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    D5080491 Unit 6 The Vietnam War


    Vietnam is a South-east Asian Country which is popularly known for its sea, beaches,business, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities. Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam which is ranked amongst one of beautiful city in the world. The Vietnam War is the only war which was being lost by the USA and started due to involvement of US in the 1960's in Vietnam. This was a first time when USA actually faced a heavy loss in war and indicated as horror of war which was being witnessed by the people from their living rooms. This project will lead to provide a description about completely Vietnam War with its causes and the Anti War moment which changed the opinion of Americans that they might lose something in their entire life process [1]. This is completely based on historical property and aspects which are related with the project so that it determines and define consideration would get evaluated properly. This study clearly include certain graphical aspects and major consideration so that causes of war could be identified and evaluated.

    Main Body

    Vietnam war was one of a largest and costly war ever fought in the American History which was a single one where American pull them back. The War started from the year 1954 to 1975 in which majorly South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in which North Vietnam got victory in nature of frame. This war got started just because America wanted democracy in nature and not wanted to be a part of communist world [2]. This was the only reason why America put their leg into such kind of position.

    They think that if one of a nation become communist then others might get influence from it and become take up communist practices. This was the only reason they supported South Vietnam in war and provided them sufficient arm and forces to deal with such position in a better manner. But when situations got changed and become out of the control as they put them in such kind of war so that a better results could be drawn. Usually it refers to such period when USA and other stated and members of SEATO joined the force of South Vietnam so that they could made appropriate contest with communist consideration and aspects better in which they deal out with Viet Cong and North Vietnam Army.

    During that time, United States had the largest presence of military where they essential directed the war from period of 1965 to 1968. It was one of a longest occurring war in the United State history until presence made for Afghanistan (2002 – 2014). Although, United States failed to get a military victory in frame where South Vietnam was ultimately take over by North Vietnam. Vietnam experience in context of United States is known as “the only war which America lost”. Although, it become and indicated as major topic in recent time and even today where more and more decisions getting impacted over [3].

    Casualties in the War

    In that war, USA suffered around 47000 killed with 11000 non-combat deaths in consideration. Along with this, 10000 were missing during this war. Along with this, South Vietnam faced a lot of casualties of their civilians which was lower estimated about 415,000. still Viet Cong and North Vietnam where such institutions who were not able to calculate the wounded. In the year 1995, Vietnam government stated that around 1.1 million combatant had died during 1954 to 1975 with 6,00,000 more wounded.

    Thus, such casualties define that number of death were high in frame where maximum number of individuals died in such war. It is really essential to determine the harm which reflect through this war as it has emerged to be one of deadliest war in the American history as they suffered defeat.

    Reason behind change in American opinion at the time of anti war moment

    Although, Americans previously think that they had the widest and super power in the world as compared with others as well as have much potential to defeat any nation or organisation. But after the Vietnam war this perspective of many Americans changed and have realised that Vietnam and related communist parties too possessed with a potential to fight war against supreme nations [4].

    An anti war movement launched as people does not war to be continued as large number of people lost their lives due to war. The significant rise in the causalities influenced people in turning away from war situations. Interestingly many American TV shows during that time said that US have won the war but the stories got reversed by the evening. Vietnam war costed around $25 billion per year as well as number of casualties had reached with 15,058 killed and 109,527 wounded. USA took their hands back during the year 1973 when they feel that number of deaths were getting and are inclined to rise again and again.

    One of a major reason behind involvement of USA would be consider as a domino theory where they felt that if one country would fall under communist consideration then other one would also getting influenced from them [5]. Here, Central Intelligence Agency clearly depicted that America had a good and strong presence in pacific which helped them in acting as a leader on an international level. Along with this, another statement clearly describe that United State had nothing to gain with this war but they had lost much due to their involvement in the war. During the period of President Dwight Eisenhower’s administration much financial services and support start providing to South Vietnam with appropriate American advisors were sent help for them.

