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    R/508/0581 European Union Competition Law

    University: University of Chester

    • Unit No: 6
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2754
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0581
    • Downloads: 670


    European competition law is the competition law used in the European Union. It produces rules and legislation in terms of managing the business operations and management of functions of business in the European union. This law was formed to take control and operate the competition law within the European Union (Geradin, Layne-Farrar, and Petit, 2012). To protect the rights of competition within similar organizations and businesses European competition law is formed. This law covers the rules and legislation European single market by controlling anti-competitive conduct by organizations to assure a monopolistic market environment. It is also defined that how organizations are adopting the laws and legislations in terms of controlling the competition and monopoly market.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Diverse type of agreements that are subject to EU competition law

    Agreement is basically considered as an mutual consent between two parties which do not get voidable until fulfilling the legal terms of subject to contract. Companies reveal the existence of cartels to the commission can be benefit form either complete immunity. There are legislations and rules are made in terms of competition agreements such as;

    there is a category defined in terms of agreements comprises subject to summarise the information and details in terms of legislations and rules. This mainly helps to define the approaches and the agreements subject to nature and necessary subject to plainly anticompetitive that no explain study of in terms of establishing the legislations. The agreements are divided in two major parts such as

    First categories agreements: these are the agreements which are considered as category in terms of building the effective relation and benefits subject to define the management and operations in organisational context (Akman, 2012).

    Second category agreements: these are the agreements which are considered essential in terms of making the legislations depends upon history of reason for the restraint. There are type of agreements prepared in terms of bifurcating the information and details related to agreement.

    1.2 Types of abusive conduct that are subject to EU competition law

    As per article 102 TFY (Ex 82 EC, ex Article 86 EC)

    Abusive Dominance is considered as an undertakings of a dominant place within internal market or in a substantial part of prohibited as incompatible with in internal market and between member states. There are some essential factors are considered in this stage subject to forming the legislation and rules regarding abusive dominance.

    • Directly or indirectly magisterial slanted purchase or selling price or other unfair trading situations.
    • There are limited production, technical evolvement and market to the prejudice subject to consumers and customers.
    • Implementation of dissimilar conditions to equivalent transactions subject to other trading organisations and parties and placing them at a competitive advantages.
    • As per the conclusion of contracts there is an acceptance made in terms of other parties or placing them at a competitive disadvantages are considered in this context.

    There are some undertakings as article 102 and 101, ECJ definition which contains the concept of undertaking encompasses every entity engaged in an economic activity (Smuda, 2013). Regardless of the legal status of the entity.

    1.3 Critically analyse the scope of EU competition law in dealing

    It is the main part of that proper treatment and compensation provided to parties in loss accruing station and analyse the functioning of the single market. European commission and courts play vital role in terms of making the policies and rules in competitive business environment. There is an analysis done in terms of making the legal structure for managing the competitive market strategies and plans for internal markets. There are policies are made such as 'external consideration' into analysis.

    Antitrust policy: article 101 and 102 TFEU in two core legal provisions are made subject to internal market activities and the plans. This effect the production or distribution if competition which in the internal market.

    Castles: this is the most blatant example subject to infringement of antitrust rules is the creation of a cartel between market competitors (Lundqvist, 2014).

    Mergers: this is the main legal texts on merger subject to decisions are the EC merger regulations 139/2004.

    State aid: this contains three major aspects such a regional aid, sector specific aid, horizontal aid.

    Liberalisation: it is associated with opening markets that were liberalised at some point I terms of aviation and telecommunications. Network industries such as electricity, rail transport, gas and postal services.

    International dimension: this contains the mergers in terms of cartels, markets and organisations remain effective and enforcement of EU competition policy. The commission mainly cooperates with competition authorities outside the EU.

    TASK 2

    2.1 Evaluate the different type of arrangements and abusive practices that violate articles 101 and 102

    Diverse nature is required to define the article in terms of abusive practices prohibited when they are capable subject to having exclusionary in terms of capability and likelihood. There are difference which do not exist subject to existence (Lindsay and Berridge, 2012). There are potential aspects such as analysing the additional capabilities and likelihood. This contains the major differences are defined which are as follows;

    As per 101 the practices remain associated with sufficient anticompetitive effects are plausible and prohibition to implement. The exchange of information does not affect the price in the end and to be understood subject to court in Bananas.

    As per 102 there is diversified there are diversified products are defined in terms of making the legislations and rules. There are case laws such as Margin squeeze abuse, selective price cuts.

    2.2 Access how effective articles are at curtailing such infringements

    Safeguards and policies are made to protect the rights of bearer there are some actions for damage are defined such as;

    • Damages directives
    • Disclosure of evidence
    • Collective redress
    • Quantification of harm

    Infringements of the EU antitrust rules are also defined in this context subject to Article (101 and 102 TFEU). There are cartels or abuse of a dominant position in the market and are not only detrimental for the economy (Bushell and Healy, 2013). Court justice of the European union established that ant citizen and organisation has a right to full compensation subject to harm caused to them by an infringement of the EU antitrust rules. There are some main attributes defined in this context such as directive 2014/104/EU on Antitrust Damages Actions, collective redress, quantifying antitrust harm in damages action.

