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    Contract and Consumer Law

    Introduction to Contract and Consumer Law

    The laws are designed for the minimising fraud or unfair practices within organisation to gaining advantage over the competitors. Laws may also provide additional protection for their weak entity. Consumer protection laws are form of government regulation that aim to protect the rights of consumers In Australian consumer laws is the national law for fair trading and consumer protection. The ACL ( Australian consumer law ) commenced on 1 January 2011 and is a cooperative movement of the Australian government and the state and region through the assembly and governing forum on consumer affairs. The Australian securities and investments commission has been obligation for consumer protection regulation to financial services and products. In this present report identify the legal issues and causes of any implication of provision. Also analysis real base example to generate proper research about this specific topic and provide specific recommendation for effectiveness.

    TASK 1

    A business contract is one of the most common legal transactions where two business are involved as legally. No matter what type of business , only understand their contract law which is the element of the agreement which is build in two firms and legally bounded with some contract. A contract is a legal term which mat legally enforced by the two firms which is legally connected with each others. On the other hand contact is an agreement and that is legally enforceable. Laws mostly govern by the government which is providing some legal regulations in there working practices.

    Consumer rights and consumer protection law provides a legal body to provide fight back against unfair dealing. Consumer laws are designed for the making some legal business perspective which is only for the consumers. These laws is design for the buying some products and selling something. Where government provide some authority to make consumer satisfied. On the other hand in an organisation so many kind of verity laws which is help to developing working environment and effective in organisational performance. Further, some legal laws is made for the only customers where they have right to questing about their services. So in that situation there are so many type of laws which laid to create render impact on the business. On the other hand there are the various issues are occurring in workplace.

    Anti- trust issues

    In current workplace on the basis of consumer laws their is one major issue is arise that is anti-trust where company or consumer are not to be equally supposed to be trust worthy. In that situation in between employees and customers relationship problem is arise which mat affect there whole organisation productivity.

    Competitors issues

    On the other hand in an organisation consumer laws are held to based on their competitive environment. Where if their is no any issues with consumers and employees so that would be create a strategic business environment . Or in some case if there is anything wrong between consumers and employees which s going to be suffer by the organisation. Where in that situation company lost their customers and build wrong image in current marketplace. Weather, they cant measure their competitors activities and lack to creating competitive advantages.

    Fair price issues

    In an organisation one of the major issues is fair pricing where company dose not match there pricing policies to their each one of product where they creating differentiation in pricing of products. Which is create render impact on the company product productivity. So in that situation differentiation is prices also that is not fair pricing that is undertaken by the consumer laws.


    Most of the time some of the buyer are not specify any services and quality of product. They hide some specification and description about their product. So in that situation customers are in fraud. Transparency is most important part of the about any products and services which an be highly affect to the respective customer choice and productivity.

    Extended warranty issues

    Some times organisation are not mentioned extended warranty description in their product so that would be creating issue in their consumer mind where in an organisation some of the buyer are hide something about their product which is not good thing. This thing will be mentioned in consumer protection laws where consumers ave to be questing about their related services and specifications.

    Here, are the various issues and causes which is generating in their organisation which can be create huge impact on the organisation and affect their business policies and working practices.
    One problem facing consumer rights victims is the relatively small amount of economic damages they suffer as a results of a company's improper conduct. When a consumer falls victim to fraud by purchasing a product or services that does not measure up to the seller's promise, the consumer may suffer a loss equal to the amount paid and some incidental expenses as well. Consumer have the option of filling a complaint with federal or state authorities in an attempt to have sanctions brought against a fraudulent company, but this will not help consumers get their money back. On the other hand consumer have to right asking about their services and products and they have have to going court and file there complaint . In that situation only court will had power to resolve these problems in that case contract law has more rules and various aspects of the contracting relationship than are needed enforced by the court. In that case consumer enforced there problem with court where they can help to resolving all such problems and take corrective action for future possibilities.

    As per the above case consumer have to right about their all such misleading behaviour and file there problem in legal under provisions.So in that situation as per the business prescription company has to be ensure there product quality and description before selling there products. Because one wrong action is creating bad impact on the whole organisation. Where in that situation dealer provide ether bad product before checking any specification so they has to face some legal action and compensate over the bad products which is offer to the concerning customers. On the other hand in that situation company lost their consumers and create their bad image in other customers mind which laid on great impact on the productivity and profitability terms.


    In this present report so many problems will be occur in between buyer and sellers, so in that situation provide recommendation about their policies towards there consumer legal provision which can be create effectiveness in customer relationship. Company should have to focus on there working practices which can be affect their performance and efficiency. On there side buyer should have to buying all such product before checking their specifications and description related their products. Company has to be ensure their product quality and effective which is based on there price. Which means a per the above stated case provide suggestion about there pricing techniques where company has to be ensure their pricing techniques where they provide fair price. These are the various recommendation which can be provided and make sure company and consumer should have to be adopt all these suggestion to improving there relationship gap and organization effectiveness. It can help to improving organization productivity and on the basis of consumer it can be aid to developing consumer awareness in current marketplace.


    In this present report whole case is based on consumer contract law where government has to provide some legal provision to their consumer protection against there misleading behavior. On the other hand in this report is has to be measure introduction about their contract and agreement which can b e associated with each others. concluded various issues which can be occur in there organization where under laying legal consumer protection laws. So in that situation company has to do various thing which can be aid to improving their working cycle. In this present report found contact is an agreement and that is legally enforceable by the government body. Along with that this preset report main aim to protect the rights of consumers In Australian consumer laws is the national law for fair trading and consumer protection.


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