    Thus, such statements by the CIA clearly defined that they had a differ opinion regarding North Vietnam where they found that such nation have more power and strength as compared with USA. With such aspects and understanding of North Vietnam individuals and their potential, it create a differ image of such war where American started to think that such war is a waste of time and would not provide beneficial attribute in frame.

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    The earlier movement started during the period of 1963 at such course, US military started intervening into the Vietnam as they start bombing into the North Vietnam by considering it as one of a state of communism. One of a major reason behind such kind of protest and antiwar movement could be related with frustration of American people. As such USA people wanted peace and relaxation just because this war took and approximation of 10 years to completion and which spoiled economy and educational institutions. This impacted the life which was being lead by the people in the educational institutions, colleges and governmental organizations.. Although, Students, government officials, labor unions, church groups and middle class families increasingly opposed the war as it climaxed in 1968, forcing a gradual withdrawal of U.S. Forces [6]. Thus, USA army was enforced to back off their hands from such war movement and define as first mass movement in the USA. This Anti- war movement divided into four major stages whom required to understand and determine properly and define as major reason behind such course of aspect.

    This movement started in 1964 and gained momentum soon after that and remained active for a long period of time. During the 1960 and 1970, war remain continued, but certain steps get demonstrated to end the war in define period of course. Many of the individuals who protested for this movement were college students, mothers etc. As per the opinion of Gallup polls, it clearly stated that involvement and intervention of US military was a mistake and there was a need to take back their hands off at earlier course of frame [7]. Although, this movement got spread in college students when western media defined the proof of casualties with photos and other aspects well. Thus, students started protesting against such movement because civilians death was not accepted at any course of cost and not indulge as a part of war previously. They just wanted peace and end of the such kind of war. Thus, such war changed the perception of many Americans that they have potential to deal with any country as well as define US military as one of a rigid in nature where they just want win but nothing else. This widespread of this movement in country as well where government used to stop their intervention at course of time. Hence, this defined as another major reason behind not aligning with such war and US pulled their hands off.

    Another justified reason of war was domino theory and threat of communism which was not justified properly as per the legal context. The reason behind changing this opinion would be considered for that communist threat was just a scapegoat but nothing else so that they could hide down their imperialistic intentions. This supported individual to start protesting against this Vietnam War as such war started due to self-determination of country and proving down their power as well. On the other hand, some American made their viewpoint that such war is only a civil war which just intervene to define fate of a country at vast level. This changed opinion of many individuals opinion changes towards country and their aspect where US individuals start protesting against their country military [8].

    Although, many individual’s opinions tend to get change for the Vietnam War in which Americans became against for their country US. Thus, such individuals behind this Anti- war movement includes certain people whom are signify as follow:

    Students: These are the one whom protested against such kind of war where great deal of civic movement took place throughout the 1960’s. Although, during the period of 1960, most number of individuals got enrolled in college which further enabled them to think that if such fight would not be stopped then they also used to involve in such civil war further. As such students started opposing this foreign civil war because they just wanted peace and thought that military do not have any concern towards them. Around 9 million students got enrolled in the college during the period of 1960 which was very high at such defined course of time. Around 10% students of 2500 college of US protesting against this Vietnam war in a violent manner which made things and situation more inappropriate in nature of frame [9].

    i: Another aspect which support such Anti-war movement is art of Americans. Many Americans started designing and proclaiming their creativity to describe the situation and disparity of life taking place in Vietnam and United State. Many film makers started making documentary by using real life war aspects of Vietnam and between US. This along made vast impact on Americans as well as their opinion used to get changed. Thus, this define as another role of anti-war movement which brings down change in American opinion towards Vietnam war.

    Thus, these were such individuals and bodies who supported this Antiwar movement just to bring down peace and aspect properly because with this attribute maximum number of individuals getting impacted over. This started during the 1960 – 1970 but continued after the war end and pulled down the hands by US military during 1972. Although, many civilians died and got wounded as well which need to understand by military properly. Although, students think that if such stances would be continued further then it directly leads to made vast influence on students’ future as well as on arts frame. The war spread across many parts of the USA and South Vietnam as well as in North Vietnam as well.

