HLTHIR404D Assessment Answers: Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander

HLTHIR404D Assessment Answers: Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People (Complete Guide)

24 Mar 2021 3399 16 minutes

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Every country has a unique culture, region, geography, food, and many other things so as Australia. Some people here have to acquire specific knowledge regarding the Australian culture through the HLTHIR404D assessment answers so that they can improve the condition of oppressed classes.

A lot of things in Australia attract a huge number of tourists every year. According to Human Development Index, Australia got 6th position. You might know this, but do you know there is a region in this country that is nothing like Australia and the people who live here are completely different from what you think the Australians look like? Yes, they have a unique culture, and lifestyle, and are not developed as non-indigenous people.

A long time ago, these indigenous Australians were exposed to poor treatment and their culture has been ignored. But recently, to protect them and their culture, various people are coming forward and pursuing the HLTHIR404D course, which is all about these people and their lifestyles.

If you want to know more about this program or course, then read below. 

HLTHIR404D Course: A Brief Overview

Sometime back non-indigenous people could not acknowledge the calibre and intellect of these islanders or indigenous Australians. Soon, their importance was recognized by the government, and they started a course named HLTHIR404D.

In this course, you get to learn various things about aboriginal people. You can understand how important it is to protect their culture and what makes them different from non-indigenous Australians.

While pursuing this course, you have to face different types of assessments, in which you have to write assignments and essays. As this is a community service and comes under the nursing unit, you are trained to serve people. A lot of students like to go for this course; if you want to know why you should pursue it, then have a look at the below piece of information.

Why do Students Pursue the HLTHIR404D Course?

Torres Strait Islander people have nothing like urban Australians; they are a socially and economically disadvantaged group in society. They have their unique culture, which is the most identifying thing for aboriginals. They had gone through various atrocities and were devoid of the basic needs to survive due to racism for many years. There have been several attempts to uproot their culture previously, but now things have changed since the advent of liberal and welfare nature among the people.

Many people have come forward to safeguard the culture and lifestyle of these aboriginal people. They help them to improve health because these indigenous people die at an early age due to various diseases infected by intruders. A lot of students who want to go into community services, like to pursue this course.

Several students want to become welfare officers by pursuing this course; they are known by other names also like a social worker, community health worker, and more. There is a 16.1% job growth in the community services diploma.

If you also desire to safeguard the interest of these islanders and help them to get recognition in society, then this course is for you. While pursuing it, your knowledge will be checked, and for this, you have to write various hlthir404d assessment answers. Writing them effectively is not easy for various students; therefore, many can't fulfil their dream to join community services.

Why writing the answers flawlessly is not easy for students? This is because of the wide area of the course. Let's know what are the main areas about which you have to learn deeply to write hlthir404d answers.

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Australia's Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultures 

  • Oldest Living Culture: Aboriginal is a tens of thousands of years old culture. They are called 'Australia's first people.' DNA study recently found that this is the world's oldest civilization; you have to read various books to write about the same. You have to do excellent preparation for the assessment because the questions can be asked for the comparison between different cultures. 
  • Believe in Ancestors Spirit: These first Australian people believe in the spirit and follow some magic tactics. It is deeply involved in their culture. They believe in afterlife stories. Many ardently follow superstition also. The beliefs and existence of aboriginals are not understood yet properly by the researchers. They have many spiritual beliefs which are still difficult to understand by the experts. 
  • Speak Different Languages: It's been said there are approximately 28 languages spoken by these people. While writing the hlthir404d assessment answers about their culture, you can also talk about their languages and write a few examples. Due to linguistic diversity in their culture, many questions are asked to find how to understand their thoughts without proper communication. 
  • Variety in Food: Several types of plants and animals are eaten by Australian islanders. They eat insect foods like moths, beetles, fish, eels, ants, and many others. Other than animals, they eat plants, fruit, bush, and leaves. They have ample food for consumption. 
  • Occupation: The aboriginals use weapons and some specific-shaped tools for hunting the animals. They carry food from one place to another. The tools they use for cutting the plants and trees are made up of local materials. Traditional people used to harden the timbers with the help of fire. These are their main occupations. Now they are getting work from some welfare institutions under the social programs. If you write the hlthir404d answers on aboriginals occupations, then try to add some points about programs run by some welfare institute to improve their occupations. 
  • Sacred lands: Torres Islanders have a rich history as some researchers believe it is the oldest civilization in the world. If you get the assignment in which you have to write about their land divisions, then you may get confused because they follow a unique method for it. You will also have to understand their sacred sites, where they used to worship ancestors or God. These lands have special significance in indigenous peoples' life. Aboriginals' sacred lands are recognized by the government and protected to safeguard their culture. 

You must have gone into a different world and started imagining their culture by reading about aboriginals. The above brief information can help you to quickly know about their lifestyle so that you can effectively write the hlthir404d assessment answers. 

There is one more major area where most of the questions come from in assignment writing. This is quite important for nursing unit students, so let's know what this is in the below write-up. 

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Legislation and Policies to Protect Aboriginals' Interests

Protection of indigenous heritage and culture is a need of time because they are on the verge of extinction. Many private and own government organizations work for the welfare of these indigenous people.

When you write the assignment, mention the name of some of the schemes so that they can provide strength to your answers. Many people voted to give the aboriginal's indigenous people status in Australia in the 1967 referendum. It recognized these people as citizens of their land.

Community service course hlthir404d requires you to include authenticated facts, government policies, programs, and schemes in the assignments. You can find some reliable data from online sites and make their notes. If you want to know from scratch how you should write the amazing hlthir404d assignment, then read for the same in detail below.

HLTHIR404D Assessment Answers: A Guide to Writing Them Effectively 

  • Read Some Answer Samples: The foremost thing you should do for amazing answer writing is to read others' works before you start; so that you can gain some idea of how other students have dealt with answer writing in the assignments. You can also read the experts' written samples on the Global Assignment Help Australia website for this. The professional writers have written some documents to help students. 
  • In-depth Research: Whether it is about selecting a topic or collecting data to write, you have to do extensive research. Poor research will only give you a bad topic that can result in poor marks also. While studying this course, you can realize, that some areas are quite difficult to deal with, while some are interesting. So you can pick the topic from your favourite area after discussing it with the concerned teacher. Manage all the research materials as you can be given any type of questions in the 
  • Accurate Structure: The format of the answers you write in the assignment should be proper. Don't make the information fluctuate, as this can misguide the reader. First, introduce the reader to the issue in a few lines; these can vary according to the word length you have been asked to adhere to. Then write the problems and your arguments regarding the same. To support the answers, write suitable examples and facts. If you add some recent information in the paper, then it will provide strength to hlthir404d assessment answers. 
  • Polish Your Assignment: Proofread the entire assignment once you completed it; this will help you remove all the types of mistakes from it. You can even change or improve some sentences in the assignment and increase the quality. If you have time, then review the paper multiple times to eliminate all the small to big errors and make it ready for final submission. 

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