How to Write a Perfect Literature Review of Dissertation

How to Write a Perfect Literature Review of Dissertation

Secret Tips to Write a Dissertation Literature Review
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Most of the students who write dissertations struggle with the concept of a literature review. They do not actually know the exact meaning of the literature review. What does it include? How long it should be? How to structure a literature review and many more...

If you too have the same story, then just go through this blog. You will definitely get the answers to your questions and will get some tips to write a perfect literature review.

What Is a Literature Review?

It is basically considered as a key part of the overall dissertation. A literature review is the summary of the current writings in the respective field you are doing the research and into which your dissertation will eventually fit. It also provides a critical assessment of the sources you have gathered.

What Does It Include?

Simply writing different paragraphs from various books and then summarizing it does not constitute a literature review.To make a good literature review, you need to look for themes of several authors and try to make a unique theme for your own. In addition, you should also mention the major theorists or writers in the field on which you are writing a dissertation.

Instead of discussing every author's idea individually, try to relate their views to form a theme and give an overview of the current arguments. Doing so will help you a lot in making important points and subheadings for your dissertation help.

So, this was all about the literature review. Now, let’s move on to the tips to write a perfect literature review for dissertation.

1. Ask Question to Yourself First

Before writing a dissertation get the question clear first. You can’t do effective research until and unless the questions are not clear to you. So, always clear your doubts and then start doing analysis. It will save your time too.

2. Do In-Depth Research

In order to write a satisfactory literature review, you need to research well from a wide variety of sources. You can also find the relevant information from the dissertations and articles that are available online. Visit your college library. For a better idea, you can also look for the samples available on our website.

3. Consider the Organization of Your Work

In the literature review, beyond the introduction, conclusion, and the main body, you have to pay attention to the other parts also. So, to organize your work in a proper manner, consider the following points:

  • Think of the basic structure.
  • Form a proper structure of the body and pay attention to it.

4. Identify the Significance

Due to the lack of time, most of the scholars only get information from books, journals, and articles. But, this should be avoided. Instead, you should find other relevant sources and must spend more time analyzing the content from different sources. Try to find out the significance of content for your own purpose.

5. Draw Conclusion

Apart from doing research and identifying the significance, it is also crucial to come to a conclusion from the analysis you have done. Try to find out the conclusion from the current opinion. In conclusion, you can also suggest your thoughts about future trends in the respective field.

6. Look For Reliable Sources

Going through the multiple sources to get information is a good idea, but you should also check for the authenticity of the sources you are taking information from. There are some subjects where the information is retaining from the thousand years. So you need to be more careful in that case. Find out the validity of the sources first and then insert it in your dissertation and if you are unable to find it then seek dissertation assignment help from the experts of Global Assignment Help Australia.

7. Give Valid Reasons

You analysis part should include the following things:

  • The theoretical underpinning of each source.
  • Working assumptions, and aims.

Clearly explain the theoretical aspect of your own findings and the reason behind choosing this theory.

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Final Thought!!!

The overall structure of your literature review will completely depend on your research. So, to make it more perfect, consider some bonus tips as well:

Bonus Tips

  • Use different techniques to structure the arguments of the body.
  • Do not simply describe the opinion of the writer.
  • Keep your thoughts clear.
  • Do Be very selective.
  • Ensure to do referencing correctly.

So, this is how you can connect your ideas to with a perfect literature review. Make your dissertation stand out by following these tips and get top-notch grades.

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