Chccom005 Assessment Answers Guide : Communicate & Work in Health or Community Services

Chccom005 Assessment Answers Guide : Communicate & Work in Health or Community Services

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Living a healthy life has been people’s top priority and considering this year certain, health has become more important than ever. From common citizens to ministers, everybody wants good health; if they can’t manage a healthy life themselves then they seek help from health experts. If you are pursuing this course, then you also have to provide assistance to people for a healthy life.

You have to learn skills to communicate better with clients to help them to improve their health. This knowledge is also helpful to get excellent marks in the Chccom005 assessment answers writing.

If you can not write amazing answers, then you will get to know how to write them in this blog.

Let’s start having a quick recap of the Chccom005 course.

A Quick Recap of Chccom005 Assessment

Under this unit, you are taught by the teachers to interconnect with clients, management, colleagues, and many other people and departments. You have to describe the knowledge and skills to communicate with clients while writing the answers for this course. It is the career-focused healthcare course best for students who want to serve people with their skills and knowledge. You can also become a medical receptionist if you have a chccom005 course certificate.

Now, you can move ahead to know about its elements and performance criteria, they are required to write good  chccom005 Assessment Answers (communicate and work in health or community services).

You can check them in the below section.

Chccom005: Elements & Performance Criteria

Effective communication with people is a must-perform task for better results. You have to learn how to collaborate with colleagues in this unit and have to submit the report to the supervisor. But for all these processes, you have to follow some particular elements under the criteria. If you know about the performance criteria and elements, then you can work by keeping them in mind and the chances of mistakes can be reduced. So, let’s know what are they.

  • Always know the legal and ethical considerations associated with communication, so that you can help people better by analyzing and without even hurting their emotions.
  • Perform the duty of care with utmost awareness.
  • Be aware of the confidentiality, disclosure, and privacy criteria. Knowledge of them can stop you to leak any information.
  • Consider all the clients and people who are equal to you. Don’t discriminate as this can hurt people and affect their health.
  • Whatever work you do while communicating and taking care of the client, you have to provide a daily work report to the supervisor.
  • If the clients are children, then you have to switch on communication and care criteria according to the situation.
  • Be aware of ethical decision-making and interest conflicts.
  • Understand the principles of effective communication to understand the problems of people.
  • There are some communication techniques that you can use. They are like open-ended questions, affirmations, motivational interviews, and speeches. You can also know about people’s language, culture, religion, disability, age, and health to provide better assistance to clients or people.
  • If you are performing verbal communication with the client, then grammar, pronunciation, and speech should be flawless.
  • Observe when to use verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • While using email, social media, and websites for communication, keep the main service in the mind.

These are some performance criteria and elements. Being a nursing or medical student you must know about them as many chccom005 questions are asked around these topics. If you can’t write answers effectively, then you can read the answer writing guide below.

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Here are some sample questions provided to make you aware of how to approach the question to answer them properly.

Here you go!

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Sample Questions & Tips to Write Chccom005 Assessment Answers

Question 1. List the attributes of verbal and non-verbal communication

Tips: First of all, check how many words you are asked to write for a question so that you can write accordingly. Now you can start by giving the meaning of verbal and non-verbal communication, then create a table and write verbal in one section and non-verbal in another. Now, you can start explaining both by using some real-life examples.

Question 2. How can networking assist you within the work environment?

Tips: You can create some main points for this type of question and describe each point one by one.

These points can be like what is networking, what is important to perform better in the workplace environment, and how it benefits you like it strengthens your business connections, provides new different knowledge, boost your profile, and makes you more confident.

Question 3. How will you know if the person has understood you?

Tips: There are two ways to answer this question effectively;one-make a list of questions that you will ask the person to analyze whatever you told him or whether he understood that or not. Another way to answer is, you can wait and analyze whether he understood you or not by watching his actions. You can use both ways and write strong chccom005 answers to this type of question.

Question 4. What are privacy confidentiality and disclosure, explain through an example

Tips: You can create a story as an example or take any real-life example by changing the name of the patient. Before writing the example, you should first write the meaning of confidentiality and disclosure. You can also write about the repercussions of using and breaking the confidentiality protocol of any client. Now explain with the help of an example.

Question 5. Explain why proper hand-washing is a must-perform task for working in a healthcare community

Tips: Although it is a common question, if you are asked this question in your chccom005 assessment answers writing, then you must deliver it considering nursing and medical terminologies. Mention why hand-washing is important; if it is not done properly, then how bad it can be proved for the client. You can also write types of risks and diseases caused by contaminated hands.

Question 6. Describe what is motivational interviewing.

Tips: You can start this answer with any motivational quote and phrase, then provide a little description of the quote. You can write the meaning of motivational interviews,describe how you can elicit the patient’s personal motivation through these types of interviews. You can write what a client needs to change to avoid unhealthy behavior by motivating him. Mention what are the 5 principles of motivational interviewing.

Question 7  - How can employees ensure they are utilising the proper terminology used in the industry?

These are the 6 questions of the chccom005 assessment answers pdf  you can write them better using these tips and get amazing marks in your assignment or paper.

Writing is not an easy task so making mistakes is quite common, but these mistakes in the paper can reduce your marks.

If you want a flawless paper, then seeking chccom005 communicate and work in health or community services assessment answers proves the best way.

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