Pestle Analysis Examples of 8 Top Brands

Pestle Analysis Examples of 8 Top Brands

Pestle Analysis with Examples
24 Dec 2020 2368 11 minutes

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Many students are assigned with case studies and other academic writing types to complete where they need to conduct pestle analysis. But, due to a lack of proper knowledge on the same, students struggle and end up making mistakes in it. This leads them to lose their grades and makes a bad impression of them in front of their professor. But, if you want to avoid this, you can simply read this blog and get your problem resolved. That is not it; you can also find some pestle analysis examples of top brands to help you understand this better. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s read the blog… 

What Is Pestle Analysis & Its Importance?

PESTLE, which stands for political, economic, social, technical, legal, and environments, is a collection of some external factors that affect a company, its growth, sales, production, revenue generation, and other related elements. In other words, this is a model used by an individual or a group of people to look into a company to understand its working, and profits and losses.  

There can be various reasons why a student chooses this particular model, such as:

  • To understand the competitors market
  • To know what are the affecting elements
  • To understand the highs and lows of a company
  • To deal with various challenges from different sectors
  • To prepare a plan to increase sales and meet customer satisfaction 

These are a few reasons, but there can be more. Now, the important part here is, a student should know how to conduct this analysis as failing to do so cannot help him get a positive outcome. And, by any chance, if you do not know how to conduct pestle analysis, here are the steps of the same mentioned in the below section for you; go check them out! 

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How to Do Pestle Analysis in Right Way?

To conduct pestle analysis in the right way, you need to know how to do the same; so, here is how you do it:

Understand the requirements

The first step of this process is to understand the requirements of the provided question. This includes the following details to ensure that the work is going on the right track:

  • Learn about company
  • Know the purpose of doing this
  • Understand university guidelines
  • Keep the desired outcome in mind
  • Do not go overboard with expectations

Collect necessary information

To collect reliable, authentic, and detailed information, you need to be very careful and follow the right process, which includes the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Look into the political factors
  2. Learn about the economic factors
  3. Get some insights into social factors
  4. Understand the necessary technical factors
  5. Know the possibly affecting legal factors
  6. Enquire about the environmental factors 

Analyze the gathered data

Once the required data is collected, its time to know about the same in-depth to ensure that it is fit for including in your document, and this is done by:

  1. Finding out the source of information
  2. Verifying the data collected for authenticity
  3. Tracking the primary source of secondary information
  4. Not collecting information from random sites
  5. Cross-checking the data and data source as well 

Write, edit and proofread it

The next step of this process is to put down your research on paper and ensure that it is good to go for further stages. Thus, this includes the following:

  1. Preparing an outline before actually writing
  2. Structuring beforehand to ease the writing process
  3. Writing while keeping the guidelines in mind
  4. Editing only after completing the writing process
  5. Proofreading the document before final submission 

Prepare a final report for submission

Now, the final step of this process is where you need not relax. Yes, you still need to be quite alert to ensure there is no mistake made in this process and for the same, here is what you do.

  1. Check the document for plagiarism and edit if any are found.
  2. If the document is free from plagiarism, finalize it for submission.
  3. Make a proper report after going through the final draft to submit ahead.
  4. Prepare a presentation on the same if you need to provide any at the end moment.
  5. Check if the Plagiarism report and bibliography are attached to ensure its good to go 

These are the 5 simple steps that you need to follow to ensure that you’ve conducted an informative pestle analysis. Now, in the below section, you can find some top brands and a pestle analysis conducted on them by our experts. So, let’s jump into it. 

TOP Pestle Analysis Examples for Students

Here are a few examples of Pestle analysis from top brands. Have a look at them and get an idea of how to proceed with your task: 

Nike Case Study 

Nike is a leading sports footwear and apparel industry. When we conduct pestle analysis on the same, here are a few points that we come across: 

Nike case study

Zara Case Study

Zara, the name that isn’t unknown to any fashion-lover, this top fashion retailer is the new love of all young men and women. When conducting pestle analysis on this, here are a few points to consider: 

zara case study

Apple Case Study

Be it a student or working professional, everyone is well aware of Apple products. These products are popular among youth, and thus their quality and demand make this company on top in their industry. If you are conducting pestle analysis on this, then here are the points you need to look into: 

apple case study

Coca Cola Case Study

Who doesn’t love having the famous Coca-cola- a brand known for loyalty, taste, and its advertising strategies.  When we look into the pestle analysis conducted on this company, the outcome would be something as mentioned below: 

coca cola case study

Samsung Case Study

When we consider the mobile industry, Samsung is one brand we get the name of in our minds. This is because of the years of efforts they put into getting their brand this name among the audience. When conducting pestle analysis, further points we get are: 

samsung case study

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Vodafone Case Study

If we look into the telecommunication category, then there is none matchable with the global Vodafone company. So, when conducting a pestle analysis on this, here are a few points that can be quite helpful: 

vodafone case study

Tesco Case Study

When we look into Tesco, the leading e-commerce retailer for pestle analysis, here are the points we come across: 

tesco case study

Ikea Case Study

Ikea, as known by many, is a leading company in the furniture-retailer industry. And, here’s how our experts conducted a Pestle analysis on it: 

IKEA case study

These are some pestle analysis examples of top brands from various industries. If you are looking for more such interesting ideas, then you can reach out to our experts for further assistance as well. 

How Can Experts Help in Pestle Analysis?

Global Assignment Help Australia, being the leading assignment writing service provider, puts in their best efforts to assist students in completing their work in the best quality. This, in turn, will help the student in scoring better grades and impress their professor. Though this is not everyone’s cup of tea, yet for our experts, this is as easy as a cakewalk. Want to know how? Here are a few rules we set for ourselves and follow strictly so that we can get you the best grades. So, let’s take a look at them: 

  1. Requirements - We are very particular about noting down all the requirements.
  2. Research -We give our best in conducting in-depth research on the topic.
  3. Analysis - We analyze the collected data before putting it into work.
  4. Outline - We make a clear outline before we proceed further with the writing part
  5. Quality Check - We never proceed with a document without conducting a quality check on the same. 

These are the top 5 of many rules that we set for ourselves and follow strictly to satisfy you with our best work. What more do you want than the top grades among your peers, right? So, reach out to us for professional assistance right away!

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