What is Reflective Essay? Know Everything About It!

This blog will tell you what reflective essay is all about, the purpose of it, its structure, examples etc.

29 Apr 2023 470 12 minutes

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The meaning of reflective essay is to showcase your personal experiences through your writing. It portrays your beliefs about a specific topic given to you. So if your teachers have given you this type of academic task then you should use a creative mindset and showcase your skills in the best manner. To understand it better look at the information below.

What is a Reflective Essay? l The In-depth Information 

When talking about a reflective essay, you should understand the word itself: to reflect your experiences and write on them. It is to analyze the experiences, thoughts, and emotions to know the mindset, personality, traits, and background. It comprises of detailed study of the experiences through your emotions and reactions. It is a process that helps to identify and question your assumptions. The purpose of writing a reflective essay is to make the reader understand that the information written on it is not only based on a particular life experience but also on what they have learned from it.

It is a composition of thoughts on the topics. It could also be a personal opinion on the topics. Most of the time, it consists of the viewpoints of the writer. Writing such an essay helps to develop your thoughts on the subject and analyze them properly to give it a proper conclusion. It is an explanation of an event. It might seem more challenging than other methods of writing. Thus, it makes you question whether someone can write my essay in the best way possible.

Purpose of Writing a Reflective Essay

Though this type of essay may seem difficult at first, once you know the technique of what you want to write and how you want to write as it gets easier to start. While writing a reflective essay, you might think it is journal writing, but it is a lot more than that. Now that you know what a reflective essay is, look at how to write one so that it helps you score good marks and level up your performance. Given below are some pointers on how to effectively write a reflective essay.

A Glimpse of Personal Experience 

The main point of a reflective essay is that it is motivated by personal experiences. It is a kind of pathway that makes students portray their emotions in the form of experiences. So mention the clear line of the thought process while conveying your personal experience because it acts as the foundation of the paper. It makes the reader understand in what context you have shared the information and from what perspective.

Make It Detailed and Descriptive 

One of the essential aspects of writing a reflective essay is finding the balance between not providing extra information and being too in-depth about it. Professor expects how deeply you have done the analysis in your write-up. Try to think of it in a way like it is in the first-person context, and keep the tone that way only. When you are writing a reflective essay, you should know how to mold the content through past events.

Analyse and Examine 

The biggest mistake many of you make while writing reflective essay is that you often end up summarising the experiences instead of studying them in-depth and analyzing the situation. Try to clearly describe and evaluate your thoughts and feelings related to written content. The difference between analysis and examination is that analysis means interpreting the sentence's meaning while examination means seeing the significance of or the details about the topic.

Cite Examples 

Nothing is more attractive than citing relevant examples to describe your vision or thoughts while writing a reflective essay. Try to quote examples that can help the reader understand and relate better. It will make the content interesting.

Keep Intact the Main Theme

The length of the reflective essay depends on the instructions given by the professor. If you know that there is a particular word limit and specification, you cannot go off track with your theme or its purpose. It is the main point on which students need to focus, especially when talking about personal experiences.

Now that you understand the purpose of writing a reflective essay, the next question is how to structure one. It's time to put your ideas into words and give them proper format.

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How to Properly Structure a Reflective Essay?

To get a clear overview of how to structure a reflective essay, here are the essential points below.

Wondering how to refine reflective essay structure? The first essential section is the introductory paragraph. So what is different about it? Let's know in detail. 


When writing the first section of your essay, try to write a few paragraphs with an attention-grabbing hook that engages readers. It is written in context with a complete overview of the reflective essay Don't try to write too much information in the beginning, as it will discourage them from reading. Try to write a strong thesis statement with a simple explanation of the essay's pain point. 

Main Body: 

The next step is to write the main body. This section is the most in-depth one and can be challenging. It is a mixture of conveying thoughts simply with the pain points of the topic. Therefore, drafting the information into the main body requires time and effort. If you are writing this section, you should use a sequential order to elaborate on the essential data. It will help you review every sentence you have written and ensure that your work is structured. It should employ the correct analysis and effects of the events that happened and the insights you have gained. So when readers read they can understand this section has proper reflective essay structure.


The main objective of the reflective essay conclusion should consider the information of the key ideas you have summarised and the learning you have taken from your experience. Try to include the reasons and the methods you have used for your actions and beliefs. Write it in a way that shows how your personality and skills have impacted it. Focus on the questions, such as what your behavior will be in this particular situation and how you would react if the scenario were different or the same in the future. Therefore, it clearly defines how interesting and simplifies your reflective writing structure. 

Finally, once you've decided how to improve the reflective essay structure, it's time to look at some examples. 

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List of Various Reflective Essay Examples 

A reflective essay is a glimpse of your ideas and experiences. Thus, to make it easy, you can look at the following examples.

  • The best experience you ever had
  • The toughest decision you have ever made 
  • A specific moment has changed your life
  • The happiest or shocking moment of your life 
  • A time you feel disheartened
  • A subjective look at the wrong decision you have made
  • A specific moment that you want to relive

Now that you understand the reflective essay examples, let us look at some writing tips.

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Tips to Write Reflective Essay

When writing a reflective essay then try to provide as detailed information as possible. To make it better, you should know the tactics of how to portray the experiences with interesting sentence formation and patterns.

  • Keep in mind the audience you are targeting. The reader will be confused and frustrated that you are writing from a first-person point of view and not from your perspective.
  • Try to demonstrate the situation, in brief, irrespective of just explaining try to describe the clear picture of the event that happened.
  • If you are writing a reflective essay then try to structure it around the main elements such as if the situation consists of the sections of joy, grief, happiness, etc. 
  • Try to cover the facts that have transformed you as a person and created an impact on you in a big way.
  • Try to see the grammatical errors, syntax, spelling, punctuation marks, etc.

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