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    R/508/0486 - Literacy point of view in an English Class

    University: Regent College of London

    • Unit No: 7
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 2002
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 923
    Question :

     A reading program is required to be made for years 8 English class. This plan will be part of integrated literacy unit.

    • Design and create an English unit of 3-5 lessons that will be part of an integrated literacy program.
    Answer :


    Reading plan basically is the set of structure under which all necessary matter will include according to the requirements. Along with that, it will be giving great impact on the readers. Overall aims of the assignment is to meet the needs of the academic plan for 8 years students. For children it is essential for them to understand the overall matter or activities needs to be understand according to the matter of fact, like the topic “ Pollution it is the most essential and effective topic to be reading for children. This helps to make aware children about the actual condition and the importance of pollution. Reading plan has some essential features through they learn new things and models. Reading plan should based on realistic topic which relates to the problem and issues in order to aware more things and new structure. Such as green house gases have caused warming effect on the earth's climate. Besides, human activity has increased their concentration in the atmosphere.


    According to the four model they expanded conceptualization of the resources reading utilize when reading the books and Journals (Appleman, 2014). Besides, through the fact that readers get more knowledge and resources to make deep conceptualization. The four resources model and the roles of the readers helps to enhance the importance of reading. This models also helps to increase the importance of sociology cultural contexts. This models are necessary to reform curriculum reforms through children get more skillful and get more knowledgeable. There are four resources model such as 1) Readers are code breaker, 2) Reader as text analyst, 3)Reader as text user and 4) Reader as text participant. These four sources will make reading plan more interesting and impressive. This makes better services and growth for the organization purpose (Chow, Hui and Chui, 2017). The main purpose of the reading is just to make the better results and growth. Moreover, all four models are largely influenced by the good readers which also imposed the better services and enlarging the process. According to free body and Luke mainly it is the enlarging process of making good skills and enlarging the overall process. This four social practices are embedded within each other and have been conceptualized as necessary but insufficient for being fully literate in today's society. These all four models are itself is sufficient to make the better resources and plans in order to meet create an informed, literate citizenry. The primary focused of the four resources model is on printed text and written language. The meaning of text is originally associated with each other, While, reading the matter the first role of the reader is code breaker, focused on readers, abilities to decode written language. They all are generally referred to the matter of fact through constructed from different visual designs and growth. It also makes better sources and models to accomplish the better resources and consuming process of making good goals. It also helps to make the better growing fact and resources to enhance the concept of text throughout the original articulations of the four resources model was primarily focused on the readers learning (Hoggart, 2017). This makes the better advancing process of making good things and enlarging the process of making good things. Most probably reading skills is the most essential and necessary skills to make better advantageous process to grab new opportunity and growth. The main motive of the all four models are been to provide an accessible and inclusive framework for more enlarging performance of readers. This also helps to make the teachers more knowledgeable and effective process of doing good things. Moreover, it will be the great impact on the overall scenario in terms of better performance level. It will be the great impact on the nature of better performance in order to meet the better performance level (Kalantzis and Cope, 2014). In order to meet the needs of the organization. It has been found that, along with that, it will be the more enlarging and benefited performance level of working. It also helps to make the better performance level. Along with that, it will be the more enlarging performance and better enlarging things. The main objective level of things which enhance the better enlarging process of good working enlarging process. The goal of this article is not to suggest a failure on the part of Luke and free body to adequately address the visual and multi modality in their original conceptions. These models and process must be according to the nature of good working (Kibler, Walqui and Bunch, 2015). Along with that, it will be more enlarging growth factor and better performance level. Besides, it will be the better performance level of readers to make better visual designs and effective source of model.

