5 Things About Sydney That Make International Students Study Here

This blog discusses five things about Sydney that attracts the international students to study there

08 Aug 2023 5737 4 minutes

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Australia is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. It’s a place full of flora and fauna, where one can feel enough warmth of the sunshine. Many wanderers say that the Land Down Under is travel heaven. Talking about Sydney, Australia’s one of the largest cities is an excellent place to visit and explore for many purposes. The city is a cultural hub of ideas, dance, theatre, art, music, and circus. And if you are planning to study there, then you won’t regret your decision. So if you have made up your mind to go abroad for studies but facing dilemma in deciding your destination, then this blog can give you a head start in decision-making. Here, the writer has explained some of the best things to see and experience in Sydney for scholars who choose Australia for their higher studies.

Diving Among the Sharks

If you want to discover the world’s largest collection of aquatic life in Australia, then SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium gives you an opportunity to see it. Here, you can find dugongs, penguins, platypuses, sharks, and rays. You will get a chance to dive into the depths of the aquarium and come face-to-face with sawfish, sharks, and tropical fish, but behind the glass.

The Nightlife

The canvas of this city is wide and varying. The streets are full of cafes, bars, and open sky dining area with or without shields. The Central Business District Area (CBD) is absolutely surrounded by decent venues, especially the George Street, which runs through the heart of the area.

Stunning Beaches

The major feature of Sydney that attracts maximum tourists is its mesmerizing beaches. The city has more than 100 picturesque seashores which are calm, quite, and away from the city’s hubbubs. There are beaches where you can find cafes, restaurants or entire shopping complex. If you are fun loving and want some adventure, then you can go for snorkeling, kayaking, and canoeing.

Savor Some Aussie Flavors

If you’re a foodie, then this harbor city is flooded with sophisticated spots to eat and taste some Aussie flavors. Sydney is the culinary paradise that showcases the abundance and quality of local produce, invigorating meals with some fresh seafood, flavorful meat, tantalizing flavors of bold wines with some multicultural influences.

Surfing Shenanigans

Sydney is well known for its beaches, and many of the world's renowned surfers regularly make a visit to this city to take advantage of its high waves. There are some beaches worth the hype as they’ve got awesome tide variations, a couple of laid-back beach bars to surprise you. If you’re a nostalgic person, then these wild waves and incredible stories of those beaches can, or just want to stand up on a board without wiping out, we’ve got the beach for you.

If you want fun along with studies, then Sydney is the place for you. Hope you enjoyed reading the blog.

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