Five Tips for Earning Good Grades While Studying Less

Five Ways : How to Get Good Grades in Exams With Less Study

04 Aug 2023 5559 5 minutes

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Exams are probably the worst part of college life. It does not matter how sincerely you studied throughout the year and what knowledge you gained, if you do not achieve good marks, your career fails to prosper well. After all, college placement cells do not select the candidates with poor grades. And even corporates, do not call such students for interview. It’s a fact that grades are the measure of college success. Like the batting average in baseball, grade-point average is an indication of a student’s performance. But in spite of shedding blood, sweat, and tears, college-goers fail to perform well in the exams and end up becoming depressed. Well, the key to freeing up your time is to learn to study effectively, not study more. Here are five simple things you can do to achieve this seemingly impossible task:

1) Discover how you learn best

Every person has a unique learning ability. While some grab information better via listening, others remember it well by using their visual sense, participating in activities, or reading aloud. As a student, you must recognize which method suits you the most. Once you discover this, you may form the techniques that would help you in studying more effectively. Knowing how to remember data is a person's greatest strength and an extremely important skill to have.

2) Share your knowledge

Students often complain that though they study a lot, they fail to recall the information during exams. If you feel familiar with the situation, then apart from studying something you should also focus on memorizing the concepts. Experts say that teaching someone can help in solidifying what you have learned and highlighting the blind spots in your understanding.

3) Sleep well

Our brain requires at least seven hours of sleep for various functions, such as concentration, productivity, and creativity. Deprivation from it can dysregulate the production of hormones, which makes us lazy and inactive. But, as we sleep, our mind allows us to review what we have studied to retain it for the future use. So, do not prevent yourself from enjoying a good night’s sleep. But if you are too pressed for time, then another way to manage your brain cell’s requirement is taking a power nap during the day. All you have to do is sip a cup of coffee or tea, and then doze off for ten to twenty minutes. Caffeine being a central nervous system stimulant reinvigorates your brain and improves the ability to remember lists of words and straightforward information.

4) Revise many subjects at once

Before the commencement of exams, we all do revisions. But in spite of the fact that our papers take place consecutively, what we do is revise one subject and then switch on to the another after appearing for the test of former one. But this is a faulty attitude as no doubt you will perform well in the first paper; you won’t be able to revise properly for the latter ones. After all, there is hardly one or two days gap between two test dates.

5) Spend some time on meditation

It helps in enhancing our IQ by slowing down the function of the prefrontal cortex and strengthening the brain’s areas responsible for creativity, memory, and other cognitive skills. Students who practice it on a regular basis are able to grasp information better. Moreover, as it sharpens our memory, one needs to spend less time on revisions. So, every student must spend at least a few minutes every day on mindfulness exercises.

These were some useful tips following which you can learn things fast and effectively that too without spending too much time on studies. Remember that you need not burn the maximum proportion of the day on reading to excel in exams. Instead, it’s important to retain the information for a longer time.

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Hope the tips that we have shared above will prove useful to you. In case you have lots of college projects at hand that are not letting you spend enough time on exam’s preparation, then feel free to ask us for assignment help Sydney. Our team will make an all-out effort to provide you with a high-quality document on time.

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