    TASK 3

    3.1 Analyse the main exemptions under EU competition law

    There are some exemptions are given under competition act in European union. Since 204 there are some major aspects are defined in terms of managing the operations and management of laws and legislations made to remove conflicts and issues related to EU compensation act. It is essential in terms of making the taking decision as subject to framing the rules related to competition law (Hussein, Manap and Nor, 2012). It is seen that the EU compensation was mainly protected equally protected. As per national competition authorities should have the powers when it is required in need.

    All the important tools and risk not being equally well protected through the EU. Competition authority also provides safeguard in terms of making the need to act. As per this activity. There are type of strategies and plans are defined in terms of managing the operations and management for better operation. New journal block exemption regulation less than one out of ten state aid are measured in terms of making the measurement need to be notified subject to approvals.

    3.2 Explain the exemptions applied under EU competition law

    There are some exemptions are made in terms of compensation such as :

    • collective bargaining which allows employees to make union or groups to negotiate wages and other conditions of employment.
    • Association of fisherman is mainly negotiate the terms regarding buying and processing of fist and travelling agents to dealing with prices and commission paid for domestic flights and monopoly or near monopoly position of the domestic airline.
    • There are limited exemption are provided for professional sports as financial institution activities and products covered by intellectual property laws and legislations such as (Patents, trademarks and copyrights)
    • Competition act such as financial institutions are also defined in terms of managing the operations and management in effective manner are also covered under competition act.
    • Economic activities allows to cover regulations and laws related to deferal and provincial bodies as state actions. Competition act does not take any special aspects in terms of making the guidelines and the structure for compensation and provides effective aids in given duration.
    • Merger enforcement guidelines provides legislations related to competition authority's and approaches adopted as a total welfare approach. It mainly take in to consideration both as a total welfare approach and the producer surplus. The negative balance in terms of reduce the output remain high form the M&A transactions.

    3.3 Evaluate the effectiveness of such exemptions

    Effective implementation of rules and legislations in terms of getting exemption leads organisation towards it's desired destination in internal market. As per survey it is seen that the most of the competition laws whether specific or normal are provided I given situation and most of them are worthy. There are also some essential aspects are defined in terms of managing and comparing the sections for effective implementation of competition law. In general there are merger enforcement guidelines are made in US and EU are extensive sets of exemption. While the Sherman Act (1890), the Clayton Act (1914) and other legislation are not being list them. There are areas cover under agriculture, defence mobilization, export trade associations, insurance, labour, learned professions, marine insurance, newspaper joint operations, resale price maintenance and small business concerns are considered in this context.

    It is quite confirm that the effective implementation helps to achieve and fulfils the needs of competitive business market. It is also observed that the main transactions remain related to bifurcating the sections in separate parts.

    3.4 Analyse the limitations of such exemptions

    Competition act also provides rules and legislation such as copyright and neighbouring rights in the digital environment as an international library perspective (2004) (Lundqvist, 2015). international federation of library associations and institutions which represents the interest of libraries and information as well as users such lawful, equitable access to knowledge and that libraries play a pivotal role in this balance. There are some restrictions and legislations are also associated with analysing the rules and legislations related to bifurcate the roles and liabilities in such an manner so that commercial interest could be recovered. Rules and legislations only remain limited till the copyright duration remain in time and then after some subjects are also considered in this context which imply the procedure and plans to matter.

    It is seen that a balance between the interest of copyright owners in receiving fair reward for their efforts and the interest of copyright user in receivable reasonable access to copyright materials has been traditionally maintained in various effective options.

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    TASK 4

    4.1 Outline the effects different commercial agreements have no competition under EU law

    There are some areas required in terms of getting the benefits of EU rules actions and invalid agreements. The European commission has the power to impose fines of up to 10% of an undertakings turnover in the last financial year. Moreover it remain associated in managing the prohibition cartels and restrictive agreements (under article 101 (1)) of the treaty on the functioning of the European Union. National competition authorities as (NCAs) are some similar power under national law. Companies which reveal the existence of cartels to the commission can benefit form either complete immunity. A leniency applicant also reveal full details of the cartel and cases and their involvement related to corporate fully with commission.

    Article 101 (1) of the TFEU prohibits agreements between undertakings, decision by association in terms of concerted practices. Which affect trade between members states and which have as their object or effect the prevention, distortion and restriction of competition within the European Union. In a particular prohibition also apply agreements and practice in various manner. Article 101 (1) applies in terms of express written contacts, oral agreements, non blinding information are also analysed in this context (Bartalevich, 2013).

    4.2 Identify the main area of law relevant to this area

    There are majorly three main areas remain are places in terms of implementing the strategies and competition law: collusion and cartels, monopolies and dominance and merger and acquisitions (M&A).

    Collusion is a team which indicated to act of cooperation and collaboration among rival entities and A cartel is a formal, explicit agreement between organisation. There are output to agreed levels are analysed as sell at an agreed price in most jurisdictions and explicit agreements between competing organisations to muddle the prices.

    Second area is mainly associated with economic concept referring to disparity (a lack of similarity and equality) which are not markable and effective in term of managing the EU law and not remain associated with particular in a market. Large market analysis is mainly associated with rebut table presumption and the are dominant in nature are selected in various forms. There are some exclusionary practices are also analysed in terms of making the plans in monopo

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