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    Planning for Business Growth of Cafe Gallery

    University: The University of Newcastle

    • Unit No: 9
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 3 / Words 827
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: GM701
    • Downloads: 708


    Planning for growth is very essential for the business. Company can create various plans so that it can expand their operations and tasks in various countries (Berger and Berger, 2011). It can create various policies such as receiving of funds and create strategies to segment the whole population and thus it can easily target the whole population. Thus as a result they can easily maintain unique position in the market and hence firm can earn revenues. Report explains about the R and H cafe gallery which is a small coffee shop. It was found in U.K. Assignment describes about the key considerations SMEs can consider when monitoring growth opportunities. It further discusses about the various methods through which company can easily gain funds and use of various types of funds. It also describes about creating and developing the business plan and communicating it. It further explain about the ways that business can exit and grow it with advantages and disadvantages.

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    TASK 1

    P.1 Analysis of key considerations for growth opportunities in organization

    R and H cafe gallery is a small cafe shop in U.K. Thus business tries to enhance their operations and can easily grow their operations. It can evaluate the needs and wants of all customers and then it tries to create strategies and policies to increase their market share. Thus as a result they can easily earn more revenues. Thus the coffee shop can easily grow their operations by maintaining competitive advantage over other companies (Berger and Berger, 2011). They can also create different and unique products so that they can easily attract many customers. They made various strategies and policies so that they can innovate their product in a unique and innovative manner. They can also collaborate with other partnership firms and other companies so that they can increase their operations in many countries. This directly helps the company to enhance the market share.

    They can also make use of digital techniques and tools so that they can gain attention of more users. They can create attractive websites and unique applications so that they can easily promote their products. R and H cafe gallery can easily attract more users by creating unique applications in the website. Thus as a result they can maintain brand loyalty and they can also create a network which is very essential for a small coffee shop (Burns, 2016).

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    Considerations which are monitored by R and H cafe shop are:

    • Competitive advantage: R and H cafe gallery can easily maintain competitive advantage on other companies by creating and innovating various new products so that they can easily enhance their services. They can lower their prices for coffee and other snacks as compared to other competitors (Chapin, 2012). This helps the company to gain attention of all customers. They can also create innovative web pages and mention their details so that people can observe it. They can create new application for all their products so that they can gain attention of all consumers. Through this they can easily purchase the coffee from this shop.
    • New products and services: R and H gallery cafe can easily gain attention of all users by creating various new products. They can offer new variety and new flavors of coffee with unique and delicious snacks so that they can gain attention of all users. Through this they can easily gain attention of all people (Chapin, 2012). They can also create new application and they can mention all details. Thus they can gain attention of all users. They can also book the customer's order through this applications. This helps in enhancing the satisfaction level of all users.
    • Innovation: Cafe shop tries to innovate their products. They can create coffee with unique flavors such as with chocolate and pineapple coffee. They can also create unique websites and attractive applications with unique images and pictures so that they can easily attract many consumers. Thus as a result they can easily enhance their operations and can attract existing as well as new users and customers. This helps the company in capturing the attention of all users and thus they can easily expand their business.

    Collaboration: R and H gallery shop can easily collaborate with many companies and thus it can easily gain attention of all users. They can perform merger and strategic appliance with many big coffee shops. This directly helps them in expanding their operations and activities on a large scale. Thus as a result they can easily attract many users and hence as a result they can easily capture minds of all users.

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