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    Introduction to Information Technology | ASDA and TESCO

    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions:

    • Understand and explain frequently used computing technologies in Tesco organisation.
    • Generate ethical and social issues related to technology.
    • Provide in-depth understanding of the role in information technology management.
    • Tesco is the retail supermarket in UK. Explain different stages in systems development.
    Answer :

    Introduction to Information Technology


    In the modern world information technology plays an vital role in managing and controlling the business in the well define manner. This is essential for the company to use such kind of technology to compete in the market. As this help in survival and able to succeed in the future. Further this also improve the efficiency and reduce the human effort along with time which in crucial in this world.

     1.0 Introduction

    Information technology is considered as the set of tool, process and methodology which help in communicating effectively. It is the combination of computers and telecommunications in order to store, retrieve, exchange and manage the information. Entry of computers the enterprise world has changed with the help of software organisation use different information technology method to ensure that the department run smoothly (Aasheim and et., al., 2019). The entity uses information technology mainly for fostering innovations in business by making improvement in data process, enhancing quality as well as boosting the performance.. With the assistance of IT, organisations can increase its ability to measure trends in the global market and make changes accordingly in products and services to exceed customer satisfaction.. Most of the business have their own IT department, which is designed to keep software updated and maintain hardware efficienty. The report is based on TESCO which deals in retail industry and provide groceries as well as general merchandise goods and services. With the help of information system, this firm has got opportunity to expand business globally and manage entire operations specifically. It is important for the company to figure out the ethical as well as social issues for running business successfully, in global market. For this purpose, a discussion is made on role of IT,  importance of social media for expansion of  business at larger scale. At last this report covers about the system life cycle as this help in identifying the various aspect of the company in the well define manner.

    2.0 Literature review:

    2.1 Role of Information Application in the enterprise

    As per the view point of Asongu and et., al. (2019). Information technology drives innovations as well as invention is the way to enterprise success. Invention in the business has the identical impact which had on the business revolution. Today the instruction for the firm success is the easy which is innovation with information technology. For the organisations like TESCO the management should use advance information technology as this reduce the human effort and improve the efficiency in market. Innovation result in the smarter apps, improved  data storage, faster processing, and wider information distribution. There are some of the essential role which help in understanding information technology effectively.

    Risk management: Information technology helps a company to minimize the organisational risk by conducting proper risk analysis in the well define manner. For the organisation like TESCO the IT department should make risk management system and also help in improving the productivity and also reduce the theft present internally as well as externally. As information technology help in making effective decision and provide feedback to make changes which help in reducing risk and uncertainty. 

    Inventory management: To overcome the  challenges in the market, information technology has become the need of the hour. The firm like TESCO, its  IT department can  manage the balance between demand and supply, by utilising product management software which is machine based system for tracking listing levels, orders gross revenue and deliveries. Further this can be used to make bills of material and other production related document. Without this information technology individual cannot plan and execute properly.

    Store management: Information technology is beneficial for the store management system which provide data on stock out items. Store system which is used for the business process IT make to transform the retail shopping experience effectively. In the context of TESCO, the IT department should make sure about to use new  software which help in managing and controlling each and every items which help in improve the quality in offering.

    2.2 Social and ethical issue in the aspect of organisation

    As per the Ptitsyna and et., al.(2019), While doing business there are several issues which take place and such kinds of factor should be done to reduce the efficiency of the company. Ethical are known as the principle and the practices which help in guiding the business to accomplish the task in the well define manner. They are concerned mainly with the impacts of judgement of the society within and outside the business firm or other groups who keep interest in the business activities. Some of the major issue which are faced by TESCO are explained below:

    Harassment and Discrimination: Discrimination states being treated other than or unfairly and this can be expressed as harassment which is consider illegal based upon the personal characteristic or behaviour of the employees. For the organisation like TESCO the management can take effectively steps such as making effective law which are made for the safe guard of the employees. Further harassment can be physical, verbal or written in order to handle such kind of situation the firm must have security cameras and proper laws to prevent such kind of activities in future.

     Protecting client privacy: This is necessary for the organization to protect and safeguard the crucial data of the employees as there is chance for information can be used for unethical purpose  to harm the individual life and career. In this regard,  IT department of Tesco  needs to ensure that data of each employee as well as customer should be secure properly by using advance security system and cyber security system for betterment and growth.

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    Worker partiality : The management have two concern about employees individual who are generating risk of failure. The issue is related to the loss of productivity, work time and high turnover. TESCO management should make equal law and policies which help in reducing biased factor present in the organisation. The management should make use of law seriously as they make discrimination on the basic of information which do not prohibit employer for lawfully obtaining system which help to disclose the condition of the employment.

    2.3 Different types of networking technology

    Networking technologies is known as the method which is used by the various companies to provide better and fast services to the user. These kind of system are used by the optic cable, wireless connection and satellite. This is mainly use to develop proper information and the data through which different company can communicate and carry forward the operational activities effectively. Here, are different kinds of information technology which is used by TESCO to run the business smoothly.

    Personal Area Network (PAN): This is used for the little and fundamental networking engineering which is made up of wireless modem between the two computers, phones and other equipments. For the company like TESCO they use such network to connect with different employees. Along with this it help in creating internet connection in the small office where two or three staff are working in the well define manner.

    Wide Area Network (WAN): This is generally extends over the large geographical area such as states or countries. This are consider larger than local network as it is not limited to the bigger network but it expand through the large number of geographical location with the help of fibre optics and satellite. For the company like TESCO they use such network which are used to manage the work from the different part of the country.

