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    M/508/9862 Freedom of Expressions

    University: The London College

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 13 / Words 3216
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/9862
    • Downloads: 658


    Freedom of expression is a principle that supports the freedom of an individual or a community to articulate their opinion and ideas without fear of retaliation, censorship, or sanction. Overall, it brings new better approachable task-oriented performance and goals. Overall, According to Article 10 Protects your rights to hold your own express them freely without government interference. Besides, Freedom of expression also contributes or defines the importance or have a duty to behave responsibly and to respect people's rights. Overall, it brings a new way of performing duties and rights. According to public national security or authorities restrict those rights if they are not action full or lawful. Overall, it brings a new way of authority and growth. The present study will be based on Freedom of expression. Under over, all the important action and authorities have been taken into action. In spite of that, the study will also take into consideration the role of human rights when faced with an expression that offends particular groups within society. Overall, freedom of expression is a core value in democratic societies and as the European Court of Human Rights consistently reiterates.


    As according to Article 10 protects the rights to hold their own opinion for expressing, without the interference of government. This rights includes published articles, books and leaflets, radio broadcasting, works of art and internet and social media etc. overall, it brings new positive environment withing people rights . Overall, this represents that every person should have right to express their own views on a particular topic. For an example, everyone has the right to hold opinion on a particular news which read by the newspaper or magazines. Overall, it brings new guidelines and approaching techniques and growth. Besides, it also brings new approachable thought or ideas that will promote new guidelines and protecting are of growth. No one can interrupt in any other opinion. In spite of that, This articles shall not Prevent states from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

    There are many laws and constitution has made for the protection for speech, either through domestic constitutions as an aspect of media law or as human rights. According to European International law, article includes or engaging with work of Evgeny Morozov at the range of claims made for and against internet freedom. Overall, it brings new better changes and effective management task making performance. Besides, it also brings new challenging and productive nature of facts that has been introducing new services and growth.

    International instruments of human rights have adopted the word expression for the right to freedom of expression and they adopt and give preferences to speech. Basically, speech refers to express their thoughts and opinion . Overall, it makes the proper implementation and best approachable task that has been expressed someone's feeling. According to author, free speech is the foremost right of people that shows the values and freedom of act. It also carries duties and responsibilities subject to be formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties prescribed by law. These laws and formulations are necessary in a democratic society in order to secure national security, territory disorder or crime. It also helps to protect the moral values of human rights. Overall, it brings new opportunity and growth in order to meet the needs of human rights.

    It is the great opportunity to express someone's view and opinion in the context of different issues and growth. Overall, it also brings new opportunity and growth in order to bring new better human values growth. Freedom of expression is the fundamental concept behind freedom of expression .

    On the basis of Guardian V the United Kingdom observed some experts from Peter wright's book. Overall, it brings new approachable task oriented process. Besides, it also helps to bring new way of effective performance and task oriented process or new better way. Overall, another case study based on Independent News and Media Ltd V A (2010), as per the case history it has been seen that independent news and media limited made an application in the context of court of protection proceeding relating to a very talented young man. Overall, it brings new better objective and growth in order to make the presentable and effective tool making process. Besides, according to court law protection rules 2007 prohibit publication information about proceeding or hearing in public of information about proceeding or hearing in public issues. In order to rules and regulations offenses against the freedom of the press and freedom of expression can be divided into four categories.

    • Crime related matters
    • Crimes against public interest
    • Crime against individual, such as slander.

    According to author, most of the international rules of freedom of expression in most democratic countries are influenced by international human rights conventions. Every country has their won human rights towards the action of planning. Mostly it is influenced by different international human rights conventions. On the basis of Human Rights of 1948, which stipulates in article 19 that everyone has right to say on the behalf of its own perception. Before we considering and effective process . Some following types of corresponding are lay down in Article 19 in the covenant on civil and political rights, besides, this also makes better changes and growth according to such a fruitful manner. In article 19 some following points has been covered are as follows.

    • Civil Rights
    • Political Rights

    These both rights are drafted in 1966. In terms of European Convention context these rule are slightly different. Article 10 states that information and individual idea is the freedom of expression. In terms of Democratic societies in the Enlarged European Union. Freedom of Expression and Democracy is the most essential term or a trademark about cutting edge democratic states in order ton preserve from securing rights that will help in flexibility of expression. Moreover, it brings new environment of motivation and opportunity and goals. Moreover, it is also very much essential to fulfill the human self- interest and moral values in order to express their own feelings. European government taking more interest and looking into human privileges.

