How to Score A+ in Operations Management Assignment Using the SCOR Model?

How to Score A+ in Operations Management Assignment Using the SCOR Model?

19 Mar 2024 3166 8 minutes

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Operation management is a discipline that evaluate and enhances the design, production, and management of products and services. While writing an assignment on operation management, you will be tested upon the knowledge of its modern concepts and models. In most scenarios, professors may ask students to write an assignment on the application of the SCOR models. Sometimes, they also ask scholars to implement this model in their assignment writing.

But, due to the lack of knowledge about the subject, most of them fail to implement it in their assignment writing and further seek operations management assignment help. To help these students in the best possible way, our experts have explained - how to implement the SCOR model in operations management assignment to score A+ grades.

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Tips to Implement a SCORE Model in Operations Management Assignment to Score A+ Grades


  • At the planning level, an analysis on demand, planning supply, and merchandise is done
  • A proper calculation is done in order to get an estimate of resources
  • To meet the goal of customers, a well-thought process is applied to manage supply
  • Then estimates are drawn for every aspect of supply
How to Implement it in Assignment?

Every assignment starts with a planning process. So, start to plan your assignment using the techniques of the SCOR model. The experts of Global Assignment Help Australia suggest to plan operation management assignment in the following manner:

  • First, do the analysis of the question and its requirements
  • Then calculate the proper time needed for completing your assignment
  • To meet the requirements, follow the university guidelines in a proper manner
  • Then make an outline for your operations management assignment


  • The first step is to source infrastructure and material acquisition
  • Make strict follow-ups and records of goods delivery
  • The next step is to check, verify, transfer, and authorize payments
  • In this step, a quality check is also performed in order to keep a performance track of supplier
  • Along with suppliers agreement, import, export agreements are also managed
How to Implement it in Assignment?

The next step is to start researching for writing a perfect assignment. So, for this you can go through the following points:

  • Firstly, go through multiple websites to find the authentic sources for writing your operation management assignment
  • The next step is to note down the important points while researching Later, it will be very helpful for you to mention those important points in your assignment.
  • Then, the next step is to get information from verified sources that do not take any charge. Our assignment writing experts suggest that you should take relevant information from verified sources. Through this, the credibility of your operation management assignment remains intact. The sources suggested by them are:

Books - Top 3 books

I. Operations Management by William J.Stevenson
II. Operations Strategy by Nigel Slack
III. Introduction to Materials Management by J.R. Tony Arnold

Blogs - Top 3 blogs

I. The Operations Room by Faculty at Kellogg School of Management
II. Jay and Barry’s OM Blog by Barry Render and Jay Heizer
III. Michel Baudin’s Blog by Michel Baudin, the Takt Times Group

Journals - Top 3 journals

I. Journal of operation management
II. Manufacturing and service operation management
III. Production and operation management

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  • The emphasis of this step is manufacturing and production
  • This step includes production activities, packaging, staging, product, and releasing
  • It also includes the management of production network, equipment, and transportation
  • It is the most important step because a careful assembling of the final product is done in order to deliver it to the end customer
How to Implement it in Assignment?

After conducting in-depth research on the topic of operation management, now its time to start writing. To write a perfect assignment, our experts have discussed some tips. They are:

  • Structure your assignment in a proper manner
  • In the introduction part, you can include

I. General orientation
II. Outlining of issues
III. The thesis of the main idea

  • In the main body, include different paragraphs

Try to structure paragraphs like this:

I. Topic sentence to open a paragraph
II. Supporting sentence to support the points with the help of references
III. Conclusive sentence to close the paragraph by linking back to the main idea

  • At last, write a conclusion to summarize your arguments. Always remember, do not include any new information in the conclusion part


  • This step is all about the final delivery of the product
  • Delivery includes order management, warehousing, and transportation
  • It also includes receiving orders from customers and invoicing of the received products
  • This step involves the management of importing and exporting requirements, assets, product life cycles, transportation, and finished inventories
How to implement it in Assignment?

Once you are done with the writing part, now it’s time to submit your assignment. But, before submitting keep the following expert’s tips in mind:

  • Always try to complete the document before the deadline, so that you can get enough time to proofread it completely
  • Proofread the documents two-to-three times, so that there will be no errors found
  • Always make sure the assignment you are submitting, must be completely error-free
  • Try to avoid submitting a plagiarized document, it can cost you your marks


  • The returns are another important step of the process
  • It includes returning of the defective products
  • This step involves the management of business rules, assets, transportation, return inventory, and regulatory requirements

Tips to Keep in Mind:

To ensure that your assignment doesn't face any disapproval from your professor. Our management assignment writing experts have suggested some aspects that should be avoided in order to deliver a top-notch assignment.

  • Not following a proper structure
  • Exceeding the word limit
  • Not writing in a proper citation style
  • Improper use of references
  • Plagiarized document

This is just a brief overview of how you can score A+ using the SCOR model in your your operation management assignment. It contains other details as well. If you want to know more about it or want help with do my assignment, then you can seek operations management assignment help from our experts.

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