    Metropolitan Area network (MAN): A metropolitan area communication system covers the large area by interconnecting the different LAN from the larger network. Government agencies use such kinds of network to connects to its private industry and to the citizens. These are the network is widely use in the organisation such as TESCO to make effective communication which help in improving the working condition and efficiency of the delivery of goods and services in a well define manner.

    From the above mentioned report this has been identified that organisation use wide network area for communicating to the employees as well to the customer. As the company have different stores in the various parts of the country so this is essential to use wide networking system because this is feasible method to communicate with other people at the different part of the country.

    2.4 Value of social media in the enterprise

    As per the view point of (Rahmelina and et., al., 2019)The social media in the enterprise is increasing at the larger speed and with the more and more people using social media platform which help in making effective decision for betterment and growth of the company in the well define manner. With the such amazing growth every business needs proper social media is the best method to attract more and more customer. Along with this, TESCO must use social media as the tool as this help in building brand awareness and which organisation have opportunity to expand the business in the limited time frame. Further this method is cost effective and does not require large amount of funds for promotion activities. These kind of media are totally rely heavily on the word of mouth marketing. Essential you are sharing the business, content and the expertise and getting people to get aware about services which is offered by the organisation. It is also consider as the communication tool which help in making  better understanding of the company product and services.

    2.5 Stages of system improvement life cycle

    This is also known as the utilization of development life cycle which involves different kind of factors such planning, creating and also using message method which is use in the organisation to conduct the work force effectively. This kind of system development life cycle can be used for both hardware as well as software development. The respective life cycle mainly include five stages which is explained down below:

    Planning: This is consider as the most crucial steps in creating system during  the phase which help in deciding exactly what organisation wants to solve the problems in the effectively manner. For the company like TESCO it is essential to make proper planning and execute those plan as this help in creating  better product and work in the pre set manner. There are different kinds of objectives which help in reduction the risk and doubt exist in the market.

    System Analysis: The end user requirement should be determine the work and expectation for the system. For the entity like TESCO the IT department should use proper system as this aid in increasing the efficiency and productivity of each and every employees working in the organisation. Along with this, system feasible analysis should be done economically, socially as well as technology feasible as this help in increasing and maintain strong communication level with the customers.

    Implementation: TESCO should implement the system with the help of design into the code through coding as this will help in improving the market share effectively. Further the IT department should combine all the modules together into training environment which help in detecting errors and defect present in the market. A test report should be prepared through the test plan which include testing and reallotting the resources for testing the module for betterment and growth.

    Maintenance and support: This include all kinds of activities where the organization creator as well administrator will conduct maintenance activity by observing execution of the system known as hardware and software. Further this stage use to figure out the security system in order to ensure its effectiveness. Apart from this, it include which include providing latest update for the certain components to make sure the end meets of the technology.

    3.0 Analysis and discussion

    3.1 Role of IT in ASDA and TESCO

    Information technology have played an vital role in TESCO to manage the product and the activities present in the market. It was founded by Jack Cohen and started to sell the groceries from the stall. The company manager use essential information system tool for carry off, assessing and efficiently use to run the department in the well defining manner. This system the data of past, present and future material. TESCO use such kind of system to find out the monthly province of the expense which help manager in devising decision. The method is also used to figure out how many hours the worker have worked over a time period . Information technology help in understanding the customer more efficiently and also help in managing and controlling the items in the well define manner(Tapia and Sakurai 2020).

    The role of Information technology have vital impact on ASDA and the consumer who purchase the product from such kinds of stores. In the entity there is constant role out initiatives and the project going in our stores across the country as we know from the experience which have the accurate records of the space and the stores for the vital for the business going forward. ASDA is one of the leading super market in the retail organisation and it was founded in 1965 and have more than 165000 workers. The managers of the company are taking the advantages to make business more effective and profitable. It is committed to improve the IT opportunity by using different kinds of projects and initiative. Fast changing and demanding business this is essential to make proper decision for betterment and growth.

    3.2 Ethical and social issues

    In the organisation ethical and social issues arise from the use of technology in all areas in each and every employees. For the company like TESCO the management of the company must take proper feedbacks and make sure that discrimination and harassment activities must be reduced to make a firm a healthy place. In the essence, when the organisation deveotes resoruces to the developing polices and the method to motivates ethical actions builds a optimistic corporate culture. Team member morale improves when worker feel protected against retaliation for personal beliefs. Along with this, management should use transformation and change management initiatives which help in making effective decision for growth and expansion of the firm. With the development of technology and security capability the employers can now monitor there employees activity on the computers. This is consider as the serious ethical issue for the privacy of the individual. The IT department makes sure that such kind of activities should not take place in future.

    3.3 Types of network

    Today networking is used for everything such as internet and printing of document along with the downloading of the attachment from the emails, network which is consider as the backbone of the company. This can use on the handful of devices with the single rooms to the millions of user spread across the entire globe. There are various kind of network which is used such as Personal area network (PAN). Wide area network (WAN) Metropolitan are network (MAN) these are used for communicating from one another from the different parts of nation.

    3.4 Social media importance

    Social media plays vital role in advertisement and every business or professional can be benefited by understanding the social media importance when it comes reaching the audience in order to strength the brand (Richesson, 2019). This platform help in providing larger market share for the company and it is consider as one of the cheapest mode of promoting goods and services to the larger audience. For the company like TESCO social media presences tend to increase the business and Social media commercialism the ability to change customer fidelity. 71% of user who received a quick outcome on social media would propose the brand to others.

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    By analysing the above describe report it has been summarised that of every organization information application plays an essential role because this help in attracting more and more and customer. Further the use of different use of networking is essential as they are mode of connecting one people from another effectively. There are social issues like discrimination and harassment should be minimize for creating better working environment. 

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