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A burdened mind cannot celebrate a festival. It becomes difficult for you to find any ideas to enjoy it. An occasion such as Halloween has this vibe within it, that attracts every youngster like you. You cannot resist yourself in avoiding the fun and enjoyable period that awaits you. Festivals are a period where you can gang up with your friends and make plans to celebrate it differently than others. You do various activities, like play a prank on each other or anyone else, wear Halloween costumes, donate candies, and whatnot. Thus, these are some traditional ways to enjoy it, but there are more ways to do that. Since you plan to make it memorable, you need to do something more than every year.

So, enjoy this festival with some insight on "What is the origin of Halloween", how it came, who brought it up, etc. So, let us start the show.

What Started the Halloween Culture? A Look at Its History

Every festival has its origin and an engaging tale, and it is called history. So, when you start to celebrate any festival, the essential part is learning where it all began.

So, The scary festival of winter, known as Halloween, finds its birth roots in a 2000-year-old tradition. It was the ancient Celtic festival ‘Samhain’ celebrated by locals on November 1. However, the previous evening of this date became the witness of this celebration. Hence, that day is calendered.

But the story is that the people celebrate a successful harvest at the end of the seasonal transition. However, some historians believe that the natives were able to make connections with the dead due to the thread line between this world and the further. Hence, the addition of ghostly Halloween costumes.

Its name came from Christian roots. In the 7th Century CE, All Saints Day was constituted by Pope Boniface IV. On this day, the Christian martyrs and saints celebrated, but was later moved to November 1st by Pope Gregory III.

Hence, November 1st became All Saints Day, October 31st became All Hallows' Eve and the 2nd November accounts as All Souls’ Day. What started as holiday concepts, turned into Hallowtide. That is the history, but the way to celebrate is up to the public. So, let us see how different country people enjoy it.

How Others Enjoy Halloween? World’s Way of Celebration

Festivals can become a part of tradition, but the way to celebrate lies in the hands of natives. So, here are a few renowned names of the countries where you can find some weird ways to enjoy it:


Although the traditional methods are some, like Halloween costumes and all, there is still one more thing or extra to see. Such a thing happens in Austria where the natives cook food to enjoy the eve, but also keep a plate full for the dead. They believe that during this year, the departed souls come back, or some are still here and can feed on the food. So, they arranged the table for them. Spooky, isn’t it?


Like other European nations, the natives of Belgium remember the dead ones by lighting candles and lanterns. They pay their homage to their family members through this routine. However, the weirdness is their suspicion on the black cats. Many people have spread the rumours that on Halloween nights, the black cats are the sign of an omen. If they enter your house, that brings bad luck. For a night, this animal is convicted.


Chinese calls it Teng Chieh. Like others, the natives of China have their way of celebration. They leave food and water for their known deceased and make paper boats at Buddhist temples. But their one habit is to fire lanterns on Halloween night all across the city or country. They believe the ‘Pretas’ can find their way back home with this.

These are a few ways that seemed weird to some of you, but it goes per their traditions. Festival teaches us to belong instead of judge, so let us respect them. The Aussies have their way of celebrating this eve too, but in their own way. Since you belong to this nation, it is best if you know how the natives with the family members celebrate and enjoy Halloween in Australia.

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A Look at Australia’s Cultural Way of Halloween Festival

For Australian citizens consisting of students and working-class people, All Hallows’ Eve is not as crucial as Floriade or Woodfork Festival. Though this event is taking its shape in the Australian roots, the people of Australia still refer to Halloween as an “American thing”.

The cultural roots may differ, but the adaptation of the celebration pattern is mostly the same. Not many get involved in this festival, but some do. Many people work on organising a theme party where their knowns and friends come along in the traditional ghostly Halloween costumes Australia. Since this is not what everyone can do, they use ghost walks, tours, and hunts with their gangs.

Another way seen in Australian streets at this time is the trick-or-treat. Children along with their parents visit their neighbour's house to wish each other good luck. The neighbours give these kids candy as a treat in this visit on Halloween Eve, or they present a trick for them.

In terms of decoration, the Aussies apply decorative elements. You can find pumpkin lanterns, fake webs for scary views, posters of black cats and witches, etc., on their houses. Various retailers see this as a time for profit-making. They keep items related in their shops like horror books, DVDs, fancy items to glorify their homes, etc. These are a few things seen in the times of Halloween in Australia.

As a student, you can come up with different ways to celebrate this festival at your place. You can plan a trick to play on any of your friends or someone from your college. However, deciding it spontaneously or beforehand is difficult. You do not know what to do at this festival since the Australian roots are still fresh for Halloween. So, let us see some of the tricks that can change the atmosphere from frightening to fun.

Bring Something New in Halloween with Plans and Pranks

The adrenaline rush is a feeling that creates your interest in many dangerous fields. The paranormal expert profession where they encounter ghosts and other beings. Resisting the feeling of excitement is not easy and things that scare you increase it highly.

Thus, the festive season of Halloween is when you can plan tricks or pranks to live this adrenaline-filled life. So, the following tricks are for the same:

Position Fake Eyes in the Refrigerator:

Nothing is funnier than scaring your little sister or wife unless they are short-tempered. So, this joke can become a bit serious if you are a vegetarian. So, for this year’s Halloween in Australia, you can prank your gang by buying a pack of fake eyes from a gift shop. Do not go to a hospital for that, a gentle note. Notice their day-night routine and see if they get up at night. If they go to the kitchen, you must put the eyes in the refrigerator. A nice joke for Halloween 2023.

Place the Clowns from Horror Movies:

Clowns seem a bit scary for some people. That is why they are the best choice for a prank. So, you can get the costumes of different clowns from the movies. Take the example from the movie ‘It’, both old and new. Thus, all you need to do is wear it with your gang and hide in his/her room. If you are wondering what to wear, search for Halloween costumes as clowns. Make sure to stay undetected, and the moment he acts a bit comfortable, get on with your act and scare him as a gift.

Make a Trip to a Haunted Location:

If you are not up for any pranks, do not worry. We have you covered. You all know that Happy Halloween is about having a new experience with your friends. So, instead of pranking anyone, plan a visit to a haunted place near your town. Many areas surround themselves with horror tales, so pick one of them and give it a go. However, it is advised not to go to such places alone. Ensure you have at least two or three people for help. Holiday concepts to have fun, but there should be a limit. Also, do carry a phone to call for assistance.

These are a few ways to celebrate the All Hallows’ Eve in a new way. However, you are worried about the pending projects, so you seek a place for the best assignment help. Thus, the following section gives you the name where you can get it.

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