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    Design and Implementation

    Section 1: Focus

    Aim/Problem statement

    Cesim simulation is said to be a process through which company can make strategies for operating its business in an effective manner. Therefore, in order to know the effectiveness of this Cesim Stimulation I have chosen this topic. Furthermore, deep analysation of its background will be included focussing on the aims and objectives of the project so as to increase my learning and knowledge.

    This assignment is based on a company named InsCorp and with the help of Cesim Stimulation all the team members will get a chance of keeping themselves in a place of project manager through a procedure of digitalized documentation. Main purpose of this report is to analyse an automation process in order to understand the process of handling paper insurance claim through a simple format. Therefore, it can be said that through this procedure documents of the customers will be scanned with the help of optical character recognition. As a result, this will aid company in handling the process of payment.

    Present project will include 4 member who will preform the task and including this they all will have various sub projects based on their capabilities. This will ultimately resolve all the conflicts amongst team members file focussing on maintaining the budget and quality at the same time. Therefore, the entire process of stimulation will be accomplished within four stimulation rounds including clear strategies. Even after all these four rounds if my work will not complete than I will add one more round naming as fifth round.

    Henceforth, considering all these factors my aim will be of completing this report in a proper manner and this will be happen if proper coordination is maintained between team members. Thus, in order to do this, a proper planning is required which will include all the steps that are to be determined and undertaken for accomplishing the projects and sub-projects as well.

    At the end of this project I will be able to develop a portfolio with the help of methodologies and activities. Other than this, I will get to know about  the  various skills of workers so that proper planning can be done for evaluating a valid conclusion. In addition to this, with the help of this report, I will be able to know about what kind of preparations are required for making a proper planning so as to accomplish the same in an effective manner.

    Section 2: Justification

    With the change in course of time numerous tools and technologies have raised through which company can do or perform their task in an effective manner. Learning new and interesting things always plays a crucial role in an individual life as it makes a person more knowledgeable and widen the range of understanding various things. Unlike other tools, Cesim Stimulation is one of them and with the help of this firm can attain their aims and objectives in a speculated time frame. As a result, it will aid company in delivering best services and facilities to its customers.

    Cesim Stimulation has provided and introduced me with new method of doing a work which is totally different from methods that were used by companies previously. Therefore, this can help me in having proper knowledge related to the things that are required within the organisation. Moreover, this will help me in having deeper knowledge regarding operating business in an effective manner so as to gain better results and outcomes from the same.

    Employment is the crucial factor for which an individual opt for and for this there are certain skills and knowledge that are a person must incorporate. Work can be classified into two spheres one is office and another one is field based. Henceforth, this project will help me out in determining and improving the areas which are important for applying for the job. This will mentally prepare me for different situations in order to take proper decisions.

    Working in an organisation always plays a crucial role in the development of a person. An individual gets a chance of working with people who belongs to different culture and background. Thus, Cesim Stimulation will be helpful in working apart from my own comfort level. For example: working in collaboration for a common goal will help me in understanding the mentality of other person. This will improve my understanding level of working in a team as compared to the times when I use to work alone. Along with this, it will prepare me of performing all the according to  the needs and requirements of the team for performing the task  in an effective manner.

    While working in a team, certain members or workers are required for accomplishing the task and there might be a possibility that all the members have different mind sets. Thus, this will teach me how to remain patiently and work accordingly to the various situations with calm nature. Therefore, working in a group will teach me to remain patient unless the task in not accomplished.

    A work is expected to be good when it is completed under time duration, hence, Cesim Stimulation will aid me in managing my time in a right way considering all the factors that are crucial for performing the work in an effective manner. Time management will not only improve my capability of doing the work but it will also make me prepared for doing the job in a systematic way. Therefore, this will confined me from jumping from one step to another without completing it. 

    While talking in terms of job description and business manager there are certain skills and knowledges that are required in order to become a successful manager. For this, prime role is to set goals and objectives on the basis of which strategies can be formulated. This will aid firm in attaining their set targets in speculated time frame by implementing effective strategies and business plan. There are many roles that are to be performed and includes responsibilities of organising and managing things within the organisation. This aid manager in analysing the activities with the help of collected data and information collected.

    As a result, it will help company in performing in an effective manner. Sin addition to this, having proper connection between employees will help in maintaining a better relationship between the squad and other fellow persons working within the company.

