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Many of you write or compose content and call it your best work, but your supervisor suggests it has room for improvement. The indication is towards literary devices that elevate the potential of your draft so it becomes a better write-up. Even you have faced a situation where you get stuck while writing your content, as you cannot express your thoughts correctly. That is where these devices come into place, as they are not some terms to fill the void of word count. These common literary devices hold meaning relating to what you deliver in the assignment. Moreover, when you face the situation of writer’s block, they come as a rescuer and help you move ahead of that obstacle.

However, our experts believe you must know about them, so their usage looks appropriate instead of out of context. Hence, the following section answers what is a literary device followed by its several divisions. So, pay attention while you read.

What Are Literary Devices? Meaning and Definition

Every writer applies different tactics or techniques to explain a scene to the readers. This approach helps them to deliver a higher form of meaning that covers a larger piece of the content. Thus, you can call literary devices as such meaningful terms which hold the power to amplify their content. 

The vital point to remember here is that these are not sentences or statements but are phrases that increase the meaning of the write-up. It has several types for you to apply in your written material, but you do not.

The reason is your lack of information, yet there is another. You do not find the need to use them since you see literary devices as less essential. Hence, the below-mentioned section covers their importance in content. So, let us read it carefully.

Why Literary Devices Are Important in Content?

The previous section indicates what it means but is a broader sense of what its definition is. As you have read it, you now know what literary devices signify. However, you still have questions about why use them in the content. Due to this doubt, your content misses the chance to edge above other projects.

Hence, you should know how essential it is to use them. When you dig deeper into this term, you find that the literary devices help your content much. Let us see the aim it assist you in reaching:

It leads and helps the readers to understand the concept behind your context in a simple way. It means they reduce the complexity.

Attach a shade to your sentences based on your central theme to hook the readers from the beginning.

Improve clarity in your content by replacing the lengthy context from the document.

Reading these pointers tells you that adding one or two from the literary techniques list helps you amplify the content quality. Since you know their importance, you must understand that they are applicable on the basis of types. Hence, the following section distributes information about the divisions you can use in your project.


What are the Popular Types of Literary Devices?

You must know the sub-divisions of a specific topic to understand the overall concept. Thus, it means exploring literary devices list to master the basics of this topic. Therefore, the following sub-heads contains information about some popular literary mechanism that you can use in your content:


These are phrases used and applied against a different subject to display comparison. Such words are not the focus of the entire sentence as they are a symbolic representation. Here are some literary devices examples to make you understand:

Pen is a weapon or tool if you use it wisely

Books are the sun that pulls the seeker of knowledge

Lionel Messi is the god of football among all the players

In the first illustration, the pen is just an object that helps you write, not a weapon or tool. However, the word weapon indicates the effect it can bring if it serves the purpose right. Moreover, the phrase tool gives a positive trait determining its ability and quality.

The necessary condition to use metaphor in your context is it should contain relevancy while denoting the subject. It does not specify the phrases count you use, as you can see in the above literary technique examples. Hence, remember to follow the relevancy while drafting a metaphor per your content.


A simile is phrases that present a comparison between two objects, like metaphors, although it executes the job differently. The sentences contain words, like acts, as, like, than, etc. To remove any confusion, here are some literary devices illustrations:

“Usain Bolt runs like a bullet against all the runners”

The suit she wears looks as white as snow

The above examples establish the difference between metaphor and simile. You can observe that simile is not the core mechanism as it is a form of supporting tool in the sentences. Once you place simile literary devices, the sentence contains two elements tenors and vehicles. The former is the subject, Usain Bolt, and the latter is the body, like a cheetah among all the athletes. Metaphors also follow a similar science behind the application.


Unlike the above two, imagery describes the scene you observe through your five senses. It is the only out of all literary devices that is highly appropriate for writing prose and poetry. It is sub-divided into below mentioned categories:

  • Visual- Constitutes to What You See
  • Auditory- Indicates What You Hear
  • Olfactory- Denotes What You Smell
  • Gustatory- Point to What You Taste
  • Tactile- Targets to What You Touch

Each of the above categories has separate examples based on their properties. Below given are the literary device examples:

  • Visual: I saw a lion attack a car consisting of four people.
  • Auditory: When he entered the mansion, he heard the footsteps of the butler rushing towards him.
  • Olfactory: I came to the kitchen and smelled the scent of a mouthwatering dinner.
  • Gustatory: The Spaghetti cooked in an Italian restaurant tastes better than any other dish.
  • Tactile: The touch of an old fort told me the story of the entire battle it fought and survived.


