From Carving Pumpkins to Scary Costumes: Know the History & Origin of Halloween?

How We Started Celebrating Halloween and Why We Follow Holiday Concepts?

The Origin of Halloween
21 Oct 2022 5912 11 minutes

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What Is the Origin of Halloween? The Spine Chilling History of the Holiday

Halloween is approaching and you are still not ready for the party! The most famous and celebrated festival in the US is now becoming popular in Australia as well. If you talk about the origin of Halloween, it is rooted in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which means the end of the summer. People would go trick-or-treating door to door disguised as saints. They would put on masks and scary costumes to ward off ghosts.

Now you can see how this practice has become common and has emerged as one of the most celebrated holidays in the US. The history of Halloween is dark and scary enough to give you chills. Let us dive deep into the origin of Halloween, its traditions, practices, and costumes.

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween? The Origin of Halloween?

If you are thinking about when is Halloween 2022? It is coming on October 31st of this year. You will be sending each other happy Halloween wishes. Photos of people wearing Halloween costumes will be shattered over social media platforms. But not everyone knows about the origin of Halloween and why we celebrate it. The history of the most prominent holiday is both fascinating and scary at the same time.

The word "Halloween" comes from All Hallows’ Eve, which is derived from the Celtic culture of Britain. As stated above, it was linked with the festival of Samhain, which means summer's end, to welcome the other half of the year. People would believe that this is the time when communication happens between the physical and spiritual worlds. At that time, people would wear masks and scary costumes to save themselves from ghosts while going out trick-or-treating. They would do this because they believed people from other worlds, ghosts, would attack them. This is how this practice has become common, and now people celebrate the festival wearing spooky Halloween costumes.

Why Do People Wear Scary Halloween Costumes?

The idea of putting on frightening Halloween costumes and strolling door to door for trick-or-treating may sound a bit bizarre, but the tradition has a lot more to say. The answer is available in the question- what is the origin of Halloween?

Kids, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly get excited about the party and dress up in spooky Halloween costumes. People put on various types of outfits on the day. Many go for bringing their famous TV or movie characters' inspired clothing. Fake bloodied clothes are the most common Halloween costumes. Some people even make these clothes on their own.

Apart from that, do you know that wearing the Hallowing costumes on the day has been followed for more than 2000 years? As discussed in the blog, people would wear different clothes, masks, and paint their faces because they thought the spirits would attack them, so they needed to disguise themselves in their attire to ward the ghosts off. Moreover, the idea of wearing an opposite-gender costume is also taken from history. In the '70s, people started wearing sexy Halloween costumes. Today, the trend has turned to superheroes and TV shows famous characters' costumes.

Do Colleges in Australia Allow Halloween Costumes on Campus?

Even though the Halloween holiday concepts are from the US, people in Australia also celebrate the day. Yet some people believe in the philosophy of "Why should we celebrate a culture from a different country?" They do not take part in any parties or celebrations. Even after that, college students here are serious about Halloween and do not shy away from wearing costumes on campuses.

The question that often arises is: do colleges in Australia allow scholars to wear Halloween costumes? If so, then what are the boundaries for doing that? Some events happen when students and teachers are criticised and face consequences for doing so. Things can go wrong if an individual’s choice of putting on outfits for the holiday offends the sentiments of people around them. Some people take it as an opportunity to show their hatred against a particular community.

Apart from this, students can wear whatever they want to show free expression of speech. Even students usually do this to send their messages to the responsible. So to make it a happy Halloween, do not shy away from wearing your favourite character-influenced Halloween costumes on the eve.

3 Things to Do for Students to Make It a Happy Halloween

Pumpkin Themed Games  

Games will keep you engaged with the holiday vibe. Taking pumpkin-concept games and activities is even better idea, as the fruit is linked with Halloween. It would make sense to celebrate the festival. Pumpkin carving is one of the most common things people do on Halloween. You can host a party and serve your guests by keeping the themed games at your place. The activities could be pumpkin carving, musical pumpkin pass, Jack-o-Lantern dice game, pumpkin bowling, and many more.

Costume Fashion Show

Who does not like to wear their favourite costume? If you are a student, you have considered dressing up in unusual and frightening Halloween costumes. You can throw a party on the eve of the holiday and host a spooky-attired fashion show. Your fellows will love that, and they will show excitement. There is the least chance that they will refuse to play a part. Moreover, you can find cheap Halloween costumes at the market.

Plan Halloween Holiday Out of the Town

If you are not interested in trick-or-treating, there are some other activities that you can do. There are various things to do on Halloween. Some people go out of town to treat their families and friends. You can also plan a short trip with fellows away from the residential areas. Planning a haunted movie trip with your friends is the best idea you could ever have. Some college students go to haunted places and forests to chill.

Top 5 Trending Halloween Costumes for Students in 2022

The costume ideas are endless. But if you try some trending ones, you can make your unique presence felt at the party. It is the day for college kids to make excuses and wear whatever they want while going out with friends. Here are some costume ideas you can try in 2022.


Vampire movies and characters excite college students the most. It is the perfect theme to fashion yourself as a Dracula or vampire. Fake fangs and teeth can be availed from any online store.


Alien attire would make you unidentifiable, and it would be a surprise for your fellows. You can be any of them. You can be an alien or an astronomer.

Favourite TV or Film Characters

There are some famous TV, movie, and web series characters that you can choose from. In recent years, the dully mask of Money Heist, the Knight King of the Game of Thrones, Wanda from Wanda Vision, Thomas from Peaky Blinders, the characters from The House of Dragon, and many more costume ideas you can select.

The Anchor of a Reality Show

TV anchors are quite popular among the audience. People get engaged in the show, and the reason behind that is no doubt an anchor. Just get yourself suited up and be prepared to rock the party or show.

Workout Costumes

People are now becoming more conscious about their health, fitness, and workouts. Wearing gym, yoga, or fitness-related costumes will make it more relevant. It is worth putting on such attire; it may raise awareness of health and fitness.

As Halloween is becoming quite popular in Australia, students want to celebrate it with sheer excitement. But they barely have an idea of the origin of Halloween. They should also take care of their academic tasks. Because in this mayhem, they hardly remember their assignments and study. So, handing over the extra tasks to the best writing service provider is a good idea. Global Assignment Help Australia is here to help those students who are going to celebrate Halloween. We have jaw-dropping discount offers for scholars. Apply the "HALLOWEEN" coupon code and get up to a 50% discount while making the payment.


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