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    Contextualising The Issue Of Sexual Violence Against Children


    Abuse refers to any action which is done by any individual to hurt or injures other person. It is one of the aspects from which whole world is suffering from as it creates depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, post traumatic stress disorder etc in the mind of individual. There are different types of abuse like physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal and spiritual abuse but the only lethal abuse is sexual abuse. It is a kind of issues that no one wants to talk or hear it.

    It means that sexual act done by the individual on children without getting their consent. Includes forced intercourse, rape, touching private parts to make them feel uncomfortable etc. Minimum age of involving in any sexual activities is 16 but it should not be done through any crook or forcefully as then it will count as an offence. There are four factors which comes under Under the law set by UK government, child sexual abuse or child molestation is an umbrella term which includes all the factors which causes this type of abuse.

    Background of research

    From the past many years, children have been facing sexual violence against them due to which it is creating a negative impact on the society and on children well being. For instance, it destroys relationship with their parents as ability of making trust on anyone is destroy or it creates a bad impact on the mind of children due to which they can not live their life to its fullest. To stop this, UK government has sexual offences act 2003 which states that, any individual can not penetrate vagina or anus with other person penis as then they would face penalty of life imprisonment if found guilty.

    UK government has been doing their part to protect interest for children as recently they have signed a treaty called Lanzarote Convention which states that country is legally bind to take different types of actions which would assist them to reduce any kind of fatal actions. According to National society for the prevent of cruelty to children, 1 out of 20 children is UK have faced sexual abuse in their life. Besides this 1 out of 3 children who faced abused does not tell to anyone. In 2016-17, police of UK has reported more than 60,000 cases of sexual offense against children. Apart from this, research conducted by Radford. L finds that more than 90% of sexually abused cases are done by someone they knew or their known from various means. So it can inferred that UK is been suffering from this cruelty offense which should be stop immediately to save the future of the country.

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    Main reason behind choosing this topic is that country is suffering from something fatal which could create a negative impact on the economy of UK as children are the one who will contribute their part in the future so to make the economy stronger. Apart from that, this study will shown that how country and their government can play their part in protecting children and vulnerable people, support given by them to victims and their families so to make their life easier, how they can prevent sexual violence and at last how will they tackle the offenders so to crimes rate would decrease to a certain level.

    Research Aim

    Study of “Sociological and criminological explanations for sexual violence against children”. A case study of UK


    • To determine the concept of sexual violence on children
    • To examine the various actions that comes under sexual violence on children according to UK law
    • To determine different practices which government and schools can conduct to educate children and their parents regarding sexual violence against children
    • To identify factors which provokes individual to conduct sexual violence against children
    • To assess different types of strategies that government can implement to reduce or demolished child molestation

    Research Questions

    • What is the concept of sexual violence on children?
    • What are the various actions that comes under sexual violence on children according to UK law.
    • Different practices which government and schools can conduct to educate children and their parents regarding sexual violence against children
    • What are the various factors which provokes individual to conduct sexual violence against children
    • Different types of strategies that government can implement to reduce or demolished child molestation

    Literature review

    It is very important that governments and schools to provide a certain level of education to children to protect them against sexual violence. As children might be subjected to such physical and sexual violence inside of the school premises, it is imperative that government as well as school authorities intervene to help prevent these malpractices completely. According to Smith, K.C., 2019, school authorities must be aware of the laws like Human Rights Act, 1998 and Equality Act, 2010.

    The practices that school authorities and government should adopt includes safeguarding children by effectively helping children of their school and understanding their exposure to possible situation and presenting solution regarding these issues. These solutions cover transparent interaction between the teachers and students regarding educating them about sexual violence and steps and measures to be taken at the time of an uncertain. They must ensure discrimination-free environment and proper installation of cameras to track the safety of each child. Moreover, if a child faces sexual violence, the authorities must support the family as well as the child in question by ensuring unbiased and supporting behaviour towards the pupil. assignment help australia

    Schools could also keep a background check on their staff members to ensure that no employee who has a history of sexual violence against children enters the premises as it could risk the safety of the children. Moreover, regular monitoring must be ensured by the authorities to prevent such practices within their school premises.

    However, each action and behaviour has a strong reason behind it. There are various factors that provokes an individual to conduct a sin as grave as sexual violence against children. One of the major factors is biological and social processes. This means that individuals committing these crimes might not by psychologically sane. Or even these individuals might need psychiatric help. Another factor that instigates such behaviour is lack of proper sex education given to individuals. These individuals have never been communicated regarding their sexual needs and thus, they end up hurting children to satisfy their urge.

    Another major factor is alcohol. It is highly likely that alcohol causes aggressive behaviour in individuals that end up committing such heinous crimes. These many reasons are responsible for provoking individuals of attempting sexual violence against children and such individuals must be identified and treated well to effectively mitigate these crimes.

    Governments could help in demolishing of child abuse by developing strict laws and more rigid legal structures that provide severe punishments to child abusers. Public information campaigns must be implemented in order to ensure better decision-making by individuals to prevent child abuse. Moreover, reporting of sexual abuse of children must be mandatory in order to effectively ensure justice to the victim and their families. In addition to this, government must take rigid steps regarding practices like child pornography and other digital practices to prevent such malpractices and aware people about the ethical issues that must be adopted by each individual to ensure child safety.

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    Research Findings

    Sexual violence against children is a very serious crime and must be prevented under all circumstances to ensure benefits of children as well as the society. Such violence have a very deep impact on the minds of children and there are very grieve circumstances that are faced by children. In addition to this, the physical and mental health and well-being of children is very much affected by these crimes.

    There are various actions in the UK law that are taken against child abuse like Sexual act, 2003 which determine the consequences for criminals if found guilty under this act. School authorities too have a prominent role in educating children regarding sexual violence as well as taking mandatory steps if they experience happening of any such crime in their premises. The various factors that provoke individuals include alcohol, mental disorders as well as lack of education. Government has a prominent role in developing strategies that are quite effective when it comes to reduction as well as mitigation of crimes like sexual violence against children.

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