One of the literary devices examples in metaphor is best suited to explain this mechanism. Lionel Messi is the god of football among all the footballers, where the word god symbolises how great he is as a player. Moreover, it also shows his status on the field against other players. Thus, this type means an object or a word not limited to a single meaning. It states two or more definitions to the readers.

Some objects cover multiple meanings, but a few provide specific indications. Like, a white dove stating peace, etc. Hence, when you apply literary technique devices for representation, pick one of these phrases.


It literally means to personify, meaning it is related to two objects, one is human, and the other is non-human. Professional authors use this literary mechanism to show the action quality of the subject. Most issues come because of ideas and imagery, and that is why you seek assignment help. The experts state that it is easier for you to use personification since you can use your five senses to observe the actions of non-living objects. Let us see a few illustrations:

  • Sight: The ship sailed for its long journey.
  • Sound: The resonance of the muscle car is enough to wake the neighbours.
  • Touch: Roger Federer gives a feather touch to hit a reverse chip cut.
  • Taste: A loss in ‘El Clasico’ gives a bitter taste throughout the season.
  • Smell: The sand gives a different scent after hours of continuous rain.


It does stand in the literary techniques list, even if some of you do not agree. That is due to its wrong placement. Most of you place it as dark humour, whereas its purpose is to show the opposite of the told action. For example, a lawyer says he is living the best day of his life when his firm is accused of fraud, and he allegedly colluded with the opposite counsel. This definition states the true nature of irony.

Thus, it distinguishes what looks like and what is. The reason for not including this in the literary devices list is your incomplete knowledge. You must apply it correctly after reading this.


This literary mechanism is a situation where two distinct ideas are pitted against each other. You must have heard of the movie “The Flashpoint Paradox”, which describes two different universes placed with each other. The paradox occurs in the content when you explain multiple entities with different meanings to the readers. Let us see why it comes in the list of literary devices which is quick on the eye:

“Krishna avoids war in most cases, yet he states the war of Mahabharata as essential since the purpose is to establish dharma".

Although the list contains many others, these are some of the famous and popular ones. While writing the content, you should know the meaning so you do not apply these literary devices inaccurately. Also, you should know which ones are for prose and which are for poetry. Hence, the following section informs about this difference.

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Which Literary Devices Are Suitable for Poetries?

Content has two categories, prose and poetry. Each of them has a different approach and creativity. Moreover, the use of literary devices also differs, but if you mix it, the write-up gets affected. That is where most of you make mistakes since you prepare the content without getting proper knowledge.

So, the following list provides information on the literary tools for poetry writing:

Conceit Rhyme
Anaphora Apostrophe
Zeugma Metonymy
Meter Enjambment
Repetition Assonance
Alliteration Consonance

That is the literary devices list you can use in your poetries on the basis of their applications. They serve their specific purpose of amplifying the meaning of the poem. You cannot use them to compose stories or fiction material. For that, the following section gives you the correct literary mechanisms.

What Literary Devices Are Appropriate in Prose?

Prose writing is the type of document that covers fiction and non-fiction writing. Since the format differs from poetry, the forms of various literary devices are also distinct. Hence, the following list contains such tools to enhance your drafted material:


Dramatic Irony







In Media Res


These are some who help you increase the potential of your work if you place them wisely. However, the doubts still exist somewhere in the corner of your brain, and when you start your project, they acquire your thoughts. That is when you need experts to get appropriate answers to your queries. So, let us see where you can find answers to the issues with literary devices.

Want More Details on Literary Devices? Ask from Us

Finding subject specialists is a task that most of you execute because of your doubts. So, we at Global Assignment Help Australia works to the best of our abilities in solving the puzzles that affect your work. Our team has immense experience and knowledge of your subject, making them the perfect candidate. So, if you have any questions or problems understanding the literary techniques list, we ensure solving them quickly to improve your grades.

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