    Whether it is a small, medium or large companies business manager plays a crucial role and it is important that they skilled enough and have brilliant leadership qualities. In terms of qualification he/she must have a degree of B.Sc in Business management and along with this they must be capable in organisational skills and must have effective communication and interpersonal skills. Real life situations always makes an individual ready for the future jobs and activities. Therefore, with the help of Cesim simulation I can put myself into real life situations and get to know how things and business activities can be managed. As a result this, will prepare me for my future activities. Although simulation have lot of benefits but it has some limitation as well. This can be very risky as free learning experience and its application in future can provide benefits or there can be a possibility that mistakes could be made.

    But working in a team will be very helpful for me because it will enhance my existing skills and knowledge whereas in terms of companies it will help them in improving its sales and profitability in a speculated time frame.

    Section 3: Methods

    For Cesim simulation, I have chosen the method pathway and the reason behind this is because of maintaining my work progress. This will help me in tracking down my performance in a systematic manner within the project map. Other than this, with the help of this method I will be able to look out for the performance of my team members as well like whether they are working in a right direction or not and if not than what kind of strategies can be followed in order to make things workout. Therefore, this method will not only help me in providing effective direction or path to team members but also assist me in knowing the needs and requirements of team members for performing a particular activity.

    Henceforth, this is the best method of doing the activities and if I think of any other way of such as noting down the task in a diary than this can be helpful but it is not reliable. Thus, the project mapping is simple and easy to track activities and making effective policies for the betterment of the company so that they can sustain in the market for a longer period of time.

    In the end of this report, I have included appendices which is regarding my learning contract and includes all the details related to the project report.

    Section 4: List of appendices to this learning


    What is a Learning Contract/Agreement/Plan?

    Learning contract is a legal document in which all the activities which is expected to be performed related to project is mentioned. Thus, it includes certain parameters that can help team in meeting all the criteria. Along with this, all the things that are included in the proforma should be mentioned in the learning contract or plan. Some of the components are mentioned below:

    What will you learn from this?

    How are you going to learn it?

    What objectives have you set?

    What are the target date(s) for each activity and completion?

    How are you going to know that you have learned and achieved the set objectives?

    What evidence are you going to generate to prove that you have learned it?

    On the basis of the above mentioned factors we will include and articulate the objectives so as to have a better understanding regarding the task and activities. Other than this, the sources of information from where the data will be gathered is mentioned. Furthermore, help of from the tutor or supervisor can be taken so as to make accomplish the work in a better way. Therefore, it can be said that different activities and transparency should be established in the learning contract as a result, it will enable them in meeting all the leaning outcomes and module so as to achieve the same.



    Date:                                                                                                                       Student


    Before doing this report, I was provided with background and guidance related to Cesim Simulation so as to understanding what all things have to be done (Kho and et. al., 2015). In order to the same I have chosen different models like Tuckman's model and Peter Senge 5 Discipline. After this step with the help of my tutor I discussed different project phases and analysed the effectiveness of the same. Whether it will provide me with a valid conclusion or not or whether it will be helpful in achieving my aims and objectives.

    Therefore, after this work is being done I will be able to make strategies and action plan with the help of which all the set targets and objectives can be obtained in a speculated time frame.

    Cesim Simulation Background

    This is a process with the help of which different activities are simulated in order to analyse the effective way of doing any kind of task in a better manner. It is a team based programme and it provides an opportunity of participating in real life activities and experiences that are needed for managing and organising activities. Therefore, by opting this process an individual can learn to work in collaboration considering the aims and objectives. Other than this, each member can have a proper information regarding the roles and responsibilities which are being performed by an individual (Yu and et. al., 2016).

    Main purpose of implementing this process is that Cesim Simulation is that it make the task of payments, digitizing and internal easier. This is not the end as each member have their sub-projects as well that is moreover added in the performance and progress of the project.

    Every project has its own requirements in order to meet the set targets and objectives in a speculated time frame. While doing a project there are certain steps that are to be decided first and these are mainly decided by the project manager. Work should be decided according to the priority, time taken and changes that might occur in while performing the work in an effective manner. In order to do a project there are many factors that are to be considered and communication is the one because without interacting with one another things cannot be done.

    As a project manager they interact with other team members and explain or instruct them about the activities which are needs to be perform for attaining goals and objectives.

    Transdisciplinary Analysis

    A task cannot be completed if there is no team or members who are actively work for completing the task in a limited time frame. Transdisciplinary is a form of team that while performing the task come together discuss about the strategies and provides new and innovative ideas which can further aid a team in accomplishing the work in an effective manner. If Transdisciplinary analysis is compared with multidisciplinary than it is quite different because in this team thinks in a different manner and provides with solutions that are best according to them (Conceição and et. al., 2014).

