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    M/508/0421 - Analyze Business And Organisation Development Practices

    University: University of Chester

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1119
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/0421
    • Downloads: 739
    Question :

    The purpose of this report is to analyze business and organisation development practices by analyzing effectiveness of training offering practices and so on. In this regard, it is required to analyze views of others with the help of survey methodology.

    • Construct an organisation development plan by considering appropriate knowledge and understanding.
    • Identify different activities that can assist ABC organisation for their development.
    • Evaluate and maintain organisation development program in the context of ABC organisation.

    Answer :


    Organisation development is referred to be an approach which attempts to change system within an organisation for its benefit. The development measures equips an organisation with a capability to deal with changes and achieve its desired state. It has been identified that changes can be incorporated with a detailed assessment of internal and external environment so that modification could be introduced (Bayne and Woolcock, 2011). This assignment focuses on efforts which are introduced by ABC international to enhance their competitiveness in the market. This organisation is a market leader when it comes to provision of beauty products through their retail stores and pharmacies throughout Australia.  The first section attempts to identify organisational development perspectives and second part focuses on implementation of development plan.

    Assessment 2

    Part A Essay

    Topic: Drastic Action or Evolutionary Adaptation: An Organisation Development Perspective

    Change is defined to be an process in which an organisation attempts to achieve desired results. It is referred to be an attempt by an organisation to change its policies, practices and procedures so that it is able to take out of best of transition. It is totally dependent upon the organisation in the manner that they wish to incorporate change in their organisation. Considering the scenario, ABC international is a paramount organisation when it comes to manufacturing and supplying beauty products in the country. But lately this organisation have been experiencing a severe decline in the revenue its market share is slipping away as well. It is essential for ABC international to alter the manner in which operations are carried out so that it is able to enhance its market share and sales revenue to its original level. All the efforts which are undertaken by this organisation are an attempt to make sure that sustainability of this institution could be maintained.

    It is being said that there are commonly two ways through which an organisation can take up change. The first approach is Drastic Action, it is an measure which is employed by an organisation in crisis situation and change becomes the only way out and another way is embedding change practices with policies and structure of an organisation so that sustainability could be enhanced (Doherty, Ashurst and Peppard, 2012). It has been identified ABC international was reluctant to change and did not believe in changing status quo of an organisation. The factor which can persuade an organisation to change manner in which operations are performed are technological, legal and most importantly political landscape of the country. The manner in which change has been introduced is largely influenced by the viewpoint of management and manner in which alteration in business environment is perceived (Doloreux and Lord-Tarte, 2013). The reluctant approach towards change can be stated as one of crucial reason which resulted in a severe decline in the revenue for this beauty products oriented institution.

    Drastic change generally means alteration which carries a substantial impact on various resources of an organisation preferably human resources. It has been observed that a business needs to implement changes in the rapid manner so that operations could be maintained in the operating market. There can be numerous reason for the implementation of unplanned changes in context of an organisation such as lack of diversity, economic imbalance and alteration in the governmental regulations. Performance gaps which has been availed by an organisation helpful by an organisation can be practised as undertaken organisation is experiencing a major decline in profits (Fitzsimons, 2015). They have emerged to be a major propellent which provoke innovative practices in an organisation. The rise in retail sector which is threatening existing position of an organisation is  to be countered with forming rapid changes within an institution. The supporting reason which encourage change in an organisation is that that there is an increment in the pace which persuades management to make sure that they are in stride with market. The manager are exposed to a business environment which is dynamic and much more complex than before arises need to implement change in the organisation. The theory which is preferred in this segment is modern theories. This theory defines that organisation is a structured system and have to respond to the changes which takes place in the environment with alterations. This is a multi-dimensional approach which attempts to adapt to change in the external environment. The situational leadership are preferred under such transition periods as there is no specific description relates to dealing with crisis situation in an organisation (Hansen, 2014). The employee under such circumstances panics as they were not aware relates to change which is to be take place in an organisation.

    Therefore it has become essential for an organisation to continuously strengthen its resources and capabilities so that they are able to deal with such circumstances with a right approach. Before undertaking of organisational dynamics, it is essential to form right structure and leadership approaches so that growth and development could be achieved. It is very difficult to manage change which has happened in the drastic manner because an organisation does not possess a team which could make transition smoother in an organisation. The lack of information relates to change taking place in the organisation  arises chances for conflicts and issues which transitioning. Even in such circumstances, John Kotter's eight step model is being emphasized so that it is able to deliver a framework which is to be considered while managing change. It begins with creating an urgency in an organisation and simultaneously forming which is related to goals which a business attempts to achieve.

    It is essential for a business to adapt a certain extent of flexibility and adaptability when it comes to managing change in an organisation. Another approach through which changes can be viewed are evolutionary adaptation. It is referred to an amalgamation of two words which are Evolution and adaptation. Evolution means change and adaptation means changing in context of the environment so that it is able to succeed. This approach to change have been more successful as management along with workforce have been prepared to embrace change in the external environment which leads to success of a business organisation (Hopkins, 2015). This is transformation mode of change which prepares an organisation to deal with contingencies of external environment in a lot improved manner. This approach tend to focus more on features on internal environment and tries to conform them with external environmental characteristics. The human resources manager in this context make best use of scientific and behavioural models which will result in improvement of individual as well as organisational effe

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