200+ Most Funny Speech Topics to Make You Laugh!

In this blog, you will get to know various Best funny speech topics ideas that you can consider while delivering your message to the audiences.

20 Mar 2024 1762 20 minutes

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201 Funny Speech Topics That Will Captivate Your Audience

Do you know the power of humour in speech? You only know the value of it if you really want to engage your audience through your words. This is why choosing funny speech topics is the best option for expressing your emotions. Many stand-up comedians and public speakers use different speech formats to grab the attention of their listeners. It includes motivational, expository, persuasive, informative, etc. But, you must be very careful while delivering a fun speech topics to make it relatable.

So, here in this blog, you will learn the advantages of choosing best funny speech topics to impress your audience. The list of exciting, funny topics for speeches is given in this blog. Choose one to entertain your audience.

Let’s get started,

The Advantages of Taking Funny Speech Topics

Using humour in speech can be tricky for you. But using it in your fun speech topics can grab the audience’s attention. If you make them laugh through your speech, then be glad you are on the correct path. Here are a few benefits of adding humour in your speech which are as follows:

  • It makes your speech interesting for the readers.
  • You can make your audience laugh through your funny instances.
  • Your speech topics funny can relax the mind and souls of the listeners.
  • You can make your session interactive by breaking all the barriers between you and the listeners.
  • Humour can increase your energy level and provides positive vibes.
  • It helps people avoid negative emotions like anger, anxiety, depression, etc.

Know the 6 Awesome Tips on How to Deliver a Funny Speech

Know Your Targeted Audiences

The first and foremost tip to follow before delivering a best funny speech topics is to know who your audience is. It is necessary because you can only adjust humour in your speech accordingly. Thus, if you use humour in your speech as per the audience, then they will not only appreciate you, but also engagement will be increased.

Use Good Hooks

To make your speech engaging, you must use good hooks to grab the attention of your audience. If your speech is boring and you cannot address your emotions to them, it is a big waste. By listening or reading your speech, people must laugh, get emotional, angry, concerned, or sympathize with someone to show the connection.

Keep It Short & Simple Don’t Exaggerate

Short sentences, easy words, and funny quotes can engage your audience with your speech. On the other hand, if you use harsh language or complex vocabulary, your audience will get bored sooner. This is why keeping the speech simple and to the point is beneficial to make it more interesting for the readers.

Create Speech Around a Story

To build a strong connection with your audience, prepare a speech with various twists and turns. If your speech has one or more stories, you can better connect with your audience and help them understand what you are trying to say.

Practice More

If you want to judge your own speech, then revise your speech in front of some people multiple times. This will help you gain confidence that teaches you where you have to stop, pause, react on your own funny things, etc.

Leave Them Laughing

Not only just start with a blast but also end it well. Your audience will keep on laughing until your funny topics for speeches ends. That moment will be the best one of your life.

 List of Impressive Funny Speech Topics New

List of Impressive Funny Speech Topics

There are so many fun speech topics available here on our page. To save you time, we've divided the topics into different categories to make your job easier. So select one funny speech topic on which you can write well to impress your audiences. So, let's check out the funny topics for speeches.