    Although, many laces getting bombed due to vast interference and intervention of military which needed to controlled to be determined manner of course [10]. Although, USA facing a huge defeat in their entire history, where the major reason behind pulling down hands was protesting from their home population. Thus, there were various individuals and aspects get evaluated whom protested against such war because, it would not provide any benefit to any nation and just reflect lose to them in frame.

    List of protest taking place in Vietnam War

    At the time of movement at Vietnam, certain number of aspect got categorized on the basis of violence and non-violence. It is really important to identify and determine the aspect of violence and non-violence because concept of non-violence already spread in terms of many people due to arrival of Mahatma Gandhi in India. Majorly, in this Vietnam movement, more number of individuals were belonging to student groups, African Americans, women etc. Women are the one against whom inappropriate advantages underneath women were taking place. This anti-war movement launched just to made peace all over the world during this second Indo-china war. Although, many people started protesting during the early stage of 1967 in violent manner [11]. Here, they were burn themselves, looting the banks, taking disadvantage of women get done. Thus, all such attribute is really important to consider while launching the anti-war movement between the war of Vietnam and America.

    Although, student understood this aspect and consideration better and in appropriate frame. They used to think about on various consideration where they found that if this protest taking place for long period of course in similar manner with violent manner then it overall impact upon facts and things. Protest against the Vietnam war taking place from 1960 to1970 for Vietnam which normally used to take place in United State and be done by local individuals.

    Protests took place for a continuous period of 10 years due to its personal and economic consideration related to the country. It spread across international boundaries and ventured into nations such as Australia, Europe etc. Although such protest also included certain number of slogans which used to prepare by devos whom support the anti-war and prepare slogans but there are certain number of individuals as well who do not used to support the war and define as hawks [12]. Thus, common slogans which prepare and chants which prepare for such consideration were define and describe as follow:

    Anti- war: "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?"

    Pro-war: "Love our country", "America, love it or leave it", and "No glory like old glory"

    These two slogans were famous at that time of war period when protest is taking place during the year of 1965 to 1970. This really needed to understand properly so that better and appropriate protest take place in peaceful manner [13].

    Vietnam War Stopped

    The major reason behind this war stop was related with change in American opinion and aspects. Although, many people started thinking against America and protest got started in USA itself because they found that many things went change as well as USA suffer heavy loss under this war. During the initial days, USA people thinking that they would get won in this war against Vietnam where US military was supporting South Vietnam in nature. On the other hand, North Vietnam getting support through Sovereign nations as well as they were supporting communism. But later, war got stopped in the year 1974 due to American people involvement and their protests against war.

    Protest got started from 1965 to 1973 under which many small or large used to take place till the first combat troops till last combat troops. This protest started from the small student groups for their future concern till whole country region where economic loss used to take place. This aspect and loss changed the opinion of various individuals at far such context where they used to think that if such situation would not be controlled it may cause harmful results for them on individual and national aspects.

    Along with this, central intelligence agency claimed that if America won the war they would not get anything but could lose so many things [14]. This also modify the thinking aspect of various individuals, where they still analysing that this was useless and it would not provide any benefit. Thus, this aspect defined the legal impurity where a need to assess better things was important. Although, no gain but high pain was a major thing which already define by many scholars earlier. This was the thing which really determine as essential one to understand earlier before by USA so that they would not get engage into such war field.

    Thus, all such get done just because of launching of Anti-war movement which later known as one of a successful movement during that time. Thus, such aspect work as major consideration behind ending of this war period and field in define manner so that further loss could get controlled properly. Students for democratic society had become one of a largest national demonstration against the war which drew 20000 people in number which was quite impressive at such time. Students opinion got changed as they found that if such war continuous for more than two or three years then they also get enforce to engage in such civil war. Thus, such consideration defines and start supporting and raising this protest in USA with a clear and define objective to improve such situation [15]. During the year 1967, the number of individuals or student in SDC tend to rise around 30000 in number.

