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    Management and Operations in Organisation

    Introduction to Management and Operations in Organisation

    Management and operations is considered to be integral part within the business as it is associated with growth of organization. Further, it is well known fact that for smooth functioning of business operations it is must to appoint effective leaders who can easily manage team of large number of individuals with the motive to accomplish organizational goals. Attributes which are present in leader and manager differs from each other where both carry out the assigned duties and responsibilities as per their capabilities. Apart from this, the leadership style employed within the workplace depends on situations where every style is undertaken as per condition present within the workplace. The present study being carried out is based on Starbucks which is a American coffee company founded in 1971. Business is considered to be main representative of second wave coffee. Company is famous worldwide for range of products it offers to its target market. Various tasks have been covered in the study which involves role of leader and function of manager, theories and approaches linked with leadership etc.

    Task 1


    Leaders working in Starbucks have to perform large number of functions so that business performance can be enhanced easily. Further, the key attributes present within leaders allow them to focus on the actual needs of the business. Communicator is one of the major role played by leader within Starbucks for instance for smooth functioning of business operations leader communicates with other employees so that customers of Starbucks can be served in better manner. Another role played is thinker where strategic thinking allows effective leader to carry out business operations of Starbucks in proper manner. Through this role leader of company understand the strength along with weaknesses of its internal operations and they are managed accordingly. Role of decision maker is played by leader within Starbucks where different decisions are taken by them for welfare of company for instance in Starbucks decision is taken for delivering training to the workplace so that employees can serve customers in better manner.

    On the other hand role of manager is also crucial within Starbucks. Planning is one of the most important role played by manager where manager of the business are indulged into practices of preparing various plans so that goals of enterprise can be accomplished efficiently. For instance manager within Starbucks prepare plan for enhancing sales of the business which takes place through quality improvement in product range etc. Organizing is also one of the basic function of management of Starbucks where they organize key activities of the business through assigning work and granting authority. So, in this way role of leader and function of manager within Starbucks are totally different.


    Different theories of leadership are being present with the help of which employees within Starbucks can be managed easily. Further, modern trait theory which is employed within company proposes that individual emerge as leader across variety of situation and the range of traits associated with leader involve adjustment, intelligence, extroversion, openness to experience etc. Apart from this, behavioural theory is also undertaken within Starbucks which states that leaders must have strong personality along with this positive attitude within the workplace allows to conduct overall operations of business in proper manner. Situational leadership model is generally regarded to be most recognized. It takes into consideration four core competencies which are diagnosed, adapt, communicate and advance. Diagnose is linked with the situation which is being influenced, adapt is linked with adjusting behaviour in response to contingencies, communicate with linked with interacting with others and advance is to manage the movement. For instance leaders in Starbucks represents all the competencies where communication with other members takes place properly, conditions within company are diagnosed so as to find favourable result. Systems leadership is another type of model which is being undertaken within Starbucks which represents that different systems are employed for welfare of the business. Contingency theory of leadership is also regarded to be effective where as per this theory leadership style is fixed and it is possible to measure the same with the help of scale which is regarded as least preferred co worker. So, in this way these are some of the different type of theories linked with leadership.


    Situational leadership is regarded as one of the key approach to leadership which highlights that there is no single best leadership. Further, leaders working in Starbucks adjust style as per the situation including employees, working environment etc. Different strengths of situational leaders are present where major one is that it allows in imparting training to other leaders, it is a kind of practical approach which can be easily understood. The overall perspective linked with situational leadership highlights how leader acts in order to accomplish leadership effectiveness and focuses on the flexibility of the leader. On the other hand some weaknesses of this leadership is also present which includes it ignores difference in between male and female managers, individuals can divert attention away from long term strategies and politics. These are some of the main pros and cons associated with situational leadership in Starbucks. In Starbucks different types of situations are being faced and due to this basic reason it is necessary to adopt appropriate style so that need of every individual can be satisfied efficiently as per business aim. For instance in case if internal conflicts are present within Starbucks then in such case this style is undertaken where all the internal challenges are tackled in proper manner. Without undertaking this style it is not at all possible to manage different individuals within the workplace and it can have adverse impact on the performance of enterprise.


