How To Craft an Impressive Argumentative Essay with Its Types and Examples

How To Craft an Impressive Argumentative Essay with the Help of Experts

07 Sep 2023 1457 12 minutes

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“The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance” – Socrates

Just as this quote caught all your attention your argumentative essay should do the same in its opening para. You can also hook it up with a quote or some dashing line. It may improve the essay’s readability. But to make it a perfect one, you will need more than that. You will need to know the basics of it, what are its types, characteristics, structure and most vital of all the main goal behind writing one. 

These little facts will help you build an encapsulating argumentative essay. If you are unaware of them and want to know every detail about writing this essay. Then you are at the right place. This blog entails every itsy bitsy detail required in writing an argumentative essay. So, first, let's start with what is an argumentative essay and its main goal of its.

Argumentative Essay Its Purpose

An argumentative essay is writing that oversees and talks about a particular issue. It is a common type of assignment, assigned to university students, and argumentative essay topics usually revolve around topics such as science, economics, politics, health care, and technology.

This essay needs extensive research into literature or a previously written document. A clear and precise argumentative essay must have three things:

  1. Clear thesis statement in the opening paragraph.
  2. Provable facts and evidence that support your main idea.
  3. Examples and references that support your point.

And most significant of all. It should have a clear purpose behind its writing. If you don’t know the goal of an argumentative essay, then here is your answer. The central idea is to organise and present your arguments and data in a way that your reader either accepts it or at least seriously considers your thoughts.

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Characteristics of an Argumentative Essay

The requirements of an argumentative essay cannot be fulfilled without certain qualities. Your professors also judge your writing on them and give grades accordingly. You will need to include them in your content to make it exceptional.

The Three Characteristics of an Argumentative Essay: 

  1. Precise Arguments

Before you start your writing, it is vital to frame out your whole essay first. Have a rough outline prepared for your entire document. How will your introduction start? What arguments will be in your main body and how many of them? And lastly, how will you end your writing? Following this approach, your theme will be even better and more precise.

  1. Supporting Evidence

For instance, if you are writing an essay on the economic factors of demand and supply, you cannot simply state your own opinions on the subject. But they should be supported by facts. Providing evidence for your arguments makes them even better for you and your audience.

  1. Clarity & Flow of Writing

This point is about your writing style. If you are fond of using big and complex words every time, you will need to switch your writing style. Intricate words may help you sound professional, but they can sometimes perplex your readers. Try to keep a balance between both simple and complex words. Additionally, make sure that your thoughts flow in a smooth and connected manner.

4 Types of Argumentative essay & Their Meaning

The main idea of an argumentative essay is to present a concept and defend it by focusing your opinion on one side of it. While the purpose of your essay will remain the same, the approach you apply to it can change according to the type of argumentative essay. It's classified into three categories as discussed below:

  1. Research Papers

Research papers are based on arguments that depend on external sources to support your theme. Also, when writing an argumentative research paper, it's vital to take a balanced approach in your writing. You should refer to and source an equal number of sources for both sides of the topic.

  1. Analysis Essays

The main goal of this type of essay is to analyse the thinking behind your thoughts and arguments. The elements of an analysis essay include evidence, persuasiveness, clarity of writing, presentation, and style. And as it is an argumentative essay, it should have proper arguments for one side of your topic with evidence.

  1. Personal Essays

This type does not depend on external sources, as seen in the case of research papers. Instead, this argumentative essay solely depends on your own opinion. Although it may not be based on other sources, your ideas should be so compelling that they will convince your reader in one go alone. Additionally, all facts of both sides should be covered to prove your points and persuade your reader toward your thinking.

  1. Persuasive Essays

In this type of essay, you will have to persuade your reader to agree with your opinions. This type of argumentative essay should start by clearly stating the writer's thoughts. And should use facts to support your arguments. As in an essay, both sides of the topic being discussed, you should persuade your reader to refute the other side and agree with your opinion.

How to Approach Your Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay structure should be straightforward and to the point so your audience can understand it in one go. And like any other essay format, the argumentative essay format includes three things: an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion, with some other components that make this essay more compelling. So without any further ado, start with the structure.

Introduction: The opening paragraph of your essay should give a synopsis of your topic. Furthermore, it should also provide some basic information about your arguments. So,  your audience can get a clear idea about it from the start only. A smooth flow of information in the starting lines would help you create a gripping argumentative essay introduction.  

Thesis Statement: This statement should be between your introduction and main body paragraphs. Consider this your first paragraph. and is a short and precise one-sentence summary of your main plot and idea.

Body Paragraphs: An argumentative essay typically consists of three or four body paragraphs to support your main argument or idea. Each paragraph you write must include a topic sentence that clearly states why the reader should agree with your opinions. This is where you can go full out with your evidence and examples. You can also mention opposing points to express why you disagree with them.

Conclusion: An argumentative essay conclusion is a paragraph that restates all your arguments in a short summarised manner. And instead of stating new points in it, you should try to create a connection with your audience. It will help you further persuade and convince them of your points.

This clears your question of "how to write an argumentative essay?" Next, we will look at some topics and illustrations that will help create an even more phenomenal essay.

10 Topics & 2 Examples for Your Argumentative Essay

10 Argumentative essay topics for university students

  1. Should a person's salary be linked to the cost of a degree?
  2. Is climate change the world's most severe threat?
  3. Is society making the required restitution for slavery?
  4. Should the popular vote be used to decide elections?
  5. Is everyone entitled to free health care?
  6. Do anti-discrimination laws protect handicapped students adequately?
  7. Are men and women emotionally equal?
  8. Are printed books superior to e-readers?
  9. Do you believe the drinking age should be reduced?
  10. Are parents at blame for their children's obesity?

And here are some enthralling examples of argumentative essays from which you can get inspired and write one of your own.

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