    According to author, Article 10 defines the rights of freedom of expression in the context to express individual opinion and thoughts. European Court On Human Rights. It has been increasing the long parameters of protection under article 10 (1) and it has continuously expanded the parameters of protection under article 10 (1). In order to consider negative obligations those elementary commitments of states under article 10 may be refrain from unlawful interference for those exercises of the good on flexibility for outflow . Overall, it brings new better opportunity and growth in order to secure the effective performance level.

    Freedom of this concept is corresponding to the history of democracy in European and North America and the fight for freedom of the press. From the given media channels people can easily communicate with each other. It brings new challenging and behavior that express the individual nature or opinion in a particular session. Freedom of expression expressing the moral values of each and every individual towards their own perception of level. Besides, it will also engage or representing new religion or beliefs of nature. It has expressing mainly two rights first to showing their own performance and second is to receiving the thoughts or information such as orally, writing, for of art, through media . Etc. overall, it makes better chances and better given chances in order to meet the needs of the individual perception.

    Overall, freedom is all about individual authority and growth that helps to control the things and effective process making task oriented performance and task oriented performance. Overall, it brings new best effective task making policy and growth. Besides, it also helps to control the things in according to effective manner. Overall, it also brings new way of performing the task oriented process. Freedom of thoughts, conscience and religion are essential requirements in a democratic society. Protecting this right is required to preserving the rights requires the preservation of diversity and pluralism in society. As per the section 13 of the Human rights' act 1998 requires courts and tribunals to pay specific attention to the importance of articles 9 rights. Moreover, basically it defines the two articles this overall, presenting thing is get over from the activities first they hold the beliefs and second one is to manifest those beliefs.

    Justifying interference with article 9 Rights I refer to interference with the right yo manifest one's beliefs must be necessary not just reasonable and best approaching task process . It brings new better effective growth and target achieving objective and better performance of things. Society is the essential target goals and based on their won values and beliefs. It makes scene and create some new roles and responsibilities. All around. It also enhancing the proper effective target goals. That helps to control the negative factors. There are rights to be manifest one's beliefs in public sometimes requires a balance to be struck. Between the needs of the individual.

    In terms of Relevant equality law is the anti discrimination provisions concerning religion or beliefs have complemented article 9 Rights. But Now anti discrimination law is revise in the form of Equality act 2010, that helps to protect unlawful harassment. Might be all rights are overlapping from each other such as all beliefs covered in Article 9, ideas and opinions covered by Article 10 as well. This also makes the overall makes the most implementing process or task making performance. Besides, it also makes the process and goal oriented process. Under act Article 8 Rights to provide the best approachable task making performance. Besides, it also makes beliefs that it will control the beliefs and all overall nature of things that impact on the human nature. Besides, it also helps to bring new factor affecting growth that will promote the best approachable task making performance . Overall, to protection under Article 9 there must be sufficient connection between the beliefs and manifestation of it. Displaying beliefs can occur through worship, teaching, practice and observance, in the public and private spheres. Besides, it also makes the process that helps to control the things in the best performance level.

    Relevant equality law refers to the anti-discrimination provisions concerning religion or beliefs have complemented article 9 rights. Besides, it also helps to control the overall, things that promotes the best approachable things and matter of fact. According to Equality Act 2010 under which it requires public authorities to give due regard, when exercising their function. Religion context is just approaching and goal oriented process of things. These obligations are generally covered by these sections only. Besides, all certain religions are covered by positive obligations. Certain religious groups are also covered by the Equality Act 2010 under protected characteristics of race. In this act of equality has some exemptions to the principle of non discrimination based on religion or beliefs that is already set down by the Equality Act 2010.

    On the basis of John Rawls's question on how to reconcile to conflicting beliefs and religious ideologies. Overall, this case define the reconcile of conflicts beliefs based on philosophy of Voltaire. Moreover, it brings new beliefs and facts. Under which all facts and reliefs are inspired by different culture and nature of human values. Each and every aspect of human values are depends upon the nature of fact. These situations are gives negative impact on the society and creates ratio of conflicts. Moreover, it also brings new level and approaching goals that refers to different opinions and beliefs. In today's multicultural society such as UK what legal tools can we use in order to decide which beliefs are acceptable and which are not. There are explaining some key factors and market approach that defines the approachable task making performance that also influenced many factors. Such as given below :

    Separation of church and state

    The main reason of separation of church and state that is conflicts such as non intervention. Conflict is the reason that impact on the nature of growth that will impact on the human values and create negative factors and impact on the human nature. Besides, negative influences and conflicts creates the negative impact on the nature that affect the overall growth of the country, it is the kind of enlightenment concept of separation of church and state is embodied in the common law. This been the reason to be understood that it is not the business of the courts to intervene in matter of religions .