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    Why these 4 models helps to student to understand more about the process of making good task oriented goals. It will also help to take better opportunity and growth in order to make the better understanding between all models. The four model has been effective and productive for the students to understand the concept of pollution. Such as first model is that Text decoder under which this helps to break the code of the language which helps to recognize the fundamental models such as alphabet knowledge, sounds in words, spelling and conventions and patters of sentence structure and text. Another model will help to take participation in the discussion in which student involves in the system of particular cultures, institutions, families, communities and nation or states. Another model that is text user is all about negotiation the social relations around texts. It is all about performing any action or act according to the situation. In which student performing inside outside according to the social nature. As per the last model it refers critically analysing transforming texts involves understanding that texts.


    Description of the reading plan

    The reading plan must be involving all the essential features that can be involved efficiently and appropriately in the reading plan for year 8 children. There are a variety of lessons that are incorporated within this and every single lesson makes involvement of a variety of factors such as the concepts of literacy, different activities for performing the same and a sort of assessment and evaluation so that it can be analysed whether every single lesson is acting effective enough to achieve the objectives and also, it can seem beneficial enough for the English class of the 8 year old children. There are various lessons and facts that can be involved in the reading plan of the 8 year old children in the English class covering the aspects of pollution. . Some well known examples of it includes involving creative technologies, use of technical competence, ethical and cultural understanding etc. so that the children can become efficient enough and also, become capable enough to be innovative enough to achieve all their goals and targets at a higher rate (Fauville, Lantz-Andersson and Säljö, 2014).

    The reading plan below involves a set of lessons that can be involved by the teacher in order to make modifications in the whole process. For every single lesson, there are different ways to perform it and also, there are different ways of making the children understand it so that they can also use and implement the same. After all the activities, an assessment can be made to check whether all the processes have been done in an efficient and appropriate order or not. The reading plan will help in analysing the needs and requirements of all the factors that are actually required by them. These lessons and activities are meant to be in a way that it can help in making higher modifications in the processes that are already going on regarding the understanding of pollution (Swanson and et.al., 2016). Different activities by which the teacher can make the activities understandable enough to the children can be used and these activities should be in a way that it can seem easy enough for the children to understand it. Therefore, a reading plan for the 8 year old children in English class is represented as under covering all the basic aspects such as outcomes, literacy concepts, activities by which it can be made understood to the children and then, a final assessment so that it can be analysed that whether there have been observed some changes or not after involving a set of lessons and activities. The reading plan for the same has been represented as under :



    Literacy concepts

    Lesson activities


    Lesson 1

    Reading, analyzing and then understanding the text

    The involvement of these three aspects can help then in increasing their capability of reading and analyzing the concepts about pollution more deeply.

    The students will be able to make use of the models to understand the importance of understanding the concepts of pollution so that they can stay prevented from its further complications. (Schulz, Isabwe and Reichert, 2015).

    The teacher will make the children understand different topics regarding the drawbacks of pollution.

    Proper tests can be taken in order to check whether the children have learned something from these chapter or not.

    Lesson 2

    Watching a video : Plastic – damaging the sea

    By means of the involvement of creative and innovative ideas such as watching the videos of some specific topic etc., the children can make various new innovations and learning and become so innovative at the age of 8 can actually help them in achieving all the targets and goals at a much higher rate.

    By watching the videos, the students can be able to have a deep understanding of the topic.

    The teacher will help the children to have various videos on the topic, pollution.


    After checking the results of the creative ideas and thoughts towards understanding of pollution.

    Lesson 3

    Group project assignment

    Participating in a group assignment together helps in increasing the understanding of the children which will further helps in maintaining the level of respect with every single member in and outside the class (Ferrell, 2016).

    This will help all the children to have an oriented and modified outlook that can make them capable enough to deal with the uncertainties, conflicts and values as well (Ng, 2017). This will help the child to understand the importance of ethics in class as well as in the external environment. Also, by this way, they can feel confident enough after keeping their own ideas and thoughts in front of the whole class.

    Students will form a group of 4-5 children and they will work on different related products. Involving with other people in the group helps in increasing the confidence rate.

    Visible behaviour in the class.

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