Know the Scientific Causes of Procrastination & Different Procrastinating Personalities

Read this blog to learn the reasons of procrastination and important types of procrastinating person

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Human beings have been procrastinating for centuries. The problem is so old that even ancient Greek philosophers like Socrates and Aristotle developed a word to describe this type of behavior i.e., Akrasia. It is the state of acting against your better judgement or in simple words you can call it as a lack of self-control.

Procrastination is the major reason behind students lagging behind in their academic career. In this blog, we have discussed about the anatomical reasons behind this problem and the various kinds of procrastinating behaviours.

Anatomical reason- The science behind procrastination

The sense of laziness comes from our lower mammalian brain which makes us focus on instant gratification and diverts us from attention-seeking tasks. This part of the brain acts as the emotional center that manages circuitry attributed to the fight-or-flight response. Let us understand it with an example. Say, you need to complete an assignment that involves tons of research. But the lower mammalian brain makes you feel disinterested and seek pleasure; thus, you find yourself seeing entertainment sites instead of looking for the websites that are important for your project.

To get rid of this escapist attitude, there should be a considerable amount of Dopamine (a chemical in the brain that is responsible for activating a sense of deep satisfaction and pleasure). Dopamine also boosts memory, attention span, ability to sustain effort, perseverance, and motivation. One of the powerful ways of increasing dopamine is through overcoming a challenge. Besides this, meditation and exercising help to synthesize it naturally.

Procrastination and emotions are linked together, and unless you discover how to step out of this union, you’ll be forever destined to your lazy attitude.

The 5 Procrastination Personalities

Knowing these five types of procrastinating personalities will be helpful for students to understand their procrastinating behaviour and tackle it in a better way:

1. The Perfectionist

A perfectionist wants to be the best at every work. These students often fail to complete their tasks on time as they keep on seeking perfection in their projects. And instead of undertaking more errands, they focus on polishing the already completed ones.

2. The Dreamer

Dreamers prefer to stay in the dreaming stage, and they don’t like to waste their energy in working. Dreaming gives this type of people a false sense of achievement, as in their minds, they envision big, ambitious plans.

3. The Avoider

Avoiders are so much afraid of failure that they avoid doing things that they find tough to carry out. These sort of people are not able to face challenges, and they want to play safe.

4. The Crisis-maker

Crisis-makers are those who believe that deadlines can push them to complete their task. They believe that starting early will sacrifice their time for pleasure. These people prefer doing interesting and joyful activities before the deadline actually arrives.

5. The Busy Procrastinator

A busy procrastinator is certainly busy, but they lack the ability to prioritize their work. They feel that prioritizing tasks is a step that takes extra time, so they avoid this. And in consequence, they delay doing things that are important.

If you suffer from procrastination, then identify which of the above-mentioned personality types resembles you. Once you recognise this, take some time to reflect on thinking of ways to step outside of your behavior.

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