    Tolerance and Pluralism

    In order to divide the general and secularism, pluralism and tolerance are also the children of Enlightenment. Religions and beliefs are the part of humanity of every individual. These elements are the integral part of his personality and individuality. In terms of civilized society individuals respect each others beliefs and give respect to each others. Besides, it also helps to confirming the values and according to nature of fact. Besides, values and beliefs are gives high values and growth in terms of development and provides better opportunity to create individual behavior and positive environment growth. Another thirds' concept of Enlightenment period. Besides, along with that, it also helps to control the basic environment and growth.

    Article and implementing process will help to recognize the best approachable task oriented performance.

    Overall, study has been defined to say that human rights are the most essential target marketing growth in order to meet the self satisfaction needs. Besides, it also helps to convey the process that helps to take better opportunity and growth. The Equality and Human rights has declined the human right act Commission has published legal guidance and better opportunity and growth according to making effective process. Besides, it also helps to control the negative influences process and secure new target growth. Overall, boundaries and beliefs are just influenced by the nature of growth that inspired by the long lasting factor. This religion and task making performance will impact on the nature of human being. Government has made different rights and taking care of beliefs of human beings. Freedom of expression is highly protected in the context of others. As per the political speech and debate during election campaign. This makes the process of effective and goal oriented in terms of protecting task making process. Overall, it brings new opportunity and growth that helps to convey their own opinions and beliefs. Overall, it brings new effective performance in order to meet the needs of effective performance.

    Along with that, due to lack of access to freedom of expression is a problem that particularly affect to the behavior of the things. That affect the individual nature or task oriented goals. Besides, it also gives the overall, presenting and goal making things that affect the proper developing process and task making performance. Besides, it also helps to define the proper implementing process . That makes the process or goal oriented besides, it also helps to control the process or targeting goal. I access to free expression is also very much essential for the people that approach the target goals and maintained the proper implemented process. Overall, it brings new opportunity and better performing better quality environment in the nature.

    Moreover, it also helps to bring new changes and better quality of environment that helps to promote values and respect from each others. Overall, this make sure that helps to control the better opportunity and brings new performance. Moreover, Non governmental organization are also very much necessary and play a essential role in order to meet the needs of human rights that helps to grow the best approachable task oriented process. Overall, it brings new opportunity that also makes the process of things that helps to bring the new values and beliefs. Overall, human rights and making performance will also help to control the nature of things and better performing beliefs. Many of the NGO's organizations send their own representatives as observers to the United States on the behalf of discussion on human rights. It also helps to make sure the best approachable and goal oriented performance . Overall, it brings new way of performing the human rights in order to creates new healthy environment in within people. It has been seen that, it has been seen that, it also helped to active in the territories of contracting states in order that submission. Can be obtained prior to consideration of states reports. Besides, it also helps to understand the better opportunity and growth in order to make the better human rights goals. Moreover, it brings new opportunity and growth.

    According to freedom association includes: the right to form a political party. Moreover, Article 11 will be relevant particularly. This includes various form best approaching task oriented performance in order to meet the needs of individual satisfactions .

    Public plays a most productive and essential role in the freedom of expression. Society and their culture will help to move the most required and task making performance. In order to maintained silence and piece government require to presence the most targeting and target goals. Basically it brings new prior basis and effective process and goal oriented performance . Under article 4 of the ICCPR, countries may take measures derogating from certain of their obligations under the conventional. Basically it brings new ways and performance area. Apart from that, such measures may only be taken to the extent strictly required by the experiences. Overall, Right to freedom association is the right to join a formal or informal group of take collective action towards making good things and performance areas. Overall, it brings new way of performing the task. This also helps to bring new better way of performing the task.

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    From the basis of the above section, it can be concluded that freedom of expression defines the rights of people to suggest their opinion. Overall study has been based on human rights and challenges they faced.


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