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    Reducing Wrongful Convictions

    Introduction to Reducing Wrongful Convictions

    Reducing wrongful conviction define the act of the law. This is a system that create the many rules and regulation act. The law determine the criminal law in the legal story. Law is the binding custom of the social and moral rules and regulation. The judgements is judge the ability of the investigated and crime. The wrongful conventions focus on the two stages including the criminal justice system and reducing the wrongful conviction. This system determine the authority of the justify process. The minister of the justice declare the fair and unfair crime in regulatory system.

    Wrongful conviction

    Wrongful conventions determine the wrong decision for the justice. This definition excluding the person how have committed the act of the rules and regulation. This term miscarriage the person mind and personality. This is determine the process and written relatively. The wrongful conviction reflect the human personality and human mind. The wrongful conviction determine the wrong decision of the court and it also making the human bode. This decision reflect the human mind and personality. This decision find the court bed decision in the judgement process.

    Strategies of reducing the wrongful conviction

    There are many stages and process that reducing the wrongful conviction in term of the law. Making the best and clear decision. The strategies is reducing the best decision. To make the correct decision and to creating the alternative resources. The strategies determine the best resources and best decision in the judge process.

    Criminal justice process

    There are many process to creating the process of the criminal justice in the rules and regulation. This stages determine the many stages including the pre trial proceedings, preliminary hearing of indictment, main trial, appeal proceedings and execution proceedings. This process reflect the human mind. The person take the stress of the this decision. This process determine the criminal process and court process of the criminal.

    Pre-trial proceeding

    This stage determine the crime of the human. The human don't work the crime but judge punishment the human. This is the first stage of the crime. This stages define the criminal procession this stage a person face the many problems and creating the many situation for the help of the evidence. This is make secure to taking the decision and court deal with the case. This stage punish the productivity measurement. The objective of this stage clearly the matter of the crime and it also commitment the fact of the crime.

    Preliminary hearing of indictment

    In this stage hiring the incident of the a person. This stage creating the process of the criminal case. The court may be consists the prosecutor for the additional investigation or terminated the criminal of the person. The higher probability of the conviction is determine the greater likelihood of the pleading guilty(Handy, 2012). The court put the pressure of the a person and take the guilty plea and that justify the experimenting the new system. These efforts are applying the pre trial of the court. This study provides the eve dance of the reform sorely needs. There are powerful incentives to plead the guilty crimes even the innocent person. This is reducing the manpower, body of the human, mind set of the person and effecting the human body. This is the direct pressure of the person and defendants their job and housing in the court. It also create the pressure and hardship for their family.

    Main trial

    This is the third stage of the criminal that determine the human effect and it also creating the mandatory stage. The court review the charges of the incident and always attendance of the social environment this including the person and public. Main trial make the decision either panel and sole the judge. The main trial conduct the member of the judicial panel and it also determine the human mind set. The act assessed by the bodily harm it may be qualified by the court as the attempted the a person. This stage define the wrongful conviction in the court and determine the any stages of the crime(holi (2014)).

    Appeal proceedings

    This stage conduct the judgement of the court. This decision made by the superior high court. In this stage flowing the pre stage and making the solution. The court take the punishment and best decision of the petition. This stage creating the human punishment and their mind set change. The human effecting the many ways including mental. This is the most important part the human mental the court decision. This stage including the initiation of criminal proceeding and indicating the a person. This five stage determine the punishment of the human and executing the crime.

    Execution proceedings

    In this stage define the authority of the criminal. The judgement imposing the unsuspended of the a person. The criminal case does not the take the contract decision and the court making the hearing of the indictment. This is the last stage of the human punishment and creating the wrong decision for the court. This stage execute the crime of the human and court provide the punishment of the human. The flier recognize track the many process of the criminal part in the court. These is the serious crimes that take the wrong decision.

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    The wrongful conventions is bed decision of the court. This is the serious crime of the court and prevented the great convict and innocent person. They represent the practice and cost. Wrongful conventions is determine the wrong decision. The first stage determine the wrong decision of the court and judge. This decision reflect the human body and mind. Mind of the human is main part of the body the wrong decision create the bad decision related to the crime and the person don't take the crime but court punish the person( Norris , (2012).(). The decision of the court taking the best and good decision. But the crime is not have the person the court decide the taking the punishment of the human. The human personality determine the mental case of court. The wrongful decision creating the bad decision of the court and this decision reducing the manpower of the person and it also effecting the person body and their mind. The human mantel position take the this decision. Hey are paid the hardship of the family. Those factor could the outcomes of the pre trial decision. It turns out the magistrates of the set bail. This assessment create the wrong decision of the court and create the bad decision. This decision reflect the human mind set and their body. The decision of the court determine the post bail of the experiment. This bail reflect the human health. Many situation create this decision including the death, health of the human, human mind set and image of the human in the organisation(Williamson and et.al, (2016).


    In this mention report determine the crime of the human. The court making the wrong decision. The wrong decision clear the human mind set, human body and taking the wrong decision. This decision reducing the human empowerment and their body. The conclusion of this report determine the act of the human punishment. This act also determine the rules and regulation of the wrong punishment of the person. The human creating the lack of the body and it also making the wrong decision in the court. This decision reflect the human perception of the court decision and making the human responsibility related to their health.


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