    Benefits of working in team is that it provides with the a variety of options for accomplishing a work. Other than this, a team can use different kinds of models such as Peter Senge 5 discipline because it focuses on thinking of a person, personal mastery, gives a clear vision and mental models. Team members should have a transparency between all its members so that shared vision can be communicated and activity can be progressed for meeting all the aims and objectives.

    Therefore, just performing task in not the only thing which is being done by a team because along with this, there are many other disciplinary stages which are crucial for developing a vision. As a result, through this an individual can enhance the existing skills and learn what all activities are necessary for accomplishing aims and objectives.

    The best model which can be used by company for developing a team is Bruce Tuckman because it includes certain steps like


    in which team members are meet with one another and learn about the behaviour of other team member.


    In this, team members tend to start trusting each other and express their opinions, ideas etc., in this there might be a possibility that conflict arises because of the roles and responsibilities assigned according to the skills and knowledge acquired.


    In this stage, forgetting all the issues all the team members agree to work for a common goal considering the benefits of company.

    Performing: This is the last stage in which after making strategies and plan team members work together so that plans can be executed in an effective manner (Harrington, 2016). Therefore, this is considered as a better model model as a person can identify its own performance.

    Conflict resolution is important for every organization and its team members as well. In a team, issues are easily arise among workers which negatively impact on their overall performance and efficiency level. For this, company use various models which may provide support to reducing the chances of arising disputes between team members. In this The Thomas and Kilmann's conflict resolution model is one of the effective model that help team and its members to established better coordination, By thus they can easily perform their task and activities. Mainly this theory define appropriate solution and option that assist all the members to handle issues. As this theory includes two dimensions which start in the vertical axis that is based on attempt to get what we want. This will assist the team members that how to handle with issues and conflicts. On the other side, second dimension that is relate with horizontal axis in which all the responses are based on helping other that is relate that what they want. It called cooperative option which includes 5 response like competing, avoiding, accommodating, compromising and collaborating (Girbea and et. al., 2014). All these are more effective to established positive relation within the team and at the same time also make better coordination. By this team and its members can easily attain set goals and objectives in stipulate time frame.

    Skills developed

    By working under a team where all members are highly skilled and knowledgeable, I have got chance to enhance my abilities. It aid me to analyse in which areas I have still needed to develop my skills and level of knowledge. Along with this, it gives me opportunity to understand needs of others while working in a group. By taking opinion and thoughts of each member helps in conducting project in more effective manner. In addition to this, it also leads to reduce chance of conflicts among group, which help in developing a better team also. As per Belbin theory, it has analysed that most successful team can only be made if it has diverse behaviour. Therefore, by defining role of each member, I have evaluated weaknesses and strengths of each participants. This would help in assignining roles and responsibilities to each members as per their capabilities. Thus, it would develop my skills related to analyse my own abilities also and what I have to thrive at.

    Similarly, the another skills which I have developed after working on present project is negotiation skills. As under my team, all members are highly skilled and experienced people, therefore, many problems have arise. It includes indecisiveness within team-members which is occurred due to different-different perceptions (Antoniou, 2016). At this stage, I have felt my weakness related to negotiation within group, because my team members were not listening on my comments. Therefore, it generates fears in my mind at that time as in any general meeting, may be team-members will against me. I have also felt frustrated that any of my suggestions have not considered so, it has boost my morale down to manage the team and complete project on time. Henceforth, I have controlled my emotions and developed negotiation skills to influence others towards goals and objectives.

    Apart from these, I have also worked on my problem-solving skills to get positive behaviour of all for project accomplishment. This has helped me to find some common ways for solving each problem and concern benefits of all.

    Action taken and not taken

    While implementing this project there were actions taken by my team which helped me during the project. Whereas there were some which I regret not taking as it affected my project in future. At initial stage when I and my team members were not able to understand the project properly, we conducted a meeting to gain description about the project. But we faced a negative impact to this, that members of our groups were not punctual and they gave more importance to their personal life (Dong, Wong and Simon, 2014). When my DISC results was declared positive,  I felt that my efforts are being appreciated as I was in contact with my members  and was ready to help them whenever they call for.

    But the most difficulties I have faced during exectution of project activities is lack of planning. Due to inadequate planning, our project have not finished up as per desired manner. I have also felt sometime to work as an individual on this project because of incorporated behaviour of team-members. Therefore, if I have organised meetings with group and properly planned the long term goal, then it may help in gaining high cooperation of members for accomplishment of project.

    (Merriam and Tisdell, 2015)


    • Merriam, S. B. and Tisdell, E. J., 2015. Qualitative research: A guide to design and implementation. John Wiley & Sons.
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    • Harrington, J.  L., 2016. Relational database design and implementation. Morgan Kaufmann.

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