3 Best Standards for Your Academic Papers

This blog highlights three different standards of paper that we offer to students.

31 Aug 2023 3890 6 minutes

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Availing assignment help service is not an easy decision to take. A number of questions arises in the mind of students and the most common one among them is, “Which standard of work I would get if I request any writing service provider to complete all my assignment?”

Well, if this is your doubt too, then you don’t have to worry while placing your order with Global Assignment Help Australia. We provide three different standards of paper depending upon the budget and need of students. However, you don’t have to worry about quality grades as none of them will degrade you marks. And the best part is that, you can choose whichever you want. So, have a look at the different standards of paper students can get from us.

Standards of Paper We Offer to Students

When you visit a shop, it is quite normal that you ask for different varieties of clothes according to your budget or need. And, you surely find the shop reliable if it provides you variety of items of different qualities and price. Same is in the case with Global Assignment Help Australia. We offer different standards of papers when students ask us to provide assignment help service. They are:


It is the best quality of paper that you can get from us. Paper written in first class always fetch the dream grades.

What makes it different from others?

When you ask us to make your assignment in the first class, we will assign one of our best writers who has the highest academic credentials in that particular field.

Along with that, subject experts will work on your paper so that the document which will be delivered to you contains only relevant data.

Writers invest adequate amount of time on research so that your professor get what he was expecting for. Writer always carry out an extensive research which helps them gather up-to-date information regarding the subject matter.

Once the writing part gets over, a special team of editors and proofreaders does the editing & proofreading of the paper to make it flawless.

So, you must have understood that a paper completed in such a way never fails to fetch top grades. Students generally ask us to provide this quality in their dissertation and research papers.


Another standard of paper that we offer to students is 2:1. There is a very slight difference between the first class and 2:1. This slight difference is because:

Writers who write 2:1 quality of papers are post-graduates or graduates.

They carry out quick research because students who ask us to complete their paper in this quality usually need it quickly.

To ensure that paper remain flawless, an editor and proofreader is assigned for the document. However, they don’t leave any stone unturned to correct all the mistakes.

So you can choose this standard, if you too want your paper quickly and that too in good quality. Students generally ask us to complete their assignments and coursework in 2:1 standard.

Get homework help in Australia from professional experts to score higher grades.


Another standard for which students often place their order with us is 2:2. They usually choose it when they need their documents within 24 to 48 hours. They know that getting finest quality of work in such quick time is practically impossible. However, we never disappoint our clients and try our best to match their expectations and enable them to match the expectations of their professor.

The very moment students place their order with us, we assign the writer who is free at that time. We don’t wait for the expert of that particular subject to become free as every minute is crucial at such crunch time. However you need not worry as our every academic writer has the potential to deliver a content full of only relevant content.

The writer who is assigned for the work do brainstorming with other writers quickly to get a thorough idea of the topic in a very short span of time.

They quickly carry out thorough research to gather relevant data related to the subject matter.

Once the paper is written, they proofread it fast to rectify the mistakes (if any).

Students generally ask us to write their essays and articles in 2:2 standard.

These are three different standards of paper that we provide to students depending upon their requests. No matter which one you choose for your academic paper, one thing is for sure that you will always receive a flawless and plagiarism-free paper from our end because we never compromise with the quality.

All these standards have distinct features, but we provide each of them at the most affordable price. So, no matter in which standard you want you paper, we will never fail to match your expectations.

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