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    LSBM343 Principle of Administration Level 6


    Principle of administration are the set of principle which determine and evaluate the functioning and existence of management. The sociology are related with the specific article in better manner. The administration define that group or team of individual which are creating and making effective rules and regulations within an organisation (Moon, 2011).

    Task 1

    1.1 Explain legal requirements related to management of office facilities

    All the organisation should issue a contract related to employment to their employees. It is not necessary for binding the employees, they should clear state that which part is correct. This will applies to firm selling alcohol, hiring skip or installing.

    1.2 Describe typical services provided by office facilities

    In office facility, it is generally common for reprographic division, it is that process for reproducing or copying the document on large scale. There are various services such as receive and send message, make and receive calls, organise meeting and events.

    1.3 Establish office management process

    There are ways which are used for establish office management process that includes communication through telephone system, electronic interaction, used resources such as printers, computers, photocopiers. Another major procedures includes storage of office techniques or tools, make data and information secured through using of electronic systems.

    1.4 Explain how to manage office resources

    Office resources includes material, staff, information and equipment. There are various factors by which they can easily managed their office resources such as proper research of suppliers, regular maintenance and check electricals, resources help in reducing cost to the organisation (O'Riordan, 2013).

    1.5 Describe tools for monitoring and managing work flows

    Workflow management is essential for company which required to able for understand and evaluate the need to be executed. There are planning and monitoring work flows includes team techniques, business wide techniques, individual tool and monitoring work flow management involves encouraging team members which help in achieving desired goals and targets.

    1.6 Explain typical welfare and support services

    All the workplaces should offer accurate services or facilities for their workers. Support can be included in providing advice on problem encompassing healthy lifestyle, drug dependency, termination and other factors (Harremoës and et. al., 2013).

    Task 2

    2.1 Describe legal obligations of employer for health and safety

    There are various legal requirements and duties which are best suitable for welfare facilities for employees. It may includes toilet, rest and changing room and wash-room, appropriate seating are where they eat and drink during break time period.

    2.2 Explain individual roles for health and safety

    The main role of individual towards health and safety is to they should cooperate with their other staff members, maintain personal hygiene, using correct lifting techniques, report to manager regarding danger and hazards.

    2.3 Describe accident and emergency process

    There are some accidents such as falls, cuts, fainting and on the other side, emergency situations are fire accident, serious injury and chemical spillage. Some process should be included as provide regular training and practices, giving fire safety notice to all employees and many others (Yueping, 2011).

    Task 3

    3.1 Purpose of meeting minutes

    The main purpose of meeting minutes are used to delegate attending and information for employees for taking correct decisions, staff are allocate each action in proper manner, timeline of each action can be taken as recorded.

    3.2 Explain legal implications of meeting minutes

    The main legal implications of meeting minutes help in protecting the firm, prevent from participants, examine event of legal action such Freedom of Information Act, 2000.

    3.3 Importance of accuracy in minute taking

    The significance of accuracy assist in avoiding correct decision, make sure all delegate agree on items recorded, challenges should be achieved by actions before meeting. The major role for taking accuracy of specific meeting.

    3.4 Describe which should and should not include in various types of meeting minute

    In formal and informal meeting minute some things are included as time, date, location, telephone attendance, title of meeting, accurate notes, sign by leaders. Some things which are not involved in meeting such as inappropriate actions, details of presentation, major used resources.

    3.5 Describe how to take notes during meetings

    There are various ways by which individual can taken notes such as paper based, electronic source, video or audio method, identify persons, timelines, discussion points.

    Task 4

    4.1 Describe features and purpose of various types of formal and informal meeting

    Formal features includes board of directors meeting, company annual general meeting and another is informal meetings such as department team meeting, project meeting and standing meeting (Post and Preston, 2012).

    4.2 Roles and responsibilities of chair

    The major responsibilities of chair is to check all the individual which have arrived and singed in review the agenda, interruption and refocus on discussion, set the pace, indicate the progress made.

    4.3 Role of others in meeting

    Before the meeting includes review agenda, make necessary preparation and during the meeting, they are listen to other ideas and opinions, take required discussion and after the discussion, they can undertaken actions which given or delegate to others.

    4.4 Techniques and methods to facilitate a meeting

    They are preparing the plan agenda, describe the staff while making contribution to meeting, date, time, venue and availability. There are certain agenda which has been covered in the list of employees.

    4.5 Explain information required for meeting before, during and after a meeting

    Before meeting; manage time, date, accommodation, staff invited, agenda, minutes of last meeting. During the meeting; copied of agenda, duplicate of discussed documentation and after the meeting wait for the appropriate result, completion details.

    Task 5

    5.1 Describe the use of targets and budgets to manage workload

    The main target and objective is to achieve with correct outcome and sales figures, they need to maintain budgets for controlling finance and make them able for creating decisions.

    5.2 Explain how to allocate work to individual team members

    The major role for allocating work to person team members is communicate clear goals and objectives, giving tasks, motivate their team members, encourage recommendation.

    5.3 Describe different quality management tool for manage performance

    There are various quality management techniques to manage performance such as service process, feedback procedures, measure employees performance levels, six sigma, TQM, staff appraisal (Post and Preston, 2012).

    5.4 Techniques used to identify the need for improvement in team standards

    There are various techniques which are used for proper improvement such as assessment of staff working as a team for achieving required standards or outputs, ability to follow instruction, analyse individual team members strengths and weaknesses.

    Task 6

    6.1 Describe characteristics, requirements and motive of various types of events

    There are various types of events requirement such as workshops, exhibitions, trade fair, conferences, meeting, seminars which are major features and characteristics in better manner.

    6.2 Types of information and information sources required to organise an event

    The information required for clear objectives for events, law of contract, customer protection, comparing costs and various information sources such as availability of necessary required services or facilities, data for correct and accessible trainers and speakers.

    6.3 Explain how to plan event

    For plan an event, they required to set major goals and objectives, facilities catering, make booking, prepare and receive event presentation (Post and Preston, 2012).

    6.4 Identify the correct resources from event plan

    The event identifying the location or size of venue, the major motive of large number of delegate expected size and number of rooms.

    6.5 Types of information needed by delegated before, during and after an event

    Before the events such as invitation regarding time, date and venue and during the events for signing the attendance sheet and after the event, they need to evaluating the questionnaire and take feedbacks.

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    As per this mentioned project it can be concluded that Principle of administration are the set of principle which determine and evaluate the functioning and existence of management. All the organisation should issue a contract related to employment to their employees.


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    • O'Riordan, T., 2013. Interpreting the precautionary principle. Routledge.
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    • Yueping, L. I., 2011. Analysis of Administrative Trust Protection Principle. Journal of Hebei Software Institute. 3. p.026.

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