Best Funny Speech Topics for Students

1. My Most Embarrassing Moment

2. Funniest Childhood Memory

3. A Time I Got Caught...

4. How to Flunk Out of College

5. What Not to Say on a Date

6. What Not to Wear

7. Unbelievable but True!

8. Australia’s Dumbest Criminals

9. Celebrities Behaving Badly

10. Why Good Girls Love Bad Boys

11. Unhappily Ever After

12. Caught in a Compromising Position

13. Tales From Scribbles on the Bathroom Wall

14. How to Kill Your Goldfish

15. How to Lose the Guy of Your Dreams

16. An Idiot’s Guide to Cooking Frozen Dinners

17. Get Rich Quick

18. Out of the Mouth of a Child

19. A Time I Got Arrested

20. My 15 Minutes of Fame

21. Talk Shows: Airing Our Dirty Laundry

22. Taylor Swift: A Role Model For Today’s Youth

23. If I Were Shipwrecked on a Desert Island, I Hope It Would be With ___

24. A Time I Ran Away From Home.

25. Best Excuses For Missing Work

26. How to Cheat on a Test

27. Practical Jokes

28. April Fools Day

29. How to Screw up a Job Interview

30. How to Ruin a Good Thing

31. We Are the People About Whom Our Parents Warned Us

32. How to Fail at Dieting

33. How to Change a Baby’s Diaper (Use a doll)

34. How to Succeed in College Without Attending Class

35. How to Get Out of A Speeding Ticket

36. How to Survive on Minimum Wage

37. Ridiculousness, the television series

38. The Boogeyman

39. Blind Dates

40. How to Succeed as a Freeloader

41. How to Catch a Cheater

42. Everything I Needed to Know in Life, I Learned in Kindergarten

43. Guaranteed Ways to Ruin Your Credit

44. The Strangest Person I Ever Met

45. How to Lose the Guy of your dreams

46. The secret to a successful Thanksgiving dinner

47. Tips for merging two households.

48. Why modern art is a scam.

49. Do’s and Don’ts for a first pregnancy

50. Five ways to keep a boring conversation going at a cocktail party.

51. Bare funny facts about men.

52. Funny facts about women.

53. Small things to appreciate for a happy life.

54. How to perform a convincing fake laugh.

55. Crazy rules men wish women knew.

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Interesting Funny Speech Topics

56. How to find best funny speech topics in 24 hours.

57. How to give your dog or cat a pill.

58. How to determine you are addicted to the Internet.

59. How to throw a paper aeroplane in class.

60. What happened to the tooth fairy?

61. Ten things you’ve learned from your pet.

62. How to become a rat and make a fortune.

63. 10 ways to order pizzas.

