Writing a Dissertation Abstract | Importance, Tips, and Examples

The abstract is a summary of the whole dissertation. Here's a detailed guide to the steps, format, example, and length of the dissertation abstract

20 May 2024 93 14 minutes

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Have you finished writing your dissertation paper? Then, you can focus on writing the abstract. Many students wonder why they should write an abstract after finishing their dissertations when they must place it at the beginning! It is for your benefit. Before that, you must know how to write an abstract for dissertation. Therefore, you must follow a proper guideline. Many students find it challenging to write an abstract. Don’t get confused; you can write a fruitful abstract by following simple steps. Usually, writing an abstract after finishing your dissertation is the best way. However, many universities want students to write it before. Don’t worry about that. Do your research first and write it based on that. Today, you will get the best guidelines on how to start an abstract for a dissertation. Read on to know more-

What Is an Abstract in a Dissertation and Its Purpose?

Now, you must know what an abstract is in a dissertation writing. The abstract summarises what you will present in your dissertation paper. Also, it includes the key facts you will discuss about. Here, you can discuss the methods of your research. Also, include the problem areas of your discussion. However, you must not stretch an abstract. Make it short and compact. Usually, the universities will ask you to keep it within 300 to 500 words. 

Write Abstract For My Dissertation

You must write an abstract to inform your readers about your write-up's main theme-up. It will help them to understand what they can expect in further study. Also, they get attracted to your write-up if the abstract is appealing. So, the primary purpose of an abstract of a dissertation is to communicate with the readers. Also, you must write an abstract to inform the search engines so that they can categorize your work on their databases. If you follow the best dissertation abstract examples, you will understand it better.

Importance of an Abstract in a Dissertation

An abstract is a short summary of your dissertation. So, the importance of it lies in its shortness. It explains the essential facts of your write-up in limited words so that the readers get an idea of your dissertation. Before you know how to write an abstract for dissertation, you must know the importance of it.

It Explains the Methodology

Secondly, the abstract also states the methodology of writing a dissertation. However, you must not write the validity of the methods you used here. Instead, your aim is to give readers a thorough insight into the methodology. Therefore, it is essential to write an abstract at the beginning.

It Increases Visibility and Accessibility

Next, an abstract increases the visibility and accessibility of your dissertation. Here, you mention the keywords that help your write-up to be visible on the search engines. Thus, future researchers can easily find your research work for references.

It Gives Reason to Read the Paper

An abstract gives readers a reason to read your write-up. So, it is pretty important from that point of view. It helps readers decide whether to continue with the rest of the write-up. It is the one of the main objective of writing abstract for dissertation.

So, the abstract of a dissertation also saves readers time. Once you create an attractive abstract, your readers get the idea of the entire write-up. Readers can understand the implications of the write-up. Thus, they decide whether they will go through your paper or not. Now, you know an abstract is essential to writing a dissertation. So, every student must understand the importance of it.

How Long Should a Dissertation Abstract be?

How long should an abstract be for a dissertation? You should know about the length of an abstract before writing an abstract for a dissertation. Here, you must follow the guidelines given by your institution. Usually, each institution provides different guidelines on this matter. So, you should go through the norms very carefully before start writing. Generally, an abstract is around 300 to 500 words long. So, you must keep it short. Also, you must check the word count well before submitting your dissertation. Remember, you must not use too difficult words to make it lengthy. Instead, write in simple language and use easy words.

What Should a Dissertation Abstract Include? Its Structure

You must understand certain simple things to understand how to write an abstract for a dissertation example. Follow these points to understand the structure of the abstract of a dissertation paper. Read on to know more-



Structuring the abstract will be difficult if you are not sure about the goal of your research work. Therefore, the abstract must explain how your research work addresses the problem areas and explain it to your readers or examiners. So, mention the background of your dissertation first. Then, you must write the aim of your research.


You must use specific methods to conduct successful research when writing a dissertation. You must obtain a straightforward approach to explain the methodologies in the abstract. Here, you must remember that you don’t need to explain the validity of the methodologies. Instead, you must mention the methods you use in the rest of your dissertation.


You must include this part as a conclusion while writing abstract for dissertation. Here, you must focus on the resolutions of the problems you are going to discuss in your further writing. Here, you must remember that this part's length must depend on your research's complexity. Make sure you write not more than 3 to 4 sentences.


Finally comes the conclusion of the abstract. You must be very careful while writing the conclusion of an abstract. Here, you must state the main conclusion of your research work. Ensure the conclusion talks clearly about the problem statement you discussed earlier.

So, you must maintain this structure when you want to know how to write an abstract for dissertation. Thus, you can make the abstract of your dissertation paper solid and appealing.

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How to Write a Dissertation Abstract? 5 Tips

So far, you have enough information on writing an abstract for a dissertation. Now, you must know how to write it well. Many students get nervous at writing this short yet important piece. So, you can also take help for better understanding. Here are the top 5 tips for writing a dissertation abstract. Have a look-

Write It at the End

You may find it odd,, but writing the abstract after finishing your dissertation is best for you. Once you finish your dissertation writing, you will know what your paper has in it. Now, you can be more confident about writing the abstract. Also, you can make it clearer.

Always Keep It Simple

This is one of the significant tips you must follow while writing an abstract for your dissertation. Make sure you use simple terms in it so that your readers find it interesting to go through. Always try to avoid any kind of jargon and long words. Thus, you can make your writing easy to read. Make sure your writing appeals to all types of people who want to gather information from your topic of dissertation. Also, you must present it as a reference for future researchers.

Go Through Other Abstracts

Yes, this is an effective plan to write an abstract for your dissertation. You can go through several examples of abstracts before writing. Once you read, you get a firmer grip on writing. Also, you get an idea of how to form it. So, check out other examples before writing or seek homework help from professionals.

Get Help For Your Dissertation Abstract

Explain the Problem

While writing a dissertation, you must research thoroughly. Now, your research must find out the problem areas and solve them. While writing the abstract, you must mention those problems. Besides, you should talk about how you are going to solve those in your further writing. Make sure you mention the key facts you want to share with your readers at a glance.

Prepare More Than One Version

Students often waste time for writing the ‘perfect’ abstract. There is no such perfect thing unless you keep it compact and manageable. So, you can write several versions of it. Go through those repeatedly. Thus, you will know the best of your writing. Use it for your final paper.

So, these are specific practical tips you must follow while writing an abstract for your dissertation. Follow these steps to create a perfect piece of writing. Thus, writing abstract for dissertation will be easy.

A Perfect Example of a Dissertation Abstract

Now, you get an idea of how to write an abstract for dissertation. Here, we are sharing an example of an abstract of a dissertation paper. The topic was ‘The Impact of Social Media on Youth’. Check out and know how simply you can write it-


This study explains a variety of facts about the impact of social media on youth. It focuses on their psychological, behavioural, and social dimensions. With the popularity of social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., young people find it difficult to think beyond that. This research work will focus more on these effects in shaping the lives and future of the present generation. Also, it will concentrate on the positive and negative sides of social media on the youth. Finally, the study will conclude with a balanced tone by stating that social media positively and negatively impacts the young generation. So, further research is required to better understand how to make it more favourable for them...

This is a perfect dissertation abstract example. You can learn through it. However, if you still haven't gotten a clear picture of the same. Then it is best to seek help from experts.

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