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This blog provides a simple explanation of proposal writing with a research proposal example. With the tips given below, any student can craft the perfect document and get approval from the professor.  

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Every student has to write research papers to complete their PhD degrees. This document is designed to evaluate their skills and subject knowledge. But before starting this challenging task, these scholars have to write a research proposal. Not many students know how to craft a perfect proposal that will impress their professors. Thus, they often search for research proposal example or look for assistance from a reliable platform. Well, their search for help ends here! In this blog, our professionals will guide them in writing the perfect proposal that will get instant approval from the teachers. So, let us get started and begin with learning the basic concepts.

What Is Research Proposal?

A research proposal is a document that presents the ideas of a student on a research topic. It includes all the objectives a scholar wishes to accomplish through their project and their plan of action to accomplish this goal. Writing a proposal helps the professor understand the validity and need of the research. It also assists students in acquiring funds, aid, and time duration for their project. To gain the professor’s approval, your document should be unique and precisely explained.

Moreover, for an in-depth overview, you should review a research proposal sample. Until then, let us move ahead and learn how to write this document. So, jump on to the next section as we unfold the truth!

How to Write Research Proposal ?

After learning what is research proposal, it is time for students to learn how to write one. Crafting this document can be challenging, so make sure to follow the pointers given below carefully.

How to write a research Proposal

Title Page

The first section of the research proposal is the title page. It includes generic details like your name, department details, subject, and the title of your project. The heading is one of the vital elements, and it should be crisp and catchy. It should not exceed 75 characters and directly highlight the central idea of the project. A simple research proposal example of the title is “An Assessment of the Organ Systems in Amphibians.”


The first part of the convincing pitch is the introduction. It offers a brief overview of the topic and also states your thesis statement. Make sure that you provide sufficient context for the readers. Also, highlight the research gap and what you aim to contribute to the existing theories. Lastly, end the introduction by explaining why your research is needed.


An abstract is a summary of the entire research project. It is written for potential readers who want a hint of the proposal before diving into the details. So, it should include all the essential details and avoid vagueness. In an abstract, you must highlight the research problems, objectives, planned methodologies, expectations, and upcoming challenges. Read the research proposal example for a clear overview.

Literature Review

The third element of the research proposal structure is the literature review. It is a compilation of all the existing theories and findings. This section showcases that you have strong subject expertise on the topic. So, I read articles, journals, and research papers and compiled all the essential findings. Present these in the literature review in ascending order.

Research Design

The fourth element of the research proposal template is the design. It includes the methodologies, that is, the experiments, tools, and equipment you wish to use to achieve the objectives. In this section, you need to describe the plan of action for your entire research. Also, explain to the readers why the chosen methods are the best fit for the project and its goals.


Every research project requires a specific time frame. This duration is used to perform experiments and collect and analyze data. After judging the topic, objectives, and methodologies, you need to estimate a time. Include this time frame in the research proposal and justify the duration to the professors. If the framework is valid, you will get instant approval from the evaluators.


Just as the research needs time to complete, it also needs funds to start, run, and end the project. This money is only used for the project and to perform experiments and tests. According to their plan and objectives, students need to create a budget, explaining every penny of their expenses to the professors. A precise explanation will help them acquire the desired funds. So, read the research proposal sample and review how other researchers have justified their expenses.

Outcomes and Implications

After explaining the budgets, you need to describe the expected outcomes. Every researcher can predict the results before performing the experiments. So, you need to lay them out in the proposal to convince your professor. Not only this, but also state the necessary implications, and do not forget to describe the possible hurdles that can make the research challenging.


The last element of our research proposal structure is the references. Here, you need to cite all your resources according to the university guidelines. Students can also include appendices in their research proposal to make it unique. They can include all the extra calculations, illustrations, figures, and other raw data.

We hope that you have learned how to write research proposal. But, to make things much easier for you, our Assignment Help Australia experts will list out some dos and don'ts. These pointers are given below and will enhance the quality of the research proposal.

Know the Dos and Don’ts of Writing Research Proposal

Our experts have crafted thousands of research proposals for students in a variety of subjects. Through their experience and skills, they are here to assist you in creating an excellent document. They have found some common mistakes to avoid and some effective pointers that can lead the proposal to perfection. What are you waiting for? Dive ahead and learn!


  • Justify Research: Students should justify the topic and objectives of the research and make it sound possible by presenting accurate methodologies.
  • Use Reliable Sources: For all your research work, especially in the proposal, you should draw information from trustworthy sources that are 100% accurate.
  • Proofread the Paper: A research paper should reflect expertise. Thus, proofread the paper thoroughly and reduce all grammatical and formatting issues and inaccuracies.
  • Back Up Your Claims:You should not only state your outcomes but also support them with valid arguments, facts, findings, and theories.


  • Avoid Miscommunication: Read the research proposal example,and you will see the language is precise and coherent, and the content flow is logical. So, avoid miscommunication and explain things clearly.
  • Assuming 100% Success: Researchers should never assume 100% success, nor should they guarantee it in the proposal. You never know what research challenges you will come across.
  • Overselling Yourself: A researcher should never brag and exaggerate their skills. Always be humble with the proposal and choose a valid topic that fits into your capabilities.
  • Copy Proposals: You can reviewtheresearch proposal template for reference. But you should never copy any information. Duplicity can bring about serious consequences and also lead to rejection.

Make sure to write a unique document and run several plagiarism checks before submitting the final paper. Avoid miscommunication and present valid and accurate information to the readers. Justify the research by providing supporting evidence and proofreading the entire content. Lastly, read the research proposal example before you begin the paper.

Even after following the above pointers, you may encounter major challenges in writing the research proposal example. Well, do not worry! You can always seek assistance from our experts. Yes, our professionals will help you with any topic. Do you not believe us? Check out the next section for more details.

How Can We Help in Framing a Research Proposal?

Global Assignment Help Australia is a leading academic platform and the best choice for many students. Our professionals provide research proposal, assignment, essay, thesis, dissertation, and resume writing services. Apart from this, we can assist you in crafting any document in any field. Our team is filled with subject experts who hold Ph.D. degrees and several years of experience. So, yes, they can tackle any query and guide you by providing an excellent explanation with research proposal example.

The next time you are stuck crafting your proposal, reach out to our experts. They will help you with topic selection, data collection, and final proofreading. Until then, read the pointers given above, review a good research proposal example, and start your work!


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