignment and get A+ grades.

So, do not waste your time anymore and start reading...

Follow This Guide to Prepare a University Assignment in APA Format

1. Paper Length

The belief of APA format is “less is more.” Since APA style format is used in science fields, make sure whatever you write must be written in a clear and brief way. While writing an assignment in APA style, keep one thing in mind that is clear and professional. Avoid putting unnecessary details in your assignment, doing so will keep the paper length shorter and the paper more concise.

2. Margin

Whenever it comes to leave a margin in APA style, then make sure to keep them consistent from everywhere, i.e., right, left, bottom, or top. So, all the four sides must be at an equivalent distance from the edge of the paper. According to the APA style guide, you should leave at least 1-inch margin around each side.

3. Title Page

We all know that title page or the cover page is the first page of any assignment. Most of the professors do not even require it, but some do. If your professor has asked you to prepare a title page as well, remember an APA format title page includes four main components -

  • Title of an assignment
  • Running head including the page number
  • Author’s name
  • Institutional affiliation

Ok! So, these are the essential components of the title page. Now, the main question arises how to prepare a title page? So, here is the guideline to develop a title page in APA style.

a) It should capture the main idea of an assignment, but do not contain any abbreviations in it.

b) It should be written in the center of the page.

c) Font size should be “12pt”, and font should be “Times New Roman.”

NOTE: Do not bold, italicize, or underline the tile. Keep it simple.

d) The maximum word limit of the title is “12 words.”

e) Each text on the title page must be double-spaced.

f) The institutional affiliation includes the name and location of the school where the research is being conducted.

4. Running Heads

The running head is included at the top of every page. If you are preparing a word document, then set the word processor to automatic mode and add these components onto each page. A running head consists of two pieces - the title and page number.

NOTE: Do not write p. or pg. in front of the page number.

Before the title includes the word “Running head”, it should be written in capital letters. Then the rest of the page does not include the “Running head” in the page header.

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5. Preparing Outlines

Preparing an outline before assignment writing is very beneficial as it helps the students stay organized and determine the scope of the research. There is no official instruction given for the outline of an assignment in APA style.

6. Abstract

An abstract is a summary of the assignment in APA format. In the case of lengthy assignments or research papers, the reader read the abstracts to know what is written inside. According to the APA style writing guide, if you want to achieve good grades, then you should create a high-quality abstract that properly communicates the goal of your assignment.

Are you wondering how to create a perfect abstract for an assignment? Well, you might be...

So, here are some useful suggestions that will help you create a perfect abstract for an assignment.

  • Abstract page always comes after the title/ cover page.
  • A running head is included at the top of the page.     
  • Now at the center, “Abstract” is written and no quotation marks are included in it.  
  • In the next line, write a summary of the key point of your research. It should include:

a) The question that is to be answered.

b) The process that is to be taken.

c) The findings or conclusion you drew.

  • The summary should be written in less than 250 words and should be double-spaced.
  • Always write in active voice, either it is abstract or any other part of an assignment.  
  • Do not evaluate your whole assignment in the abstract, simply explain what does it contains.

7. Headings and Sub-Headings

Heading serves as an important purpose in any kind of writing task. It simply organizes your paper and makes it easier for you to locate different pieces of information. It provides readers with an idea of what is written inside the paper. An APA format contains five levels of headings and every heading serves different purposes:

Level 1 - This is the largest heading, also known as the title of the page. It is always placed at the center of the page. Upper case and lowercase letters are used when necessary.

Level 2 - The level 2 heading is placed against the left margin in bold letters. Upper case and lowercase letters are used when necessary.

Level 3 - The level 3 heading is indented in from the left side margin in bold letters. The uppercase letter is used only for the first word of heading, rest all are in the lowercase. It will end with a period.

Level 4 - The level 4 heading also indented in from the left side margin and is bold and italicized. The uppercase and the lowercase rule is the same as level 3.

Level 5 - The rule for level 5 heading is the same as level 3 and 4.

Wrapping up!

OK! Now, with the guide, you are all set to hit the assignment with A+ grades. It will be no more a difficult task for you to format your assignment in an APA style. So, what to wait for? Start writing your assignment and make your professor shock by making it outstanding.

Good Luck!!!

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