    Different theories along with approaches to leadership are being present which highlights the attributes of leader and the way through which they deal with different conditions within the company. Situational leadership theory is effective when flexibility is present and existing work environment is easily adopted by the leader within Starbucks. Further, individual focuses on modifying the style of management to suit with the requirement of business. One of the keys to situational leadership is adaptability where leaders within Starbucks adopt all the situations easily and they do not resist to change. Apart from this, it is well known fact that Starbucks carries out all the operations on wider basis due to which situation within business keeps on changing rapidly. Therefore, to deal with the same this style is regarded to be most relevant. Moreover, task oriented leadership is also effective which Starbucks must employ necessarily where they focus on completing job. Main focus is on tasks that have to be accomplished and this type of style emphasizes on plans, schedules, structure etc. The main elements of this leadership also involves prioritizing goals, reviewing major tasks, setting schedules, development of detailed plans etc. So task oriented or relationship leadership is also regarded to be effective in every possible manner where it encourages staff members to participate in the business affairs and this becomes one of the reasons behind success of business in the market. Starbucks can easily focus on development of effective leaders through which workforce of the business can be easily managed and it can easily act as development tool for the enterprise.

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    Task 2


    Operation management is linked with managing key activities of the business so that operations can be carried out efficiently. Further, Starbucks carries out different type of operations with the motive to serve its customers in better manner. Systems approach to operation management where the entire business is treated as system and it can be closed or open. In case of Starbucks business can easily apply this theory closed system is not at all influenced by environment and in case of open system it takes into consideration three main elements. Starbuck receives resources such as work of staff member, equipment etc in the form of input and they are transformed into throughputs which is yielded into output. All the inputs within Starbucks are considered to be most crucial which involve managerial skills, capital etc. Further, the transformation process takes place with the help of input present which delivers proper output and is regarded to be effective for organization in every possible manner. Communication process in the management of operation plays crucial role where proper communication takes place in between the individuals who are associated with business. So, this builds internal strength of Starbucks where operations can be carried out efficiently. Role of managers and leaders within Starbucks are crucial where they are indulge into practices of implementing different systems with the help of which operations can be carried out in proper manner. This directly allows in accomplishment of desired goals and objectives. Absence of efficient leaders can surely have adverse impact on company especially while managing operations.

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    Operation management is considered to be most important within Starbucks as through this business can easily make changes in its internal operations as per expectations of the target market. Further, it directly allows in accomplishing desired objectives and leads to fruitful results. Starbucks is a large coffee chain where different types of operations are conducted by business and its management is must for company. It is linked with conversion of raw material into finished product for attaining goals of organization. Further, through this concept overall efficiency of Starbucks can be enhanced easily and it can lead to optimum utilization of the resources which are crucial for the business. Starbuck offers different type of coffee to its target market and due to this reason business is required to focus on enhancing its efficiency for reducing cost and increasing profitability. The concept of operation management also takes into consideration designing of products where each and every product is developed as per the customer requirement and this in turn acts as development tool for the business. Without presence of effective operation management strategy no business can survive in the market for instance in Starbucks top officials hold responsibility for operation management where they mainly focus on providing convenience to the target market as per their actual need. Therefore, with the help of this it can be clearly stated that concept of operation management is highly important for Starbucks where business efficiency can be enhanced and this can allow in gaining competitive edge.


