Know About the Safest Countries in the World

Know About the Safest Countries in the World

07 Jan 2023 7616 4 minutes

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In recent years, the world has become an unsafe place in every sense due to the rapid increase in natural disasters, terrorism, homicides, robberies and massacres. No country can avoid natural catastrophes, however, terrorism, corruption and heinous crimes can be compared. The Global Peace Index (GPI) assists in evaluating and studying the countries under these categories that help to understand the safety level of the nations in the world. Here are a few countries in the world which are safest to visit or settle down.


According to the Global Peace Index, Iceland is the most peaceful country in the world with the score of 1.111. This country is famous for its magnificent attraction, glaciers and frosty climate. With hundred percent literacy rate and low crime rate, it is the safest country to live in.

New Zealand

New Zealand has always been counted in the list of the peaceful countries across the globe. It has natural beauty, landscapes and frozen glaciers that make this country looks like heaven on the Earth. New Zealand is popular for its wines and breathtaking scenery. People here are hospitable and warm and live a happy life with easy-going nature. They keep themselves away from personal violence and social conflicts. Country’s strict laws and punishments are some other reasons for its low crime rate. The Global Peace Index rate of New Zealand is 1.241.


By securing the Global Peace Index score of 1.258, Portugal is third on the list of rock-bottom crime rates. With the high standard of living, it also possesses the culture and heritage to allure art lovers. This country is blessed with beautiful beaches and majestic mountains that provide an excellent view of scenic beauty.


Austria is one of the safest places in the world with the Global Peace Index rate of 1.265. It is also considered amongst the most scenic and richest countries across the globe. The growth in the tourism sector contributes significantly in the development of the country and its economy.


Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world. The GPI rate of Denmark is 1.337. This country has low crime rate and strict laws and also possesses beautiful natural beauty. It comprises more than 400 small islands and is well known for providing equal opportunities and individual freedom.

The strict laws, culture, values, economy and good judicial system make a few countries better than the others to live in. We hope you’ve found this blog informative and interesting, and if you do, then share this information with your friends and family. And if you need any help with your pending assignment, then feel free to ask for our assistance.

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