5 Quick Tips to Write a Great Persuasive Essay

5 Quick Tips to Write a Great Persuasive Essay

27 Jan 2024 3321 6 minutes

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In academic writing, a persuasive essay basically demonstrates one’s side of the idea. The main purpose of writing such an essay is to encourage the reader to accept a particular point of view. But, it should be based on some logic along with some proper evidence. An argumentative essay topic can easily be found anywhere either from the headlines of the newspaper or from the conversations at Starbucks. Most of the time you will definitely notice that everyone is trying to persuade one another to believe in their argument/statement.

Still, you can’t come up with an idea to write a persuasive essay?

Do not panic anymore, and check out some expert tips on how to write a persuasive essay...

Tips for Great Persuasive Essay Writing

1. State Your Stance

No doubt, everyone loves to read a good story, but this is not what you have to write here. While writing a persuasive essay, you have to state your position clearly. Avoid using obscurity and surprise endings, instead, the reader should know where you have taken a stand and where you intend to argue. Clearly state your position in the thesis statement and continue it to develop your argument.

2. Be Organized

If you really want to satisfy the readers with your argument, then you need to follow it. It is not helpful for you until and unless it is properly organized. And the proper organization should always start with a clear thesis statement. With the help of that thesis statement, you can easily develop your argument in a logical format and do the analysis on it. But, before you start writing, create a proper outline like:

  • Thesis statement
  • Major points
  • Notes of arguments
  • Supportive arguments along with evidence

Then use this outline to write a perfect persuasive essay. And if you are not sure about creating an outline, then take help from your professor. You can also seek online assignment help australia from our experts. They can help you with this.

3. Know Your Audience

Of course, you are writing it for the reader only. You are communicating your thoughts to the reader through this. So, when you write a persuasive essay, then you should always keep your audience on priority. Try to think according to their perspective, then only you will be able to write a perfect persuasive essay. Write in such a manner so that they can get persuaded easily and develop an argument that actually works in the real-world scenario. This way you can easily attract the readers’ attention towards your writing.

4. Do In-Depth Research

The main aim of writing a persuasive essay is to provide detailed and compelling evidence to the reader to agree to your argument. You should have the ability to disprove the opposing argument and the core of the strong argument is- strong evidence. For this an in-depth research is required, then only you will be able to frame such arguments. You need to understand the topic well from multiple angles and should be able to provide evidence on that particular topic. Apart from researching on the internet, you can also visit your college libraries and take help from your professors. Sometimes, textbooks also prove to be a great helping hand for getting relevant information.

5. Support Your Argument

Use hard facts to support your argument. You can also gather it from the observation, research, or personal experience. While doing so, be careful and to avoid plagiarism in the documents make sure to cite the sources properly. However, it is very important to back up the arguments with proper data. In order to make your persuasive argument strong, try to use some quotes of experts on that particular topic. You can also provide examples to support your argument clearly.

Start Writing...

You can build a successful argument with the help of three major components that are:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Passionate reasoning
  • Ethical reasoning

Remember your argument should be constructed in a proper manner and should not contain misinformation, fallacies, or fear tactics. All you have to do is maintain the trust with your audience with the help of your argument.

And for getting some more amazing tips, on how to write an effective essay, you can visit this blog.

These quick tips can act as a helping hand for writing a persuasive essay with full confidence and to get top-notch grades.

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