7 Common Writing Pitfalls to Avoid While Composing an Assignment

7 Common Writing Pitfalls to Avoid While Composing an Assignment

19 May 2023 2681 7 minutes

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Usage of flippant or inappropriate writing skills in your academic paper can cost you your grades and results especially if you are required to submit a top-notch assignment. Writing an assignment for university is not an easy task and should be taken great care of. The fact behind is, professors do not entertain blunder and reject your assignment. So, before your assignment gets rejected due to any inaccuracy or mistake and you seek “solve my assignment services” have a look at some common writing fallacies that you should avoid.

Avoid These Writing Pitfalls and Get A+ in Your Assignment

1.The Biggest Misconception

One of the biggest fallacy is that students think they have to gather all the information regarding their subject and topic. After that, they start writing the assignment. Unfortunately, doing so results in gathering the data that is irrelevant and leaves you with the information that is of no use. So, to avoid such mistake make sure to gather some useful facts and views and do effective brainstorming. As soon as you get your own ideas, then start writing your assignment, because writing stimulates thoughts. This way you will be in a better position to focus more exactly on what information do you need.

2.Meaningless Headings

Assignment’s heading gives a strong clue about the theme and also gives an idea to the reader about what is written inside. Same goes with the sub-heading of assignment that gives the proper clue to the reader about your argument. So, writing headings and sub-headings that are clueless marks a negative impression on the reader. They further lose their interest and quit reading. So, if you want to impress the reader, then make sure to use eye-catchy headings that are explanatory enough so that the reader gets an idea of the whole assignment.

3.Using Too Many Quotations

To mark an impression on the reader, most of the students flood their assignment with too many quotes. Using repeated quotes, again and again, frustrates the reader and they further lose their interest. So, if you want to keep your reader engaged throughout, then the best way is to use only effective quotes or you can quote something in your own words. In case you are using someone’s ideas or quotes, then acknowledge them in your reference list.

4.Writing the Introduction Before Main Body

One of the most common misconception among scholars is - they think that the introduction comes first in the assignment, so it should be composed first. But, this should be avoided. Instead you should write your conclusion first so that you know what you have to prove. After writing your whole assignment, start with your introduction because only after completing the whole assignment you can easily write what you have to introduce. A compelling introduction grabs the reader’s attention fast, so make sure to write your assignment’s introduction outstanding.

5.Not Using Concise Language

In order to increase the word limit of the assignment, most of the students use longer sentences which further makes the assignment boring to read. This writing should totally be avoided if you really want to get good grades. You must use concise language and try exchanging longer sentences with simpler words.

For Example:

  • When’ could be used in place of -

In the situation when, on the occasion that, under the circumstances that.

  • ‘Can’ could be used in place of -

Has the capacity for, has the chance to, is able to, has the ability to

  • ‘Because’, ‘Since’ and ‘Why’ could be used in place of -

In light of the fact that, the reason for, on the ground of, owning or do to the fact that, considering the fact that.

So, this way you can make your assignment simpler and effective to read.

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6.Unfocused or Unsupported Arguments

The argument is used to prove your point of view, but, most of the students write arguments that do not match with the assignment and seems to be irrelevant. Using such arguments marks a bad impression on the reader and is not considerable to prove your point to the reader. So, avoid such mistake and make sure to write a strong argument with proper evidence, then only you can get good grades in your assignment.

7.Raising New Ideas in the Conclusion

This is the most silly misconception that can cost you your marks. It happens most of the time that after completing the assignment students get new ideas and their initial thought gets changed about the topic. Getting new ideas is completely OK, but that doesn’t mean you can include it in the conclusion, this section is only used to conclude your thoughts and assignment. So, never include any new idea or thought in the conclusion as it confuses the reader. Remember your conclusion should sum up the assignment; it should not come as a surprise to either you or your reader.

Final Thought...

Hope these tips will assist you to avoid the common pitfalls when you compose an academic paper. Avoiding these mistakes will improve your assignment help, so you can achieve confidence in your academic writing. And it will make your professors happy too. So, why not implement it and save your assignment from getting rejected.

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