64. Why do rock stars break their guitars on stage?

65. What do women really say when they talk to men?

66. A handy list of excuses to get out of doing things

67. How to learn from your parent’s mistakes.

68. How to get more Valentine’s Day cards next year?

69. How to turn the Academy Awards ceremony into the funny event

70. Why do most mainstream songs make no sense at all?

71. What can’t you say in public?

72. Making a mud pack facial

73. Tips for buying gifts everybody wants.

74. List of Disney theme songs to suit your life.

75. Unexpected disasters that can happen to you.

76. How to determine you are addicted to the Internet.

77. Ten fun things to do during an exam.

78. Ten ways to order a pizza.

79. What are your dreams want to tell you?

80. Worst marriage counselling advice.

81. Interesting ancient remedies

82. How to get fired in three easy steps.

83. How to not promote your products online.

84. Do all pop songs sound the same?

85. Three elements to creating the next catchy hit.

86. Odd foods that you have to try.

87. Cheating: The proper way to do it

88. My favourite misheard song lyrics.

89. How I told my best friend that I love her

90. I have a personal experience of watching a ghost dancing on the terrace.

91. Higher education is a guarantee to be a successful person.

92. How to get a toddler to go to sleep in 595 easy steps

93. My worst encounter with my ex

94. Have you ever mixed a pina colada with coffee?

95. When nothing goes right, go left

96. The worst date I ever had

97. The day my mom figured out Snapchat.

98. Worst Twitter mistakes

99. My most embarrassing childhood memory

100. What are the major features of the city of the future?

101. The funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

102. The most memorable childhood moment.

103. What is your favourite song?

104. Worst messages on a birthday card

105. Funny informative speech topics

Amazing Funny Speech Topics

106. What your favorite weather says about you.

107. Tallest basketball players of all times

108. The humourous thing I did to my father

109. How to eat deep-fried Oreos in 259 simple steps

110. One time I shot milk out of my nose

111. I tell my mother that my stomach hurts whenever I don’t want to go to school.

112. I popped in my pants on the first day at my school.

113. I wanna marry Cameron Diaz.

114. Don’t eat vegetables; they have feelings too.

115. Kids must have an hour's break to watch cartoons in schools.

116. I lied to my mentor about my granny’s death.

117. Most expensive buildings in America

118. Reasons why you shouldn’t eat flowers

119. The unknown talents of Barack Obama

120. New Year’s day in different countries

121. Tallest buildings in the world: a ranking

122. Things that are normal in Australia but weird in other countries

123. Useless things everyone has at their house

124. Worst presents to give to your sibling

125. Top ways to sneak snacks into a movie

126. Why did Pokemon GO become so popular?

127. Political correctness: have we gone too far

128. Surviving college: how to mildly annoy your roommate

129. Reasons why people find offensive jokes funny

130. Weirdest things people like to eat – from fried cockroaches to bull testicles

131. Ways creative workers can benefit the business

132. Reasons people like conspiracy theories so much

133. How to trick customers: clever marketing hacks

134. Best and worst adverts of the year

135. Video games that made our childhood better

136. Craziest business ideas of 2017

137. Can sports make you smarter? The science behind sports

138. Tallest basketball players of all times

139. Ancient remedies we still use

140. Surprising facts about the history of medicine

141. Do we really need this? The most useless body parts

142. How to be the center of attention

143. The correct way to lie

144. Girls are beautiful, even without makeup.

145. We cannot live without the English language.

146. How to control your facial expressions

147. How to lie efficiently

148. Adults are weird species

149. The worst pickup lines

150. I will start studying tomorrow.

151. Why most students rather text a friend than call her/him.

152. Bingo competitions keep grandmas off the streets.

153. Don’t take life too seriously and yourself

154. How to get away of boring blind dates.

155. Blaming your dog for each and everything that goes wrong is an old way-out.

156. 99% percent of the blonds aren't stupid at all.

Informative Funny Speech Topics

157. How to irritate the passenger next to you on a flight.

158. The beneficial effects of smoking.

159. Common phrases you use to be funny but actually turn out to be boring.

160. Dessert should always be served before dinner

161. Golf and Poker: Two things that must never be televised

162. Personal things you must always keep to yourself

163. Departmental stores shouldn’t be allowed to sell ugly clothing

164. Why you must leave the marriage counseling tips to the marriage counselors

165. Facebook is ruining lives every day

166. Why the perfect husband just doesn’t exist

167. Pigs have better manners than most men

168. Rain: It really does have a smell

169. Women's are much better at handling pain than men's

170. Why famous people should have a crew of makeup artists and hair stylists following them all-around a day

171. Why Subway is a total rip off

172. Totally useless professions

173. If only men spent entire time working on their relationships as they do focusing on sports

174. Parent fails

175. Why everyone wants a pet monkey

176. It doesn't really matter what happens in high school

177. How to look slim without controlling your fast food consumption?

178. What's the best excuse for not doing your homework?

 179. What was the most embarrassing moment in your college life?

180. Why is "little people" a less offensive term than "little people"?

181 College tuition must include coffee, snacks and parking

182. What causes hiccups and the way to stop them?

183. Will you have smaller ears and smaller fingers in the future?

184 How to Survive the Amazon Like a Pro.

185. How to survive a cobra bite like a pro.

186. Are Amazons really scary?

187. Can I steal my ovaries if I have an appendectomy?

188. From dead rats to urine therapy, what's the craziest cure in history?

189 What should not be done during a pandemic?

190. How will you weather the pandemic like a pro?

191. How to survive a nuclear holocaust like a pro?

192. "Harry Potter" must be banned for promoting magic

193. The best way to get your friends to pay for drinks in the pub

194. How do you use the strangest words in everyday conversation?

195 How to overcome psychological blocks when cutting pumpkins for Halloween?

196. How do you convince your friends to do chores?

197. Totally useless professions

198. Procrastination without borders-uniting people worldwide.

199. Being 100% honest is a straight road to hell.

200. Smart people seem crazy in the eyes of the dumb.

201. Why people don’t trust in horoscopes but still keep reading them.

202. The art of being annoying

203. Having a sibling made me less egoistic.

204. Robots will make us lazier than ever.

205. Brainstorming while drunk can give you new perspectives on the topic.

206. Find relief in blaming others for your problems.

207 That's why you are a charming host at every event.

208. Happy puppies make humans happy.

209. How to confuse a telemarketer

210. Topics that should not be discussed in public

211. How to be a perfect gentleman or lady.

212. How to survive on the minimum wage

213. A stranger I have ever met

214. How to screw up a job interview

215. How to use corporate jargon more often?

216. Beauty is overrated.

217. Sometimes I talk to myself as I need an intelligent conversation

218. Misidentification: Why am I often mistaken for a movie star?

219. People with mediocre talent will succeed, and those with high ability will not.

220. I am online, therefore I exist.

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