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    Leadership and Management Service Design


    Service design is all about managing better services for people in different sectors. Managing this service in health and social care is further another concept that is required to be developed by the managers of such health care centres. This report is based on studying the need of effective leadership and management in designing sexual health clinics in India that are required to support the health issues of the population (Dawson, Madera and Neal, 2011). Further this report manages to explain the different factors like management and leadership along with implementation of change in these health clinics. Maintaining the service of these sexual health clinics is important in reforming the lives of people in India.


    1.1 Significance of effective leadership

    Leadership is a key to successful functioning of an organization and help sin leading employees towards right direction. Similarly leadership is also effective to be used in sexual health clinics in India that will be helpful in managing the care workers that will in turn provide better services to the patients. It is very much important for the relevant health care centres to manage better leadership at all the three levels of management (Matic, 2008). It is important to understand these three levels and leadership there:

    Strategic level: At this Level the leaders at these clinics are required to be visionary and develop plans that will be helpful in developing strategies to improve the service and conditions. Further change management is practiced at this level of management where leader and all the top managers exhibit better control over the overall services.

    Managerial level: At this level, leadership can be practiced within clinic by improving the quality of all employees and care workers. This would require them to work within teams and manage problems effectively to achieve better quality of service (Mitchell and Boyle, 2009).

    Operational level: At this level of management the leadership is very significant as the leaders here need to manage their employees through better emotional intelligence and providing them participative and coaching approach in managing their better service and performance to serve the patients effectively.

    1.2 Theory, principle and practice of High Performance Working (HPW)

    High performance working is facilitated in organizations and systems that are highly involved in managing the quality of services to the people. Here the employees and managers are all committed towards achieving better performance of organization. Many key theories that are adopted by organizations to manage high performance working that are concerned with managing Human resource, enhancement of motivation and developing commitment (Hong, Catano and Liao, 2011). These theories can be effectively utilized by sexual health clinics in India that will help in managing their care workers to work in commitment to better performance and service to patients of India. According to the human capital theory, it is required that these sexual health clinics invest better amounts in developing and training of their human resources that is care workers by making them capable and knowledgeable enough to provide better consultation and treatment to various patients. Another theory that can be used under this concept is that of motivation and commitment that defines that when the clinics and managers take care of the motivation and satisfaction level of their people (Gittell, Seidner and Wimbush, 2007). Thereby keeping all of them motivated will be helpful in achieving better performance and service from the care workers and thus will help in improving the quality of service provided by these sexual health clinics

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