    This anti-war movement impacted political consequences more and more just because President found a fear that if any kind of decision related with bombardment get done on North Vietnam then many of the activist used to climb the wall of White house and lynch their president at some course of action.

    In the year 1970’s Nixon announced that Cambodia had invaded where protest used to take place across all over the world where more than 100 campuses of college went on strike. This movement became successful in nature during the 1973 January when Nixon signed the Paris Peaceful accord which defined about a good news and one bad news with history of Vietnam War.

    Although, with this movement, a good news which brings down and reflect was related that certain ordinary people have extraordinary power to influence the things properly when such people become organised in number. But a bad news which standardise with this attribute would related with election. Although, Nixon stated that such great number of individuals cannot simply organise for one election or even one protest.

    Although, after this defeat many American opinion altered for the United State of America which would be term that America would not be a great power alone as they have to pulled off their hands [16]. Although, USA as a world power section opinion get changed because Americans also wanted to win such war but North Vietnam neither wanted to take them back off as well as they alone struggle for more than 10 years in frame.

    Along with this, another opinion was related with US military army which defined as leading power in the world. But they failed to defeat Vietnam but only enhance number of causalities for 18- 19 years only. This is very harmful consideration for such individuals because earlier US military is being considered as one of a leading powerful arm force in the world. But North Vietnam proved them wrong in tenure and change American opinion regarding this aspect.

    Moreover, certain major things on which American opinion got changed was related wit their army. US military became rigid in nature as they start involving families into the war which made it harsh to get done. Although, this aspect made war more horrible in nature because things were not getting done properly as army looking upon on win but nothing else. This enable and resist them in defining lack of appropriate consideration which further restricted them to work under provided guidelines and ethics. This thing and aspect would also change the American opinion regarding the war after this Vietnam War [17]. This need to assess and understand properly by each and every individual which signify as major reason behind such student groups.

    As per the opinion of individuals they provided a slogan regarding American army as "Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?" On the basis of this statement, it got determine that kids were getting killed as well with women where no one was getting appropriate consideration and harassing. Thus, such aspects changed opinion of many individuals of America as they found that humanity getting finished completely. Thus, these are certain consideration which completely modify the aspect of American individuals which change opinion of various people.

    Such kind of consideration were not appropriate in frame which completely going to decline their aspect and consideration. Like, this was a major harm from previous aspects and days from last 50 years. This need to understand and determine properly.

    Along with this, another slogan would related with "Love our country", "America, love it or leave it". Here, this line and chant stands and simplify that Americans want peace in their country as well as in other nation. They clearly defined to the government that either they have to back off from this war or they will leave the country. Although, the future stances and consideration were not beneficial because each and every aspect got modify accordingly. Although, such aspects change American’s opinion towards the country and Vietnam War because things not got done appropriate as well as chances of heavy financial and inappropriate crises are more in tenure. These all aspects and facts need to consider by America not only but whole nations so that their future related decisions could be assess and define properly. Henceforth, crises need to control better in near future course of frame.


    It get concluded from the this project of study that Vietnam war was the only war which lose by the USA. This war was one of a inly defeat by USA which got from the North Vietnam in order to made it democratic nation in the world. Thus, when anti war movement got launched it influences many American opinion towards the things and aspects. Thus, such opinions would reflected in this project most which associated with change in thinking pattern, change in social aspects, culture, view towards the army etc. All these would define in appropriate and suitable manner so that determined opinion would be reflected properly.

    This data got supported with appropriate facts and figures like number of deaths, issues and incidents taking place during the years etc. All these get done in this project properly so that define and effective outcome would be reflected better and in signified manner of course. It also get supported with certain slogans and chants which reflected at such define period of course in better and supportive manner. Hence, all such aspects need to consider under this project or study with better research by utilising various sources. Hence, in order to made it valid and authentic research, certain better things got included and define better.


    • Ayalon, A., Popovich, E. and Yarchi, M., 2016. From warfare to imagefare: How states should manage asymmetric conflicts with extensive media coverage. Terrorism and Political violence, 28(2), pp.254-273.
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