5 Inspirational Thoughts from Game of Thrones for Students

5 Inspirational Thoughts from Game of Thrones for Students

07 Feb 2023 13238 4 minutes

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Game of Thrones is an American fantasy show which is aired on HBO and is insanely popular among the youth. Nowadays, everyone is hooked to this worldwide sensation, especially the high school and college students. The series is both entertaining and inspiring which has various plots and twists. Also, it has some of the most inspiring quotes for the scholars. Today, the assignment help experts have enlisted such five inspirational quotes from the Game of Thrones. To know more about them, read this write-up to the end.

“Summer will end soon, & childhood as well.”

It is aptly said that childhood is the golden period of life with no worries, anxieties, and noise of worldly stress. It is that amazing phase which is often admired by poets and writers. So enjoy, chase your dreams, and learn as much as you can before the time flies.

“If I Look back, I am lost.”

This popular quote states that you must live your life to the fullest and hold no regrets for the things you’ve pursued. Nothing is more encouraging than seeing an individual who is determined to rise. So move ahead in life with confidence without getting influenced by all your past mistakes and grudges.

“Fear cuts deeper than swords.”

Yes, a beautiful thing about fear is when you run on it, it runs away. This inspiring quote from Game of Thrones taught us that fear is nothing, but an illusion which kills more dreams and brings you down. You should muster courage to face your fears and rise again. It is appropriately said that “Life is tough and so are you”. Do not feed the fear, always try to attempt what you are afraid to do.

“Every flight begins with a fall.”

As we all know, life is full of ups and downs where every time we fall, we emerge out to be more stronger. You must remember that as long as you are alive, there is hope. When you learn from your failure, you grow stronger. You can even be considered as an idol in front of the people who had seen you sailing through the problems and fighting with them head-on.

“The great thing about reading is it broadens your life.”

The popular quote from Game of Thrones inspires us to read more. Yes, reading builds your patience level, and also increases your imagination and creativity. Moreover, it makes you a wise person and helps in improving your writing skills too. Books offer a wide perspective and provide you with several new challenges. Reading is important for growth and development as a human. To make it a habit, think of life as a good book, the deeper you study, the more it begins to make sense.

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