    In order to efficiently carry out operations of Starbucks it is the moral responsibility of managers and leaders to take some corrective actions. Further, for improvement purpose proper planning is required where business can develop various stages and through this it is possible to focus on the key operations which are crucial for organization. It is required for managers of Starbucks to provide staff members with consistent access to information. In case if crucial information is being shared with them on continuous basis then in such case they will prefer to carry out the assigned responsibilities efficiently. This can be favourable for enterprise in every possible manner. Apart from this, development of effective business process can be undertaken within Starbucks where different processes can be built by conducting research in the market. Making improvement in the supply chain practices of business can be beneficial where Starbuck is required to identify the main loophole present in supply chain and its improvement can bring favourable results for enterprise. Apart from this, it is the moral duty of leaders in Starbucks to deliver training to the employees so that they can efficiently carry out assigned operations. It can deliver favourable results for the business in terms of high profitability level and market share. Further, for operation development Starbucks is required to make its internal operations flexible where through these changes can be easily made as per the nature of operation and it can act as development tool for the business.

    Task 3


    Different factors are present in the business environment of Starbucks that can directly influence the operational management of business. Technology is one of the most crucial factors present in external business environment which changes over a period of time. Further, in case if Starbucks has employed advanced tools for conducting its overall operations then in such case operation management function of business is influenced. On the basis of this manager along with leaders are required to take actions so that operations can be aligned with the new tools. This external factor directly influences overall operation of the business being carried out where modification in the operation management process is must. Another factor is innovation where in case when new method linked with operation management is introduced then Starbucks is required to adopt the same. Innovation in the field of operation management is must so that cost associated with the business can be saved easily. Therefore, this factor can bring change in the operation management practices of Starbucks and its consideration can bring large number of change in the practices of business. Another factor is taste in requirement of target market where its consideration influences operation management of company. It is well known fact that taste along with preference of customers keep on changing rapidly so it is must for business to comply with the same. Therefore, in this way these are the range of some crucial factors which leaders and managers of Starbucks are required to undertake for operation management practices.


    Innovation and technology are the two foremost referrals as a mean of intervening the business environment and wider community of Starbucks. In context to which, the technical factors can largely affect the existent state of operation in Starbucks where they are hereby required to adopt newer method of fabricating their products that will evidently save their time and cost of production. Apart from this, they will also be able to reflect more creativity in their working procedural as a mean of serving the clients with more innovative outlook. Innovation is thereby referred to be an interlinked term of technology where this will tend to attract more number of consumers towards them. Starbucks is however required to make a primary analysis of their active contenders to ascertain their work formulations to pioneer something new in the marketplace. This is connected to yet another discovered factor of marketing where they can hereby make a pivotal usage of several selling tactics. This is basically to address the factual preferences of the customers by knowing their taste and make accordant products for them. On such considerable adaptation of work, Starbucks will successfully meet the preferential petition of their users that involves their broader set of communities as well.

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    This is to evaluate the application of operations management in context to the working procedurals of Starbucks. It is mainly due to their another potentiality of affecting their business environment along with the influential testimony of the preceding factors. Operations management is composed of some vital tools of business that are required to be incorporated in Starbucks. A foremost application is in context to employ the tools of project management. It is where the project managers of Starbucks are hereby required to spend good amount of time to make considerable plans to decide each facet of their product lines. This should dignify the identified needs and demands of the users. This also abides by another strategic proposal of budget to reckon upon a classified framework of their spendings. Price fixation of the offered commodities is an integral part of this tool with a foremost intervention of the marketing personnel's of Starbucks in it. Project scheduling is yet another distinguished tool of operations management in Starbucks where they are hereby required to fix accordant policies of delivering goods and services to their clients and users. Quality control and inspection is the most configurable equipment in order to check the qualitative measures of the offered commodities. All these factors make a substantial impact on the designed work perspective of Starbucks as a mean of influencing their wider set of businesses.


    The above report has concluded some significant means of operations management in context to Starbucks where it has clearly defined some distinct roles and accountabilities of a leader and a manager. It was basically to underlay the contemporary means of business operations with an inclusive role of both these members into the same. With an analogous reference to which, some extrinsic factors of business has together been conceptualised in the current report by together defining their actual impact upon the community participants of Starbucks. Technology and Innovation were the two foremost means of referral that largely tends to work as the two most influential elements.

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